You know, I’ve been having the time of my life watching the continuing media coverage of the Dominion release of a massive court document chock-a-block full of texts and group chats from FUX News executives and prime time hucksters that show that right rom the start, they were all aware that not only was Traitor Tot full of shit, but so was every damn election denier they were about to put on the air.

The part I’ve been enjoying the most is the total lack of response or recognition of any of FUX News high priced used car salesmen as to the release of that filing. but their complete and total ignorance of everything.

Here are a bunch of 3rd rate carnival barkers who spent more than six months with a tattoo of the words Dominion Voting Systems on their foreheads, but if you bring up the name now, they get that deer-in-the-headlights-look and murmur, Dominion? Dominion? Sorry, never hearda da bums. It’s hysterical, but they all figure they can get away with it simply because their sheeple don’t get factual news from anywhere else.

But you know who else you aren’t hearing a goddamn single thing from? Pretty much the Entire Republican party. And no, I’m not talking about the lower level Trumptards that manage to get elected to the county library board, I’m talking about incumbent Republican House and Senate incumbents, as well as statewide GOP incumbents and challengers.

Because They. All. Know. Unlike the sub prime time lineup of FUX News hucksters like Carlson, Hannity, and Ingraham, who are actually careful to refer to themselves as media personalities rather than actual reporters, in order to save themselves from a mountain of ethical violations questions, pretty much every GOP incumbent, especially pre Trump incumbents aren’t morons, or entertainers.

These are political professionals, they have climbed their way up the ranks, and they know the difference between the truth and bullshit mostly because they deal almost exclusively with bullshit. And if a bunch of hack snake oil salesmen, such as Carlson, Hannity and Ingraham can smell bullshit in the first days following Trump’s loss and screaming claims, then so can any experienced politician worth his salt.

And with the exception of a few moderates who went underground, and a few more that grew some hair on their balls and criticized Trump, and then promptly retired, what have you heard from the rest? Stop The Steal! Stop The Steal! Massive Voter Fraud! Dominion Voting Systems! Italian Government Satellites! They have parroted the MAGA party line for one simple reason. Like WC Fields, they recognize a sucker, and they ain’t about to give him an even break;

  • Every time they send out a screaming e-mail or text blast to Stop The Steal!, What they’re really saying is send me some money, you stupid shits the legitimate President, 
  • And every time they appear at a rally, or a town hall, and bellow about Massive Voter Fraud!, and Trump is the Legitimate President!, What they’re really thinking to themselves is something more like, Yeah, sure, you Q-Anon dumb shits. Just don’t forget to pull the lever next November
  • And when they appear on Newsmax, or OAN, or Infowars to spout the same claptrap, their motivation is, Whatever. It’s free face time, and it increases my national donor base

All of which makes the current Republican party one thing, and one thing only. A Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization. After all, the Republican party hasn’t had an original thought, ideology, or program since Obama was inaugurated in 2009. They became a totally obstructionist party. But being obstructionist isn’t a RICO violation.  Mainly because there’s no criminal intent in being obstructionist.

But since the election of Trump, things have morphed. God knows Trump is a lifelong Racketeer, and he Corruptly Influenced the entire GOP Organization. Trump’s entire administration was nothing more or less than a well coordinated shakedown cruise meant to fill his pockets. But that still isn’t enough to tar the GOP, after all, it was Trump and his family that were stuffing their pockets, not the GOP. In fact it cost the GOP money to foot some of Trump’s legal bills.

But to my mind, it became illegal in November of 2020. It was clear to anybody with a higher IQ than the Teletubbies that Trump had lost the election. But when Traitor Tot almost immediately launched his stop The Steal! fundraising campaign, a blatant con since the money went to his newly created Leadership PAC, where his access to the funds is almost criminally simple, the rest of the MAGA and Freedom Caucuses joined in! 

But here’s where the criminality comes in. They didn’t jump on the bandwagon and do it to benefit Trump, they did it to benefit themselves. If Carlson, Hannity and Ingraham knew it was bullshit, along with Rupert Murdoch and senior management, then they knew it as well. After all, this is their career. But when Trump started his STOP THE STEAL! campaign, they immediately aped him. In person to show that they were loyal soldiers, and to perpetuate the bullshit. But then they all jumped the shark, and started sending out e-mail and text donation blasts to enrich their own campaign coffers as well as any Leadership PAC’s they may have created for future personal plucking.

Ask yourself this simple question. Exactly what is the GOP, especially the House GOP peddling almost exclusively these days? Stop The Steal! Stolen Elections! Here’s the funny part. Not only do they know it’s bullshit, so does most of the population. That’s what cost them the 2022 midterms. And yet they continue to peddle the conspiracies. Why? Because it makes them money. And if making money off of an already proven lie isn’t a criminal enterprise, then I don’t know what is.

