August Recess is here for the House, and the way things are going, I’m betting that a lot of GIO incumbents are hiding behind the couch looking for spare change. More, the success of the committee has witnesses coming out of the woodwork for a Come to Jesus moment. Which makes it a perfect time to Do  midterm book report on what we have learned, what we can deduce, and what is yet to come.

The J6 committee just finished Season 1 of the most successful congressional hearings since Watergate. I don’t count 9/11 because that was an independent commission, not congressional. They dragged the DOJ kicking and screaming into a larger criminal investigation beyond the people who stormed the Capitol.

Of course, the whole goal of both the J6 committee as well as the DOJ investigation are accountability and prosecution. Now, let’s look at some things we already know, or can logically deduce from publicly available information.

  • Steve Bannon is toast, and he’s likely about to become burnt crispy. Bannon is already looking at up to 2 years and $200,000 in fines for contempt of congress. Maybe he thinks he can do that on his head. But with the deluge of fresh witnesses, I’m betting it isn’t long before we see new indictments for his shenanigans at the Willard Hotel War Room for criminal conspiracy
  • Peter Navarro is toast, and lining up behind Bannon to get burnt. Navarro goes on trial in mid November for contempt of congress charges that could put him in a cell next to Bannon. Moreover, this dipshit appeared on MSNBC 3 times to take proud ownership of The Green Bay Sweep that would use fake electors to throw the ultimate electoral decision to the GOP dominated House. Every WH lawyer who heard the scheme advised Navarro that it was not only unconstitutional, but illegal. Watch for additional indictments for criminal conspiracy to follow
  • Rudy Giuliani is toast. He’s already lost his ticket to practice law. Also, the statute of limitations is nowhere near stale dating for his strong arm antics in Ukraine on behalf of Trump. But more importantly, Giuliani was the counsel who approved clearly illegal schemes regarding GOP states promoting fake electors. Worse yet, Giuliani made both personal appearances, as well as phone call testimony to GOP dominated state legislatures to push the fake elector scam. Watch for indictments.
  • John Eastman is toast. He proudly took ownership of the 36 page powerpoint presentation that laid out the fake elector scam, to be used in conjunction with bogus challenges in the House to put the election in front of the House. Eastman has already had his university emails turned over to the committee. His cell phone was seized with a search warrant in June, which he fought, but the court ruled against him and the DOJ just got a 2nd search warrant to access the contents. Conspiracy charges likely to follow.
  • Jeffrey Clark is toast, extra crispy. This pathetic mope, an environmental lawyer in the DOJ, got sugarplum dreams of becoming Attorney General when he volunteered to send out a bullshit letter to GOP dominated legislatures advising them that the DOJ had found evidence of widespread voter fraud, which was a lie, and recommending them to refuse to certify their election results. This ass clown actually had his front door banged on at 6AM, and was lifted by his elbows and deposited on the sidewalk in his pajamas and bunny slippers while the FBI raided his house. Look for conspiracy charges unless this doofus cops a deal
  • Mark Meadows is almost certainly burnt toast. The DOJ has had his phone records since April, before the J6 committee held a single hearing. Almost every witness, including superstar Cassidy Hutchinson put Meadows in the thick of it. Everybody from Laura Ingraham to Sean Hannity to Don Jr texted Meadows to rein in Trump on January 6th. I’m not even going to speculate on possible charges

Wow, quite a recital, huh? Take a deep breath and we’ll go on. What can we likely look for from the DOJ and the J6 committee when the House returns in September, and the committee restarts the hearings? Let’s see

  • Former WH Counsel Pat Cipollone is probably in the clear. Every witness, including Cassidy Hutchinson has made Cipollone out as a calming hand on the tiller, always aggressively moving forward to try to stop Trump’s baser instincts. But watch for the DOJ to subpoena Cipollone to appear in front of the grand jury, where they will challenge his claims of privilege under the crimes/fraud exemption
  • Don’t stop looking for Roger Rabbit Stone. This blabbermouth idiot has publicly touted his ties to the far right Loud toys and the Oath Kreepers, as well as his White House connections to Trump. He was photographed on 1/5 and 1/6 with Oath Kreeper bodyguards. Stone could well be a linchpin connecting the far right groups to the White House, through either Bannon or Meadows
  • Here’s my favorite.
  • with the deluge of witnesses coming forward, from all sides, watch for the committee to try to tie the insurrection to individual GOP members of congress. Cretins like Louie Goober Gohmert, Matt Sugar Daddy Gaetz, Jim He groped me coach
    Jordan, Laborious MTG, and Paul American Nazi Gosar. The DOJ and the J6 committee are both almost certainly investigating those Mystery Tours of the Capitol on 1/5, and sweeping out the trash in the GOP House wouldn’t bother Cheney or Kinzinger one little bit

Of course, the ultimate goal is Traitor Tot. And here’s one thing to remember. As the criminal conspiracy start to pile up, it can only lead one place. As any prosecutor will tell you, when you look at a criminal conspiracy, the first question you ask yourself is who benefits. And in all of these schemes and scenarios, the only person who benefits is Trump.

And never forget one more thing. For 50 years, ever since Trump launched his piece of shit company, he has been a notorious Micromanager. Michael Cohen testified that secretaries didn’t dare to order paper clips without Trump’s approval. There is no way that anything took place in that White House without Trumpenstein’s implicit approval. And as more people see their livelihoods and freedom running away from them, the more likely they are to flip. Patience, Grasshopper. 


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  1. The funny thing is that, for Gohmert at least, since he’s going to be out of a job come January; he didn’t file to run for re-election to the House and lost in the primary for his State AG bid, he’s done in DC–for this cycle at least. (Well, he could always support a write-in candidacy but I can’t imagine it would be successful.)

  2. I just want to see the notorious 10+ out of the house, including McCarthy. But I imaagine his seat is safe because too many f hos constituents are like him.


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