I swear to God, the GOP is about to abortion themselves right out of gaining a majority in either chamber of congress in November. Not only that, but they may just cost themselves some state legislatures as well.

Chris Hayes on All In on MSNBC tonight reported that a poll showed that 85% of Americans want to keep abortion legal in cases of rape, incest, and when the life of the mother is threatened. Shit, you can’t get 8 out of 10 coworkers to agree on where to go for lunch! Ohio’s GOP Governor, Mike DeWine is taking a ration of shit over a report that a 10 year old girl who was raped, and found out she was pregnant 6 weeks and 3 days later, had to travel to Indiana for an abortion since Ohio had a strict 6 week law for abortions.

The GOP can’t run on their insane abortion position, and moreso, they know they can’t run on it. Word is that there are GOP tutorials floating around out there to instruct GOP incumbents and candidates to structure their public appearances to avoid having to talk about Roe v Wade, and their views on abortion.

Fortunately, state Democrats seem to have gotten the memo. In Michigan, Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer is running to protect protection in the state. So are Wisconsin Democratic Governor Tony Evers, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, and Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. They are building their campaigns around protecting women’s rights in their states.

Good for them! They know that the GOP can’t defend their position. And if they run strong on this, and succeed, then their popularity on that issue with state voters might just allow them to drag local candidates for the US Senate across the finish line, finally ridding us of that GOP creepazoid Ron Johnson in Wisconsin.

We need every top tier incumbent in the Democratic party to run on this issue in their races. Because it’s a stone loser for the GOP, and they know it. And the more the top tier Democratic candidates grind out the votes, the better the chances that they can flip down ballot seats as well. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. The legislature in California – not the general populace, not the governor, not the political parties – is going for an amendment on the state ballot next November, protecting abortions.

  2. Between the GQP’s refusal to reign in assault weapons and their stance on abortion, Dems should be able to really make hay in this election cycle. From what I hear, the majority of Americans want things done in regard to both of these issues.

  3. There’s more than one theme the dems can, and should, be hammering home with voters; abortion is only one of them. Another very important issue is the fact that the theocrats on the s.c. are eyeing getting rid of social security and medicare (add to it that fool in FL Rick Scott’s agenda/target on the country–he provided his intentions in writing F.F.S.). I don’t know about you all but if they target those programs it’d be enough to send me over their way in an extremely angry mood. Much also needs to be made of the “black man who replaced Justice Marshall’s” writing stating same sex marriage and birth control are not safe.

    There are six reactionary morons occupying seats on the s.c. none of whom should have ever been allowed anywhere near those seats in the first place. Running a campaign targeting the six theocrats might be a bit to esoteric for too many citizens, running one to target their recent decisions and threats is not a bad idea.

    • Well, the real issue with our current SCOTUS lineup lies entirely at the feet of Mitch McConnell. HE was the one who denied President Obama’s nomination in 2016–more than NINE MONTHS before the election–to replace Scalia using a bogus argument about not replacing a SCOTUS justice during an election year (something which had never actually happened before and had only been a recommendation by a group of senators–including then-Senator Joe Biden–around 1990) and then McConnell turned right around and ignore his own precedent and argument by forcing a vote on Coney Barrett’s nomination less than a month before the 2020 election. McConnell should have let Obama’s nominee get a hearing and a vote in 2016 (which would’ve kept him from being shown as a hypocrite in 2020) OR he should’ve followed his own “rule” and waited until after the election for someone to be nominated (and Democrats could’ve–and hopefully–would’ve filibustered the very idea of Trump getting to nominate a new Justice as a lame duck). If McConnell had let Obama nominate someone and then rammed Coney Barrett’s nomination through the Senate, then we’d still be stuck with a 5-4 conservative court (although Roberts would’ve had much more power to keep Roe from being overturned); even if McConnell had kept Obama from nominating someone and pretended he had real convictions to stand behind his 2016 rule and not allowed Trump to nominate Coney Barrett, we could still have a 5-4 conservative court (with the same point about Roberts).

      Of course, if Clinton had won in 2016 (and been able to do anything beyond fending off non-stop efforts to impeach her), we might could’ve had Obama’s nominee back before the Senate for a confirmation hearing and then RBG might’ve retired before 2020 and let Pres Clinton nominate another justice so we’d have a 5-4 progressive court.

      So, again, put all the blame on Mitch McConnell.


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