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  1. Wes Henrickson in a recent paper in the St. John’s Law Review.— “I argue that speech that qualifies as “fraud on the public,” as defined herein, is a narrow subset of disinformation that is today largely treated as protected speech but should, under longstanding principles and precedent, be deemed unprotected. Such conduct fits—or should fit—within the existing fraud exception to the First Amendment. This argument is, in some ways, a radical one; the fraud carve-out to the First Amendment generally applies only to behavior satisfying the elements of civil or criminal deceit, or one of the other long-established categories of fraudulent speech, such as securities fraud or false advertising. However, fraud on the public is carried out in an analogous manner to personal fraud, and the harm it causes to individuals, society, and the environment is no less substantial than the harm caused by personal fraud. Accordingly, fraud on the public, like personal fraud, runs counter to the aims of the Free Speech provision of the First Amendment. It should, therefore, be unprotected the way other kinds of fraud are unprotected. If we continue to permit unfettered fraud on the public, as we do today, the result will likely be the continued growth and spread of knowingly false claims to the public at large, further damaging public health and the environment, poisoning political discourse, and generating further attacks on democracy.”

  2. I gotta better idea Amigo…If they lose this suit, have the FCC pull their “News” certification…Put them back where they belong…entertainment programming…

    • So that they can be replaced by another multimedia corporation doing the same thing? This country needs to establish a legal principle here. You cannot base a business model on systematically lying to the public. And you know, we did this with tobacco companies lying about cancer; we’re starting to do it with oil companies lying about climate change; why should news companies be immune when what they are doing is not actually news but seditious manipulation for their own profit and to the great harm of the public. We used to have high standards for the FCC. That’s not coming back without some legislation.

  3. I’m thinking the reason McCavein gave tuckface the Jan. 6 stuff is so the Murderdochs won’t can his ass when they lose a few billion in the Dominion lawsuit. They’ll capitalize on editing it to feed the MAGA base and ignore the truth – as usual.

  4. Well, you Demonrats have your “boy” in DC and everything is crap now. Hopefully conscription will be re-implemented and you coward liars will get to enjoy Ukraine.

    • Well you piece of shit my M.O.S. on active duty (Marines) wasn’t just infantryman, but 0351. Anti-Tank/Assault. Back during the Cold War some forty years ago which means on the plane flight over the Atlantic I’d have had my tank ID all refreshed – so much of what Putin’s forces used from the beginning are after all the same or upgraded but not different appearing from the outside than the shit they had forty years ago. We’ve got a LOT better shoulder fired anti-tank weapons than we had back in my day but I’m a reasonably bright guy and could have been checked out on them and good to go right away.

      And I DID volunteer to go over there motherfucker! There was a credible group that was screening former U.S. military willing to go shortly after this war began. Sadly, they turned me down. I’m in my mid-sixties for one thing. And I need a cane for balance, but that wouldn’t have prevented me from firing Javelins from a seated or kneeling position. And my M.O.S. & training involved a lot more than shooting missiles when it comes to anti-tank warfare. But I also have other health issues. What I don’t have is family, or very little. Never had kids when I was married, and while I stay in touch with my sister who politically is closer to you than me we haven’t seen each other since 2006. And because unlike you I don’t worship at the fake gold alter of that DRAFT DODGING COWARD Donald Trump I’m not welcome back in my own hometown back in southern Illinois. So it’s not like I’d have left a bunch of people grieving.

      But the point is that I was not only willing, but like many others tried to sign up for duty in Ukraine. Which is more than a pussy like YOU is willing to do only on the Russian side since that’s whom you apparently support. Go suck Trump’s dick. And then go suck Putin’s.

      In the meantime, here at home some of what Biden got passed is finally kicking in and roads and bridges needing repair are going to start getting fixed and providing good jobs. Speaking of jobs, unemployment is way the hell down and there has been more job creation during Biden’s first couple of years than Trump did in four. In fac, job creation has been at or near record numbers. Inflation is (too slowly) coming down but it’s been proven that fully HALF of the high numbers that have hurt so many of us were nothing but price gouging. Corporations could get away with it and they have, and given cover to smaller businesses to do the same. Internationally we are again respected and leading the free world. You won’t see the U.N. General Assembly laugh in Biden’s face like they LITERALLY did with Trump.

      So, if you want to come here fine. Just STFU with your bullshit comments. And again, if you support Trump and Putin so much ole Vlad is looking for all the warm bodies he can get his hands on. How bout it? When I was coming of age, as well as when I was in the Corps a common saying among conservatives/Republicans was “America – Love It Or Leave It” and another was “I’d Rather Be Dead Than Red” – the “Red” being a reference to the Soviet Union which was commonly referred to as the Great Red Bear. There was a time when calling someone a “Red” was a true insult (the kind that brought people to blows sometimes) as it meant Russian/Soviet. Now? Pissants like you and your pals wear t-shirts that say I’d Rather Be Russian Than A Democrat. So fine. If you don’t like representative democracy and people being able to choose their leaders in free and fair elections, if you don’t like the blessings of freedom, and rights bestowed in the Constitution to all people equally then GET THE FUCK OUT! Go to Russia! If you want to be ruled by a brutal dictator then you are free to do just that. So go ahead and leave instead of trying to turn MY country into fucking Russia!


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