I would say one thing to the people out there who complain that the J6 committee is spending too much time and effort trying to blame everything on Trump. Guess what? They’re blaming Trump for everything simply because everything IS Trump’s fault. If he had accepted defeat, none of this would have happened. His thirst for power and desire to avoid criminal prosecution led to a failed coup attempt.

If you’re wondering if anybody is paying attention, they are. Their primetime Thursday night hearing drew an estimated 20 million viewers, equal to a competitive Sunday night football audience, and better than the Oscars. I saw a piece that said that the first non primetime hearing drew about 10 million. But when you’re looking at the non primetime hearings, you have to remember the people who tune in on streaming services, which don’t appear in the ratings.

And it appears that it’s having the desired effect. MSNBC showed the results of a national poll today that said that 58% of respondents felt that Trump should be prosecuted, as opposed to 40% who felt he shouldn’t. With 4 more hearings to go, almost 60% of Americans want Trump to Go to trial.

Here’s why that’s important. I know, we have miles to go, and more than 4 months left before the midterms. And as everybody knows, memories are short in politics. But there’s one thing that you have to remember. Peoples’ decisions are based on their opinions, and once people form an opinion, good luck changing it.

A brief aside. I’m 65, and I can remember as clearly as day a conversation my parents had around the kitchen table when I was about 10 or so. There was an election coming up, and one of the local candidates in Cicero was a dude by the name of Gerald Dolezal. When my father brought his name up, my mother snorted and said, I wouldn’t vote for him if he was the only name on the ballot! He’s a died in the wool crook!

Look, I have no idea how my mother came to the decision that Dolezal was a crook, but once she reached that conclusion, a packet of C-4 couldn’t blow it out of her head. She didn’t vote for Dolezal, and Dolezal lost. People make decisions formed by their opinions.

And right now, almost 6 in 10 Americans think that Trump should be modeling steel bracelets and leg irons. And now that they already have that opinion, good luck in getting them to change their minds. Which is not good news for Trump going into 2024. Trump has already lost the popular vote twice.

But more important is what that means going into the 2022 midterms. We already know that almost 60% of the American people want Trump prosecuted for his crimes. But the Trump GOP is all in on Trump, chanting his praises like a bunch of religious zealots trying to sell books at airports. Is this a good idea?

Let me ask you all a question. If, like my mother, you had come to the decision that a candidate was nothing but a common criminal, How likely would you be to vote for a candidate that he was officially and enthusiastically endorsing? After all, the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree, right?

There are still 4 more J6 committee hearings left to go, with two this week. And those hearings are only going to make Trump look worse and worse. By the time these hearings are over, if national polling shows that 62.5-65% of Americans want to see Trump prosecuted, then to my eye, the midterms are in mortal danger for the GOP. Simply because Traitor Tot keeps insisting on sticking his nose in and endorsing one candidates in almost every race he can find. And boy, talk about Fruit from the poisoned tree. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. cicero??!! homeboy! grant works/roosevelt grade school/morton east class of ’65/carm’s beef/missile inn/central snack/nello’s tavern/florence cafe/tombola. guess I gotta finally send you some money.

  2. I watch on YouTube. Yesterday I wasn’t home when it began so I watched the video recording on CSPAN on YouTube when I got home. Neither would be counted. So you’re right that there are probably a lot more watching than being counted. Hopefully enough to save democracy in November. Though I still doubt that.


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