One interesting aspect of keeping up on politics is the gossip page angle. You have to check in with that time and again. La famille Trump is very much the anti-royals. The royals in the UK may be classy, mysterious, inscutable, any number of adjectives. The Trumps, on the other hand, are trash with cash. They may hold degrees from Ivy League schools by virtue of the fact that there is legacy money buying each new generation a berth in these places, but none of these people are particularly educated or accomplished on their own merit. Mary Trump is an obvious exception and Trump’s late sister, Maryanne Trump Barry was as well.

But when it comes to the immediate family, the only Trump child who seems to have some intelligence and applied it is Tiffany Trump. Eric, Junior and Ivanka are to the manor born and their achievements are mostly in their own minds. It’s too early to see what Barron does.

So the latest from Vanity Fair, from the very entertaining and informed Bess Levin, is that a “thaw” has taken place between Ivanka and Melania. And that Ivanka has been sneaking into Trump Tower.

…the two [Melania and ivanka] were in a perpetual “internal power struggle” over the job of first lady, which the first daughter had attempted to fill when her stepmom delayed her move to the White House in 2017. Ivanka, Rogers reported, wanted to reorient the East Wing so that it served “the entire first family, not just the first lady,” a desire that royally chapped Melania’s hide—and was not helped by the fact that Donald Trump told reporters that Ivanka would be “helping [Melania] and working with her.” (“She was aware that her husband had suggested that his eldest daughter would be helping to share the responsibilities of being first lady, and this was not a development that pleased her,” Rogers wrote.) When the first lady inexplicably wore a jacket that read “I Really Don’t Care. Do U?” ahead of visiting detained migrant children, it was apparently supposed to be a f–k-you to Ivanka.

In other words, the relationship between stepmom and stepdaughter could be described as toxic at best. But apparently the recent criminal conviction of the ex-president has…changed things for the better?

Page Six reports that, according to a person familiar with the matter, Trump’s guilty verdict has “brought the entire family closer together than they have ever been.” That closeness, the source told the outlet, involves “a thaw in the sometimes chilly and tense relationship between Melania and Ivanka.” The person added: “Words of support have overridden any past tension as the family comes together. The family has closed ranks and is behind the campaign. Friends say they haven’t seen the family on the same page like this since his inauguration years ago.”

While Ivanka did not attend the Manhattan trial, she and other members of the family have apparently been making discreet visits to the ex-president by “using Trump Tower’s secret garage entrance and elevator that takes them with no stops directly to his penthouse.” (The former first lady has reportedly been “holed up” in the Midtown triplex since May 23.)

Yes, I agree. It sounds like bullshit. BUT…here is one angle. Are you ready for this? What if Melania and Ivanka both hate Donald like everybody else does? Because then and only then would it make sense that the conviction would bring them together — because they’re seeing that Donald might be out of the picture and they’re looking to a post-Donald world. Which the GOP would be doing if it had a lick of sense.

I sincerely believe that Ivanka is like her father. She’s a transactional kind of person. She’s gotten what she can from that relationship and from here on out it’s all downhill. And I also believe that Melania is like Donald Trump as well. They’re a perfect match. So if you look at it from that angle, then yes, it is possible that Melania and Ivanka have talked about the reality of Donald going to prison, or at the very least losing the election, and they may be feeling warmer towards one another. But not because the family is rallying behind Trump.

If the family was rallying, they all would have been in the courtroom. Eric, Junior and Tiffany showed up to safeguard their inheritances. Ivanka has her own money and Jared’s. And Melania is holding who knows what set of cards. I’ve always said she could live in high style the rest of her days if she wrote a tell-all on hubby.

Stay tuned. Things aren’t going to get any less weird.

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  1. “Stay tuned. Things aren’t going to get any less weird.”

    Only because it’s hard to imagine.

    Yet Trump always proves it’s not just possible, but likely.



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