You know, the more I watch of this unraveling scandal of the GOP congress critters pre-emptive participation in the January 6th Capitol insurrection by conducting reconnaissance tours for insurrectionists, the more pissed off I get. mainly because they’re treating the rest of us like their own voters!

They’re all over the place. As I wrote earlier, GOP congressman Barry Loudermilk has been all over the place. First, he didn’t conduct any tours on that day. When that fell apart, then fine, he did a tour, but it was local rubes from his district who had never been to Washington before, so he showed them the Capitol. When that didn’t fly, he fell back on, Well, none of the places he took them to were breached on January 6th, and no tour members had been arrested in conjunction with the riot.

Let me ask y’all a question. Have you ever been a tourist before? I grew up an airline brat, and worked for United Airlines for 20 years, so I spent most of my life as a tourist. Believe me, I can do tourist with my eyes closed, and I guess most of you can too.

And as lifelong tourists, we can all rely on our own life experiences. And if we’re first time visitors to Washington DC, especially with an expert guide like a sitting US congressman, I think I know what we’d want to see. We’d want to see the Rotunda, we’d want to see the Hall of Statues, we’d want to go up to the gallery and look down on the House of Representatives, even if it wasn’t in session.

What we wouldn’t want to see was was a bunch of boring hallways to congressman’s offices tunnels, stairways, and a tram station. Loudermilk claimed that the kids of his constituents family wanted to see the tram that takes congress critters to and from the Capitol, but there were no kids present in the surveillance video the J6 committee released.

The GOP House are total morons! If you go to the Grand Canyon, do you want to take video and pictures of the restrooms and the gift shop, especially if you have a park guide? Of course not! But here’s a prediction for you, and you can hold me to it. When this latest explanation falls apart, the GOP House will fall back on the old saw that it’s a Liberal Democratic witch hunt to make them look bad before the midterms! Mark my words. The Michigan GOP candidate for Governor, who got busted by the FNI for J6 crimes tweeted out two words, Political Prisoner!

The GOP has folded itself purely into itself. It no longer cares what anybody else thinks, it is busy purely trying to please it’s Trump base. And as a result, it’s treating the rest of us like morons. Let’s see how that turns out.


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  1. Special kind of stupid or clever as a fox? The ‘pubes know they can lie their asses off and their base will not only not punish them, they’ll love them for it and re-elect the scumbags. The G.Q.P. can do any scummy thing they can possibly think of and get away with it where their base is concerned. So, they are probably as dumb as a box of rocks but their base is one hell of a lot dumber.

    • So true Spike. We Dems demand so much more from our reps and oust those who don’t measure up to our highest standards. I wouldn’t change that but it would be a different world today if the GQP did the same.

  2. Thanks, Murf, now I know how to respond to complaints that the committee is conducting a witch hunt: “But look at all the witches they’re finding!”

  3. AND LOUDERMILK DIDNT address the GUY W FOUR PHONES who took stairwell and hallway and video cam shots! And the 3 people that joined they original 12 on tour..
    BUT THEN #CapitolPolice can’t explain their role either.

    • Most of the Capitol Police deserve the accolades they’ve received for their actions on Jan. 6. However, we KNOW that some of them were at best ok with the rioters going about their traitorous business, or too cowardly to stand up to them like most of their colleagues did. However, there needs to be an independent investigation into the Capitol Police officers on duty that day, and in the days leading up to the attack on the Capitol. Every Congress Critter got the memo about the Capitol being off-limits to tours including and especially the newly elected ones in their briefings about procedures. Now, a huge part of that was due to Covid and since we are talking about GOP asshats (especially the newbies who were even more disdainful of the need for proper prevention protocols than the existing members) one can imagine them trying to blow off the rules.

      However, there was also notice about the possible threat on Jan. 6 and ignoring THAT too is the ole red light flashing. More importantly the Capitol Police Officers that allowed those “tours” to take place, and especially the areas those “tourists” were allowed in to have some serious explaining to do. WHAT THE FUCK DID THEY THINK WAS GOING ON? Maybe the Congress Critters didn’t take any threat seriously but I have to think any Capitol Police Officer was thinking about what might happen on Jan. 6 even if their superiors weren’t ramping them up for major goings on! Again, common sense would tell a cop “this is weird” and they’d report it. That raises another question I think requires an independent investigation – just what the fuck was going on with the command structure of the Capitol Police?

      I don’t think I’m in CT territory in wondering whether (and how many) Capitol Police Officers (and bosses) were in on the attack. Or even if they kept some distance from details to set up “plausible” deniability and simply allowed “tours” with the proverbial wink & nod it needs to be rooted out. It’s a tough situation for the Capitol Police to be sure, but having traitors in their ranks has to worry, if not bug the living crap out of most of them. A LOT of them were injured that day and some of them died – if not directly at the hands of the rioters on the spot then due to what happened. And SOME of their fellow Officers were complicit to some degree. Or as I’ve suggested in on the whole fucking thing!

      I want to see THOSE Officers, the ones who waved the rioters on by and the ones who allowed those “tours” to sit there in front of the Committee on TV and explain themselves while video of their colleagues actually (and heroically) doing their fucking jobs to protect the seat of our government play on the big screen! At the very least they should have been deposed and if they refused then fired for cause. And for damned sure those depositions need to be turned over to DOJ ASAP.


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