Don’t you guys hate it when I write an article, and in doing so suddenly discover an inspiration that breeds a completely different 2nd article? Not me. Beats thinking.

I just wrote an article in which I pointed out that Biden was suddenly getting an unexpected lift from an unusual source, Corporate America. Which started me thinking. Mostly about money. If corporate America is going to take the path of least resistance, especially if they see the 2024 GOP as a lost cause, what about everybody else? If Biden feels newly empowered, who does he call out next, and what new dominoes fall over?

In the article I relayed how Biden’s two new victory laps were Eli-Lily capping the cost of their standard insulin at $35 a month for patients with insurance, and three airlines dropped predatory fees for parents wanting to sit with their kids. Biden called them both out in his SOTU.

But what really was responsible for these sudden about faces by corporate America? It’s simple. Social media trolling. After all, it was a bogus Twitter account purporting to be Eli-Lily that proudly claimed that all insulin was now free that started a corporate meltdown that gave them a PR nightmare, and forced compliance. And the airlines were also hammered in social media after Biden called them out. Biden lit the match, and social media threw the bombs.

Let’s extrapolate for a moment. Money makes the world go round, and never more than in politics. And going into 2024, the GOP already has three MIA’s in their powerhouse fundraising bench. Rest his soul, Shelly Adelson is now departed, and resting in peace in Israel. Adelson was the most prolific GOP mega donor, but that’s likely not the case now. And former RNC donation guru Steve Wynn has dropped off the face of the earth since he got booted by his own company. I would call that a shortfall.

That still leaves plenty or large companies and major corporations, but the vast majority of them share one thing in common. In one way or another they’re all customer facing. They all sell either goods or services, and that makes them sensitive to their customers feelings and opinions.

Perfect example. Rush Limbaugh was the undisputed powerhouse of conservative radio. His daytime ad rated were some 20-35% higher than any other show. And then El Rushbo called law student Sandra Flook a slut for needing birth control for a non reproductive health issue, and the shit hit the fan.

Social media went insane. His comments spawned a nationwide online campaign named Flush Rush! Volunteers listened to his shit show in order to hear the advertisers, posted them on the site, and social media did the rest. By the time the dust settled, dozens of major market stations had dropped the show, he actually had dead air gaps since even public service announcements wouldn’t let him play them, and his last contract was reputed to be some 45% lower than his last one.

That’s not just a history lesson, it’s just as relevant today. Because between El Pendejo Presidente and the dog kennel GOP House, the GOP’s reputation is in the shitter for anybody who isn’t a certified Trombie. What major company or corporation wants to be associated with this shit show? And in the era of social media, somebody will know. And when they do, they’ll tell everybody else. And the downfall of Limbaugh is still fresh enough to sound a loud warning horn to corporate America. Especially with the Democrats being newly ascendent with their messaging control.

And while the GOP has long depended on a plethora of large corporate donations maxing-out to fund their national operations, for the state and district level, their meat and potatoes is still small donors. Both parties love small money donors because, unlike major donors that can max-out early, small donors can be tapped over and over again. Believe me, I know. I get more texts from the DNC and candidates than I get legitimate phone calls.

But the RNC is in the hurt locker. And that’s because Traitor Tot has a nipple clamp on small money donors. And having already promised that he’ll keep running even if he’s under indictment, the RNC is going to be sucking hind teat. And His Lowness isn’t about to share.

This should be interesting to watch. 2020 post mortem reporting was that corporate donation to the RNC were down with Trump as the candidate. And in 2022, MAGA candidates like Herschel walker, JD Vance, Mehmet Oz and Kari Lake struggled with fundraising. And who knows if that dearth of fundraising may have made the difference in swing districts that allowed the Democrats to minimize their losses.

Corporate America fears nothing except their customers. And we all know that The squeaky wheel gets oiled. Well, right now that GOP House is squeakier than Michael Palin banging with mallets on that mouse organ in the old Monty Python skit. It will be interesting to see which companies and corporations decide to go for broke with the GOP, and dare a social media customer revolt. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. What has been killing me about this, Murf, is how WAY too many people keep acting like nothing has changed here. You know the tunes–Dems weak on messaging, Republicans invincible, Trump comeback inevitable. Yet nobody is seeing the cracks in the foundation because they’re too busy wallowing in their resentment and trauma. Are they in for a shock…

  2. Respectfully, though, Corporate America doesn’t donate money because they’re nice guys. We call it bribery, Corporate America calls it an investment/insurance/partnership/relationship.

    • Good Lord and Lady, NO ONE is suggesting that, including Murf. As you pointed out, it’s about being on the winning side so they can stay in business. And THAT, BTW, is something we should take as a good sign (idiocies like Walgreens PR disasters with abortion pills notwithstanding). They’re betting on our side being the long-term future. As my man Moviebob once put it, the reason they try to appeal/pander to us is that we typically have more money than MAGA as a customer base.

  3. You said that the GOP “already has three MIA’s in their powerhouse fundraising bench.” You named Shelly Adelson and Steve Wynn, but you omitted the third one. Who would that be, and what is his status? Thanks.


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