If you watched todays hearing, it was one howitzer blast after another. But with all of the new revelations, there were two startling admissions place late in the hearing, and probably went almost completely unnoticed in all the furor, but in the long run, could be critical in showing guilty knowledge.

Of course the three heroes of today’s hearing were elder, Rosen, and Donahue, 3 DOJ lawyers who were ready to throw their bodies on the hand grenade to keep Trump from demolishing the DOJ. In fact, one DOJ official told Trump that within 72 hours, Jeffrey Clark would be leading a graveyard with all of the DOJ resignations.

Of course every episode needs a villain, and todays villain was Jeff Clark, the Trump flunky who was ready to sell his soul to Satan to become AG. The committee didn’t take him behind the woodshed, they took him to the wood chipper, ala Fargo. I’m not sure that Clark was watching, since the FBI dumped him on the sidewalk yesterday in his PJ’s and bunny slippers while they searched his home and confiscated his electronics. He probably wasn’t in the mood for light entertainment.

But by far the most awaited moment was the one that Liz Cheney tease promised in her opening statement. Adam Kinzinger played video deposition of Trump staff literally outing the 6 GOP incumbents who came sniffing around the White House after J6, looking for pardons. The 6 were Mo Brooks, Scott Perry, Andy Biggs, Louie Gohmert, Matt Gaetz, and Laborious MTG. Popcorn for the soul.

But at the end there, one of the staffers dropped two revelations that seem to have gone so far unnoticed among all the other fireworks. She related that the pardons for the GOP incumbents weren’t the only pardons being seriously discussed. There were two others prominent on the list.

The first topic was the possibility of issuing a blanket pardon for all miscreants involved in the Capitol riot. Really? What possible innocent reason could there be for a President to grant pardons to a bunch of inbred cornholes who stormed the Capitol chanting Hang Mike Pence!, and Come out and play, Nancy!? Maybe appreciation for at least giving it the Good old college try?

But the second one might just be even more revealing. Have you ever wondered why so many west wing staffers and aides, including more senior aides and staffers, as well as supervisors have all come forward to go to confession with the committee? I don’t know, but how about this? according to the staffer, there were also discussions about issuing Blanket pardons to all White House staff. Again, what innocent reason can there possibly be for such an action.

Neither plan came to fruition, and for a damn good reason. As I’ve previously written, if you’re going to process a pardon, whether individual or blanket, one of the earliest steps is to categorically list the crimes committed. What happens to innocence when you start reading Conspiracy to Obstruct Congress, and Obstructing an Official Government Function over and over again. And what staffer who had literally done nothing wrong would want to admit guilt by accepting a pardon?

I swear to God, the longer this goes on, the worse it gets for Trump and his cohorts. These ass gaskets couldn’t conspire their way out of a closet with the door open. One nice thing though, the J6 committee sure is making it easy for the DOJ to follow the bread crumbs.


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  1. There was another little interesting tidbit I heard via Twitter, Murf. Merrick Garland apparently took a low-key visit to Ukraine to help out with the upcoming mass prosecutions of Russian soldiers for war crimes. Assuming this report is accurate, I don’t think that was the only reason he was there.

    People forget (understandably, given the constant swirl of corruption) that two of the Trump inner circle, Ghouliani and Manafort, were tangled up in undermining Ukraine for years. If they were as careful about hiding their activities there as they were here, they likely left enough evidence to need a tractor to haul out. As the saying goes, all roads lead to Putin. But all those roads run through Ukraine.

  2. I don’t know why W.H. staff would need any pardons if they were doing what they were told to do. By W.H. staff I am assuming these are the lower level functionaries that keep the cogs moving. I suppose it could be the folks like Jar-Jar and princess, that body guard guy, C.O.S., etc. I guess that’d make sense.

  3. I am not sure this is a national phenomenon or not. But over the last couple of weeks, in my very conservative Trump supporting community, a lot of yard signs with “TRUMP 2024” have been quietly removed. There are still a very few sad “hangers on” , but the atmosphere of delusion seems to be clearing.


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