Florida thought it had issues with destructive hurricanes but that was before they elected Ron DeSantis. He’s your issue. The man followed Donald Trump’s lead from the beginning to treat COVID-19 as a public relations problem rather than a health crisis and the citizens of Florida are the ones picking up the check on this. Many are paying the ultimate price.

Florida is now the COVID-19 epicenter of the country and one in three in the world and all DeSantis can do is blame it on evil diseased migrants. So how are they getting to Florida to wreak all this havoc? DeSantis hasn’t been exactly clear on that, so here’s some speculation.

Want to know how bad this has gotten?

Florida, Louisiana and Botswana are the COVID-19 capitols of the world. Ain’t it grand? Two southern Republican-led states qualify as a “shithole country.” I knew the GOPers could do it if they tried.

At the sign post up ahead, the COVID Zone.

And this guy wants to attain the White House. Righto. And his fellow GOPer Rand Paul would have you know COVID-19 is fine, just fine. It’s like the flu.

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  1. It’s always that same quadrant of the country that causes problems, with their ignorant, back-assward, racist, zenophobic, misogynistic, unholy extremist religious outlook. Is it the water? Maybe it’s all the snakes, fire ants, other noxious bugs, gators, and other creepy critters. Or the tornadoes, hurricanes, humidity and other meteorological events intended to torment the residents. Not that they don’t deserve all that and more, but there are times I wish we could detach that corner and just let them float away. They are far more trouble than they are worth and they bring down the rest of the country.


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