God I love it when they eat their young! These days, if you’re a non Trombie member of the GOP caucus, you’ve got to be feeling like you’re pissing up a rope 24/7. You’ve spent the last 18 months desperately trying to get Trump and his minions from talking about The Big Lie, and the stolen election, and start talking about the economy, Joe Biden, and the 2022 midterms. And if today is anything to go by, you’re going to be trying to get him to shut up about the J6 Committee, and start talking about the economy, Biden, and the 2022 midterms. Good luck with that.

The J6 committee knows what they’re doing. While they’re crafting a legitimate historical record of the events, they are laser focused on trying to tie almost every one of those events back to Trump. And because they’re actual professionals, they have the video, and they kept the receipts. And it’s starting to have an effect, after only 1 week.

Because it’s killing Trump’s ego, and his ego is all Trump has. And we know that Trump is watching. We know because he keeps talking about the hearings in detail. He started out by just going public however he could to denounce the hearings as a Politically motivated witch hunt! But as more and more evidence gets dumped on his shoulders, he’s taken to trying to refute specific parts of the testimony.

Here’s the critical thing to understand. This is uncharted territory for Traitor Tot. He is the criminal overlord. He leaves no messages, he leaves nothing on paper, he doesn’t text, and he demands and expects total loyalty from underlings.

So as he watches these hearings, Trump has to be stunned by the rich amount of damning evidence the committee has gathered tethering him to the crime. And there’s a simple reason. As I wrote previously, the J6 committee has interviewed more than 1000 witnesses. There is a whole army of lower and middle level White House staffers who want to continue to have a career, and they see no good reason to take the fall for some fat slob back down in Florida. And we’ve learned that there is also a phalanx of lawyers surrounding Trump whose only goal at this point is to keep their tickets to practice.

Today, Trump gave his first extended remarks since the hearings began in a public speech, and it wasn’t pretty. He started with the by now standard Witch Hunt! mantra, but quickly deteriorated. He denied ever calling Mike Pence a wimp. He excoriated staffers and lawyers for saving their own asses, and even accused the committee of selectively splicing his daughter and son in law’s testimony to Make him look bad. And he closed by saying that the committee was Out to bury him politically!

Welcome to the brave New World. Trump has always been a man obsessed, but now, for the first time, his own obsession is laser focused, Save his image, and his ego! The longer these hearings go on, and the more he’s hammered, and the longer the media highlights it, you can expect to see more public appearances by Trump in order to respond.

You want a winner for the first week of J6 committee hearings? Try GOP Florida Governor Ron Pissantis. Last weekend, after the 1st prime time hearing, the Western States GOP Coalition held their national conference. And they did a straw poll. And in that poll, DeSantis led the pack, 2 points ahead of Trump.

The more that the J6 committee tars-and-feathers Trump, the worse it gets for both Trump and the GOP. The more that the committee criminalizes Trump, the more it alienates the Mushy Middle and independent voters that not only Trump needs in 2024, but that the GOP needs in November. There are 4-5 more hearings left, with the final one in prime time. And those hearings might not only have an impact on the midterms, but on Trump’s long term viability going into 2024. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. “And he closed by saying that the committee was Out to bury him politically!”

    Surely he doesn’t think that’s all? Surely he kows politically is not enough? That democracy can only be saved through incarcerating him? Him and other co-conspirators? I mean, elininating him is necessary, but not sufficient.

  2. just finished Gaslit on Starz with Julia Roberts as Martha Mitchell. It is uneven in parts, but lays out the behind the scenes crazy. The thing is they all went to prison. Haldeman, Erlichman, Dean, Mitchell, Liddy etc. This insurrection is way worse than anything Nixon did. The Nixon tapes did them all in, but today we have email and text messages all linking trumps people to crimes. trump of course like the mafia boss he is keeps everything off paper including flushing documents down the Whitehouse toilets. People need to start going to jail, not just for refusing interviews from the committee, but at least for obstruction of justice. Where is judge Sirica on all this?


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