Tonight’s forecast. Dark. Continued dark through the night followed by widely scattered light in the morning   Al Sleet the hippy-dippy weatherman   George Carlin

The political storm clouds are gathering and darkening. If you were sitting here right now, I’m rubbing my hands together so hard and fast you could smell the bacon grease frying. The wait is almost over.

My personal prediction is that Jack Smith will be holding a press conference sometime in the next 14 days to announce multiple criminal indictments against Donald John Trump in the Mar-A-Lago documents case. For a simple reason. Further delay is becoming untenable.

For the first time, there is a steady, almost daily trickle of leaks from the investigation about documentary and witness testimony to the grand jury. Trump is shedding lawyers like dandruff, and they’re going on television to snipe at each other and bitch about Trump. Smith needs to wrap this up and refocus the attention where it belongs, before the public begins to look at the whole thing as a freak show joke. Therefore, indictments, and more than one of them.

On deck is Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. She has already tipped her mitts in a letter to the chief judge and the county sheriff that she is having most of her staff work from home, and is asking for additional security for the courthouse for the weeks of August 7-14. She is hinting at multiple indictments, and by predicting possible civil unrest, she is basically telegraphing the fact that Traitor Tot will go down.

But reporting shows that Willis has expanded her investigation to include state RICO charges. Reporting today showed that she was requesting relevant documents and information from other states regarding Trump’s fake elector scheme. And while Willis can’t actually prosecute people across state lines, she can use that criminal activity to establish a pattern of conduct against Georgia defendants.

Which leads us to the eye of the monsoon. In the onrush of current events, you probably haven’t even thought about this in almost two years, but it was hot sh*t at the time. But in the reporting today on Willis expanding her investigation outside of Georgia borders, it brought it all rushing back to me.

In the aftermath of the 2020 election, the Trump campaign disputed the election results in six states, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia. It was pathetic. FrankenTrump went something like 1-64 in state and federal courts.

But in the middle of all of this sturm und drang, the news broke that there was an organized GOP effort, including Trump allies like Rudy Giuliani and Boris Epshteyn to have state legislatures create alternate slates of fake electors. The Ghoul Man got caught on tape pimping the idea at a legislative meeting in Georgia, and Epshteyn admitted pushing the scheme over the phone on Ari Melber’s show on MSNBC.

But here’s the part nobody seems to remember. Once those allegations were aired, the DOJ was quick to announce that they were officially investigating the allegations. The applicable state US Attorneys got their marching orders, and told to make it a priority. And that’s the last anybody heard about it, and other matters intruded.

Here’s how I see it. I can’t find any way to believe that this issue is relevant to either one of Jack Smith’s Special Counsel investigations. They aren’t related to the stolen documents, and aren’t directly related to the Capitol riot. So Smith is out.

Which means one of two things. Either the individual investigations and possible prosecutions are being handled by the individual US Attorney’s for those states. And since the garland DOJ does things the old fashioned way, under radio silence, nobody has the vaguest idea of whether these investigations have been resolved and closed, or if they’re still steaming full-speed- ahead. But I have my suspicions.

The second option is this. The six US Attorneys started conducting their investigations, found flames behind the smoke, and reported back to main Justice. Main Justice looked at this plate of spaghetti, matched the strands up, and assigned one main Justice attorney to coordinate all of the investigations. Which under the Garland DOJ, we probably wouldn’t hear about either, and why should we?

Here’s why I strongly believe we’ll eventually see a blizzard of federal indictments, either as massive federal RICO case out of Washington, or a slew of indictments coming out of the individual states is simple. That reason is that anyone who believes a word that El Pendejo Presidente says is a certified imbecile!

And as I learned at the time, it is a federal crime to intentionally fabricate or misstate information on a document that will be filed with the federal government. And since the only reason for a single one of those mental midgets to sign those alternate elector forms was to submit them to the National Archives, as well as the United States House of Representatives. And if my memory serves me correctly, that’s punishable by a mondo fine and a maximum of 10 years in the diaper pail. And if they can tie in idiots like Giuliani and Epshteyn, now you’re looking at criminal conspiracy for them.

For obvious reasons, the main attention of both the national media as well as the general public has been on the Cheeto Prophet and the other known names of the Trump circle. But you’ve now been warned. If, at some time after this initial flurry of high profile indictments, you start hearing about either one umbrella federal prosecution, or individual state federal prosecutions tied to the fake elector scheme, you’ll know what’s going on.

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    • It woud be a part…Using out of state fake elector documents shows a criminal pattern that existed in Georgia…

  1. There were multiple parts to the coup attempt to overthrow the United States government. The fake electors, the attempts to get state legislatures to overturn the votes in their states and thus the government, the Green Bay Sweep which would use the insurrectionist in Congress and the violent attack on the Capital to do what they couldn’t con enough state legislators into doing. As to the J6 attack, the DOD, the FBI, the SS, the Capital police and god knows who else assisted or facilitated the attack. I would like to see Trump and everyone of these other thugs from D.C. To AZ all tried together in a giant Insurrection conspiracy trial, similarl to how they did the militias. And they should have the entire trial on C span and the jury should be anonymous housed in a secret location. I would also like to eat all the ice cream I want and not gain weight.

  2. The important thing about the fake electors scheme is that there are literal “receipts.” From memos and emails organizing the effort, to folks from states involved sharing ideas on how to do it in their own state, to the actual meetings to cast the votes for the bogus electors and the submitting or attempted submitting of the certificates to Congress/Pence. Multi-state activity means federal jurisdiction but if a given state’s laws allow for a RICO prosecution and it seems Georgia’s does then a state prosecution has the added bonus of neither Trump or any other GOPer President being able to issue pardons.

  3. Aside from hearing that Trump has committed suicide, the only news I want to hear is that he has been not only indicted, but found guilty and thrown into prison. I want footage of his head being shaved, his body crammed into an orange jumpsuit, and the sound of the iron door being slammed shut.

  4. Jack, quit screwing around and finish your job. Arrest this crook and put him in jail
    If it was one of us we would have been put under the jail. Get with it. He is just another citizen.

  5. It’s certainly not going to be within the next 14 days or the next few months. This is Jack Smith’s career criminal case. Hell, this is the top criminal case for any criminal prosecutor for the history books of all civilization on earth in our 21st century. Jack Smith and his special team of forensic criminal investigators already have solid evidence of multiple felony counts under 18 U.S. Code Chapter 115 – TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES against Trumplethinskin and his co-conspirators to fry them all in the electric chair. He’ll continue to keep this all these evidence and witnesses under wraps until he continues to gather MORE evidence & work himself up the chain of command ABOVE Trumplethinskin so he can obtain the legal threshold (beyond a reasonable doubt) to indict ALL the highest level criminals involved in attempting to overthrow our nation. These include those perpetrators in Don the Con’s inner circle with whom he only speaks in his links land.


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