I keep asking y’all to do me a favor, and today I’ll do it again. Please give Merrick Garland and the DOH some slack. This isn’t the Trump DOJ, run by KKKeebler the Elf and Tubby the Ewok, rushing before the cameras to announce investigations instead of indictments. Ask yourself this. If you were an innocent man, and were under investigation by the DOJ, how would you like your name being announced in a DOJ press conference? How do you defend yourself?

The DOJ is doing the job exactly the way they’re supposed to do it, under deep cover. It took that doofus James Comey to put the first crack in the wall, by thoroughly blowing off FBI and DOJ regulations while he massacred the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Biden and Garland are trying to put that genie back in the bottle.

And we already know that they’re doing their job, and doing more of it than anybody thinks. They’re already undertaking the most massive manhunt in US history as they try to prosecute the criminals that stormed the Capitol on January 6th. But if you’re paying attention, then you already know that it goes far beyond that.

In their 2nd official request to the J6 committee to share all depositions taken by the committee, there were two revealing admissions. First, they asked the committee for the information to assist them in ongoing criminal investigations. The J6 committee isn’t investigating the rioters, so this must mean something else, which we never knew before. And second, they cited already ongoing criminal prosecutions, which likely means putting the screws to the upper echelon Oath Kreepers and Loud Toys. They’re loaded for bear, and they already have a grand jury empaneled to hear testimony.

And then came todays revelation. The DOJ announced that it had issued and served 30 subpoenas to subjects implicated in Trump’s Bogus state elector scheme. We already knew that the DOJ was looking into the scam due to requests from the National Archives, as well as several state Attorney’s General, but today’s announcement shows that they have already progressed well past the preliminary stages of the investigation.

Yes, of course all of the national attention is on the smooth, well produced, compelling J6 committee hearings. But if this thing ripens, it could explode into a total debacle. Remember, under oath in a J6 deposition, RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel was forced to admit that she personally helped to recruit bogus Michigan electors, based on a personal request from Trump. Other testimony has shown that other GOP elector candidates had specifically asked that the RNC provide legal protection if everything came a cropper.

There is a cornucopia of potential criminal charges floating around out there. Forgery for submitting false official documents to the National Archives. Either mail fraud or wire fraud, depending on the method of transmission used. Attempted obstruction of an official government proceeding. And, of course, the ever popular prosecutorial conspiracy charges. This is especially important in Michigan, where phony electors apparently conspired to meet at the state house, and hide out overnight so they could cast their fraudulent ballots from the House chamber, in accordance to the law.

This is going to take a little while, but who knows where it may go. In Georgia, there were several GOP officials who were approached to become electors, but declined. Reporting showed today that they had already been called before 3 separate entities to testify, the J6 committee, the FBI, and Fulton County DA Fani Willis’s special grand jury. This is going to turn into a meat grinder.

So, my advice is to sit back, watch, and wait for the fireworks. These fuckers were so cocky and arrogant that they didn’t take any steps to protect themselves. And when this comes down, it’s going to come down like a sledgehammer. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. You call Comey a “doofus” for what he did to Clinton and her campaign but that is what will put former guy in Garland’s cross-hairs. I’m not saying Comey SHOULD have done what he did. It is done and putting the genie back in the bottle to our disadvantage and letting former guy off (and they very well might do that you know) would be a very bad thing. Especially when you consider the ‘pubes will use the Comey rule from here on out if given the opportunity and power in the future.

    Cutting off your legs because of a hangnail is just silly so Garland ought to use the can of worms Comey opened.

    Former guy violated our nation’s constitution. He broke the oath he uttered for the office so many times it would be a long haul to count them. It’d be a damned shame if only the states had the testicular fortitude to punish him. I’m seeing no indication anyone else is going to go after him and running off to Ukraine to do something that can be done over the phone does not instill confidence.

    I hope you’re right and I’m just pessimistic. I am hoping this documentary the fellow from Great Britain put together puts our A.G.’s feet to the fire in a way he absolutely cannot ignore. I have no other option but to wait to see what happens and that is not a pleasant thing right now.

  2. No matter what Garland does the results will be devastating! Either way he decides to roll, it will be the wrong way at the end of the day…………………..America is failing big time and without doubt there is a revolution in our future. It will be Democracy vs Fascism! If Garland indicts trump the twink the maga maggots will go off! If he does not indict trump the twink the rest of us will go off! I would NOT want to be standing in Garlands shoes!


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