What happened in the Senate today was not just the non-passage of a piece of legislation. It was the death knell of the Republican party being sounded. Mitch McConnell has tried to get the bi-partisan border bill passed for days. He touted its virtues. Then, suddenly, he did a 180 and pulled his support from the bill. McConnell said the problem isn’t what Senator James Lankford negotiated, it’s that “the political mood in the country has changed.” That is shorthand for “I am capitulating to MAGA.”

In the future, historians will have the fall of the GOP diagrammed out and this event, on this night in February, 2024, will be given the true perspective that it deserves. Politico:

The President Joe Biden-backed agreement is getting pummeled from the left and right, but it’s internal GOP angst that’s fueling the likelihood of a filibuster during an expected test vote on Wednesday. After Senate Republicans met for 90 minutes on Monday night to discuss the border deal that a trio of senators forged over the past four months, few of them emerged willing to say they would vote to advance the $118 billion package.

Several members of GOP leadership came out against the legislation in the past 24 hours, further boxing in Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. The Kentucky Republican, who supports the agreement linking border policy changes with aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, called Monday’s meeting an “interesting discussion.”

Inside the room, McConnell told Republicans that if they didn’t like the direction that the bill is going, they should vote against moving forward this week, according to two people briefed on the meeting who were granted anonymity to speak candidly.

According to two attendees, McConnell did not forcefully whip for or against the bill. He instead discussed the specific policies and politics of the legislation, which is opposed by Speaker Mike Johnson and former President Donald Trump.

Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.), who struck the deal, even suggested he might vote against moving forward if his colleagues weren’t ready to move.“That’s not voting against the bill,” Lankford said of voting to filibuster the bill from coming to the floor. “So that’s not the final passage. That’s the beginning point.”

It’s a stunning turnabout from just a few months ago, when Republicans demanded border security policy changes to pair with $60 billion in Ukraine aid requested by Biden. Now Republican support for the legislation is vanishingly hard to find, with just a handful of GOP senators in support. Even moderate Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) said she was unsure if she would vote to advance the bill.

Lankford added that he’s not sure how much time members will actually want to evaluate the proposal — if that timeline goes beyond Wednesday. Many Senate Republicans want an open amendment process that could drag out debate indefinitely, if leadership allows it.

This is a total farce, more “time” to “evaluate.” Nothing is going to change. This is a stall and an unraveling, plain and simple. What is happening here is very clear and black and white. The GOP is in a state of anarchy. No Republican speaks for anybody other than him or herself. There is no caucus. McConnell had control over his caucus, always. That was his ability. He knew how to control his caucus, like Nancy Pelosi knew how to control hers, and get things done, even with a slim margin of control. That is the art and the science of politics and McConnell had the ability to round his herd and get them pointed the same direction.

That was then, this is now. McConnell’s on his last legs and when he goes down, the last of the old school Republican party goes with him. Mike Johnson is not leadership. Mike Johnson was an obscure, last minute choice that had the Speaker’s gavel thrust into his hands after the immensely stupid and ill-advised ouster of Kevin McCarthy. That was political theater at its highest art form and when all the dust had settled, all the GOP had done was inflict a number of wounds on itself. It had accomplished nothing. Right now both Johnson and Steve Scalise are saying that the bill will be “dead on arrival in the House.”

So what does the rest of the world see? They see a House who favors Vladimir Putin’s interests more than that of America and her allies and they see a Senate minority who won’t listen to their leader anymore. They see Republicans who would rather betray an ally and keep the border crisis issue alive, rather than do something about it, because Donald Trump needs a talking point.

They see a GOP who puts Trump above America, in short.

The U.S. Border Patrol union officially endorses the bipartisan border legislation that the GOP has decided to abandon, to throw an extra layer of absurdity into the mix.

The GOP ended tonight. It hasn’t been reported as such and who knows? Maybe like a patient on life support, its heart can actually be restarted. Things like that have been known to happen. But I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

We don’t know how the bill will finally be dealt with but we do know that to all intents and purposes the GOP is dead and Donald Trump controls his MAGA cult, in lieu of the Republican party. And anybody with an R behind his or her name in November might find themselves part of a bloodbath and a purge.

The GOP is not reading the tea leaves and that’s been the case for some time. McConnell can still read the tea leaves. But they won’t listen to him anymore. Hence, they’re setting themselves up for one hell of a shellacking at the polls.

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  1. You got it right Ursula. I’m a democrat but I’m an American FIRST! Back in the day before all of this GOP insanity and ineptitude took over I would actually research the Rs before casting my vote.
    Back then was a time when a R still served their country and not their cult leader and if the R outperformed the D, the R would get my vote. Those days are over now because the Rs don’t work for the country and the common people who live here any more. The Rs can’t be trusted and will no longer get any of my votes! We thought the last election and D ballot tossing was bad and I don’t see how we will be entitled to calmly and peacefully cast our votes unless we all turn out and make it our priority to speak up for the CONTINUATION OF OUR DEMOCRACY and cast our votes for a reputable and forward thinking candidate. When America loses its democracy the globe will lose what’s left of its peace!

    • Teresa fucking NAILED IT!!!!!!!!

      Sorry for the profanity but since trump announced his run for the presidency sadly, that word has become part of my daily vocabulary while following this massive shit show. 🥴

      • Thanks Marla I’m sorry that you have to feel my pain but I’m sure that you’re not alone. Let’s take all of these trumpatics as a clear shot to the head (up). If he gets re-elected it will be because we didn’t get out and cast our opposing votes. We can’t be the people who lay the mulch on the last democratic vote of America!

    • Many of us used to split the ticket. That was normal in a certain day and age. It’s not normal now. The GOP is in major trouble. Its fringe extremist groups are running the show, the equivalent of the inmates running the asylum. And it’s taken a good 40 years for the entire meltdown to take place. But meltdown is where things are now.

