Smartmatic Corporation, which builds voting machines and systems, is joining Dominion Voting Systems in the suing Fox News sweepstakes for its lies about the 2020 election, but is looking for a much larger payout, at 2.7 billion dollars vs. Dominion’s 1.6 billion.

Sooner or later it adds up to real money…

The Guardian

“As Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Corporation battles to contain the Dominion lawsuit scandal that has engulfed its top executives and stars, another crisis is building in the wings that has the potential to cause further turbulence for the media empire.
Smartmatic’s lawsuit against Fox News has attracted only a fraction of the attention garnered by the legal action of Dominion Voting Systems. Yet both firms are suing Fox for defamation related to its coverage of Donald Trump’s stolen-election lie, and both pose a serious threat to Fox’s finances and reputation.

In fact, on paper Smartmatic’s suit appears to be the more dangerous. It’s demanding damages of $2.7bn, compared with Dominion’s $1.6bn.”

Smartmatic, a global election technology company headquartered in London, lodged its defamation suit in February 2021. “The Earth is round,” was the complaint’s striking opening sentence. “Two plus two equals four. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the 2020 election … ”

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo, the former business anchor Lou Dobbs and Trump’s former lawyer Rudy Giuliani seem to be in the most hot water as each repeated former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell’s blatant lies that SMARTMATIC was in league with Dominion and deceased (even then) Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez in stealing (which it wasn’t) the 2020 Presidential election for Joe Biden.

I don’t think those three have 2.7 billion laying around, so let’s hope it comes out of Rupert’s cookie jar.

Call To Activism on Twitter has the scoop also, and some observations…
🤞 🤞 🤞

I’m here for it.





Fox News has lots of assets, and, thanks to cable fees, plenty of income.

Still 4.3 billion smackers will make even Rupert think twice about spreading malicious lies.

At least one can hope.

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  1. Keep in mind the dollar amounts you are citing are Actual Damages. In Civil Lawsuits plaintiffs can sue for both Actual Damages and PUNITIVE damages with the latter potentially being far higher. The names of the two types of awards are accurate. Actual Damages are determined by the financial injury suffered (i.e. lost business) but when juries feel like conduct by defendants was really awful they have no problem with PUNISHING them via the Punitive Damages they award. Judges and sometimes the appeals process often reduce Punitive Damages but it’s not hard to imagine Fox could be on the hook for ten billion (or more) in that category and THAT will hurt. “Bigly.”

    I think Fox would have settled long ago but Dominion is determined to do to Fox what Fox did to them – HURT them (Fox) and hurt them bad. And Fox? I think the Murdochs and even the on-air folks can’t bring themselves to believe that THIS time is different, and that THIS time they are going to pay through the nose for their bullshit. They are doing the proverbial “whistling past the graveyard” routine and I for one wish that the proverbial media graveyard would reach out and drag them in. For all time.

  2. Hopefully, it will be a two-pronged approach.
    Dominion / Smartmatic perform a cashectomy on ol’ Rupert while at the other end we work on cable companies to cut the carriage fees Faux gets from everyone with a cable box, whether you have those channels blocked or not.

    unfoxmycablebox dot com

  3. Sure hope someone thought to freeze all bank accounts, etc. that Rupert, Fox, etc. have anything to do with otherwise billions will be tucked away, hidden, somewhere and regardless of any court decisions, the voting machine companies will get a pittance.


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