You know, the first term midterms of a new administration are supposed to be easy. And if you’re the party that’s out of power, they should be almost kindergarten easy. You just point out all of the ways that the new administration is fucking up, and promise to do better if voters just give you the keys to the car.

And believe me, McConnell, McCarthy, and the sane GOP desperately want to do it that way. Because as much as Biden and the Democrats have accomplished, the winds are against them. Gas prices, infant formula shortages, and retail inflation are a cornucopia for electoral success.

But the GOP can’t seem to stop stepping on its own crank. They have a delusional disgraced of the former President who is hell bent on making Stop the Steal the dominant theme of the 2022 midterms. Polling shows that it didn’t work then, and it isn’t working now. Even GOPtards have a shorter memory span than that. But Trump is insistent, and he’s going to get hand picked candidates through the primaries that will go to the general election spouting nothing but that nonsensical claptrap. Which is not good, since early polling shows GOP enthusiasm higher than Democratic enthusiasm. Why run on shit that turns people off?

But now there are forces coming to bear that the GOP can’t control. It was almost a month ago that a draft of Justice Alito’s ruling scorching Roe v Wade was leaked to the press. The result was an instant nightmare for the GOP. Weeks of massive street protests, especially on weekends ensued, and the DNC raised almost $2 million in the first 48 hours. The national GOP tried to soft sell the ruling, but state GOP legislatures gleefully piled on to race each other to pass the most restrictive abortion laws they could. The Democrats can’t just fundraise on this issue, they can run on it.

And now another wild card thrown out of the deck. Yesterday, yet another senseless gun massacre, this one in a Texas elementary school, killing 19 9-10 year olds, along with 2 teachers, rocked the nation. If there’s a worse place in the country for the GOP for a mass casualty event to take place, I don’t know where it is. Texas has the loosest gun laws in the country, and a Governor who loves to Get in your face about it. Then add in the fact that the fucking NRA is set to convene their national convention in Houston on Friday, while wakes and funerals for 10 year olds are going on 200 miles away.

This time at least, you can measure the damage to the GOP in real time. Two high profile scheduled speakers at the convention, GOP Representative Dan Crenshaw, as well as senior GOP Texas John Cornyn have dropped out at the last minute. They can do that, they’re safe. Abbott and Patrick are running this year, and they need the NRA cash, and Cruz is setting up for a presidential run in 2024. They’ll all show up.

The point is, this is totally fucked up for the GOP, and may well ruin a dream opportunity. The GOP doesn’t want to talk about itself, instead it wants to talk about the abject failures of the Biden administration, and promise a land of milk and honey if the voters just return them to power. All while the Democrats stumble around trying to defend their record and accomplishments.

But instead, His Lowness wants to relitigate 2020, which is a guaranteed loser. And now they have the Democratic base fired up over abortion rights, and sensible gun control. The GOP wants the Democrats defending their record, and instead, the Democrats have multiple social issues with which to attack the GOP in the general election. And that is not a formula for success for the GOP in the midterms. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. Its a shame Americans are so stupid ,ya go ahead pass laws about gun control, after all look what that gun did in TX , if it wasn’t for that gun that shooting wouldn’t of happened , B S , get your history books out and read about what Hitler did , he took guns away , you know the rest of the story , look what’s happening in Astoria now , the Communist have taken over, are northern border its almost Communist rule there , there outlawed guns ,are second amendment was about protecting us from are own government , isn’t it funny when there needs to be a distraction it happens , I’ll say it again , a gun never shot anyone .

    • Well, if your reading comprehension (that means being able to understand what you read) is anything like your writing ability I’m not surprised at you incomplete understanding of history including our second amendment. Being a fairly old fart now (mid sixties) I come from a different time when dads (and sometimes moms too) instilled a very different take on guns into us from an early age. Almost anyone (me included) who grew up in a household where we’d be taught to shoot and hunt learned SAFETY and more importantly RESPONSIBILITY – that our “rights” came with conditions. Had I or anyone I knew growing up acted like I see so many fucking ADULTS do with their GUNS (Rambo fantasy dickeheads!) our fathers or any other adult would have made fucking sure we regretted it big time and in a way we’d remember the rest of our lives.

      People like you want rights WITHOUT responsibilities. But just as the first amendment doesn’t give you the right to shout fire in a crowded theater, the right to have a gun can also carry some restrictions. Too many people should possess any type of firearm at all. And NO civilian should be able to have a weapon of war that was designed specifically for killing other people and with features to make doing so in high numbers at close range/in close quarters. If you claim your AR-15 style rifle is a “huning” gun you are one fucking dumbass hunter. With a muzzle velocity of over 400 feet per second higher than a traditional hunting rifle or even pre-assault weapon military arms like the M-1 and M-14 the three to four inch wound cavitation can destroy a helluva lot of meat as it bounces around inside big game!

      And if only with yourself be honest. For all the time you’ve spent holding (stroking/fondling) assault weapons or “badass” handguns like a .50 cal. Desert Eagle your DICK hasn’t grown even one tiny fraction of an inch. (Or for women reading this the same applies to you boob size)

    • And the Second Amendment was intended for “A WELL-REGULATED MILITIA, being necessary for the security of a free state.” Go read the Amendment for yourself if you (A) don’t believe me and (B) can actually read better than you write.
      Five right-wing justices on the Supreme Court who ALL touted “original intent” as paramount to any of their rulings decided–quite literally–that the Founding Fathers didn’t actually mean what they wrote. That ANY lone individual had the right to own any kind of firearm they wanted (which, again, is NOT what was written in the Constitution). The Second Amendment was written before the United States actually created a STANDING military; although most branches like to trace their histories back to the Revolutionary War era, ALL of them were comprised of VOLUNTEERS, as opposed to the “professional” type of soldiery and sailors that existed in Europe at the time. And as the fledgling United States didn’t face any real formal wars between the peace treaty with Great Britain in 1783 and the War of 1812, the country was slow to establish any real standing army or navy (and both came after the 2nd Amendment was ratified).


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