      Democracy is contingent upon good faith negotiations. We’re not seeing that with the Republicans in either chamber of Congress right now.

      • Prior to 2006 I had a split ticket in every general election. Been straight D ever since and I doubt in my lifetime the GOP or even a reformed version (which would take a good while to earn some trust) leaves me no choice. I HATED casting a vote for Joe Manchin back when I still lived in WV. Being disgusted that a piece of shit like him was the best option sucked. Sure, I could have left that race blank but if too many people do that kind of thing you wind up with someone even worse. Trump being a prime example!

    • Well said, Teresa! We all know what a tRump win means: the end of our democracy and a ripple effect throughout the globe. I have wondered in the last seven years which would take the earth down faster: Donald tRump or the Climate Crisis. I’m betting it WOULD be tRump unless all the good and sensible people get out and vote. If Trump wins, it’ll be a “twofer.” It will be the ruination of both democracy AND the earth.

  2. Mitch had his chances (as many, many others) to save the party and to save the country from Trump, but like the famous Dennis Green video, “we let them (him) off the hook!”

    Thanks to all who let the Charlie Manson of politics run Helter Skelter into the Executive Branch. Hopefully the Grim Reaper won’t be too busy to do the job we’ll rooting for.

    • The sheer horror of this is that the GOP knows exactly who and what Trump is and they don’t care. As long as there’s any chance of them getting back into power, they’re going to stand behind him. And they’re fine if democracy ends. Power is the name of their game, not democracy.

      • I’ve thought for a long time that there is a cabal of very wealthy people and corporations who are actively trying to destroy the country and especially dismantle our rights as citizens. And that seems to be proven more every day by SCOTUS and the GOP. They’ve probably decided that dismantling the country the way they’ve been feasting on the all the troubled businesses in the past decades is going to be exactly what they’ve always wanted….just like in Putin’s Russia. It’s heartbreaking to see that so many Americans can’t seem to see the writing on the wall!

        • I read a lot about the sinking of the Titanic. That was a subject that intrigued me so I read tons of accounts and saw interviews with survivors. Bottom line, a lot of people onboard didn’t think the ship could sink. They simply didn’t. Not until it did.

  3. Novembers election will be the test of what kind of country Americans want. If it’s a Donald Trump, America is finished as the leader of the free world, period. The actual democracies will slowly but steadily pull away from the US on trade, most certainly on sharing military intelligence and the Victor Orbans, the Putins and the Xis will celebrate, knowing that they have their useful idiot in place.

    • Unfortunately, you’re right. It really is as simple as that. If Trump gets back in, America will no longer be America. Never thought I would see anything like this happen in my lifetime, but I am. And I thought Watergate was wild. I was in college when that was happening. Watergate was a nature walk compared to this.

  4. This is what happens when you let a cult of personality take hold in your base. Their is no political party on the political Right. There is just Donald Trump. Conservatives have lost complete control of their movement. It is now all about Trump. Which is breathtakingly self destructive, given how demonstrable Trump is corrupt and pathological. The Republican base, which has been fed a steady diet of White grievance and false narratives for decades is now in full nihilism mode. They know Trump is unfit, corrupt and unhinged. That he will blowup everything. Our democracy, the economy, and the rule of law. The Republican base knows that they themselves will be adversely effected by this chaos. They don’t care. It’s a shared self destructive psychosis. Fueled by a false sense of grievance and entitlement.

    • The conservatives are Never Trumpers. At least the sane conservatives. The intelligentsia jumped ship from the GOP long ago, 2015 to be precise. And a lot of Republicans who know what Trump is, namely Mike Lee, J.D. Vance, others, have just all decided to fold and get in his camp now because they’re hoping that they can benefit personally from it.

      It’s truly an amazing scenario that we’re watching here. It’s unique in our history and hopefully never to be repeated.

      • Not just his mental decline but the complicity of the GOP. He didn’t get where he got without other people allowing his madness. Nixon also had people who enabled his worst instincts but not like Trump.

  5. Nixon was a traitor/criminal. Reagan, Bush 1&2, and Trump. All traitors/criminals. Provable facts. Check out Thom Hartmann’s article on all of them. There were many behind the scenes in the last 56 years that were the same that enabled them. So what’s new? Answer: nothing.

    • This is why I have never once voted for a Republican, ever in my lifetime. As far as I’ve seen, they’ve all been criminals, ready to exploit the Treasury to enrich themselves, get us into wars for political benefit, kick the underdog. Even if the candidate (local) wasn’t that bad, there was what that party stood for, and it’s always been for the uber rich, screw the little guy. Of course, I’ve never been faced with a terrible Dem option like a Blagojevich or the like. So no, splitting the ticket was never an option for me.

  6. I never thought that I would see a day like this and was surprised to learn that this fairly exact chain of events happened within 20th century Germany. An article that I read called “How Did Adolph Hitler Happen?” by the National WWII Museum New Orleans presents very frightening and many current everyday attrocities regarding our political system and how closely it is matching 1930s Germany. My question is why is this being allowed to continue and why do we not stop this while there is still the chance? My eyes are dry right now but come 2/25 we will be unable to find an unused box of kleenex. And all because we did not cast that so very important vote!

    • In my heart of hearts I think things will be okay in November. But only if we get out the vote like mad. This election has got to supersede the turnout in 2020. We have to defeat Trump. Because if this ship of fools, the GOP, gets back in power, it’s curtains.

  7. The dems and President Biden can make this into a winning thing to run on. Add it to the rest of the crap coming from the g.o.p. and dingleberry and democrat races become their’s to lose. dingleberry and the ‘pubes are handing the dems so much ammunition it’s crazy.


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