I know that Thomas Jefferson (or Alexis de Toqueville) said, “people get the government they deserve” but I really wonder if anybody deserves Greg Abbott. Texas is in a state of massive dysfunction right now with rolling blackouts, some people are freezing to death and where is their governor? Why, he’s on Sean Hannity’s show talking about what a bum rap green energy is.

Evidently not. There he is, making points with the base. Soon the inability to cope with the winter storm will be the fault of AOC, Bernie, God alone knows what. The rest of us know it was deregulation, but they’re spinning the culprit out as Green New Deal.

I hope the people of Texas vote out some of these bums. Abbott, Dan Patrick his “old people would rather die so 401ks can live” Lt. Governor, and Ted Cruz would be one hell of a beginning.

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  1. And, of course, no one is able to punch through the bull by asking Abbott the simple question: When did Texas adopt the Green New Deal? I mean, it would be one thing IF Texas was currently utilizing the principles of the Green New Deal and everything was falling apart but, to the best of my knowledge, NO STATE has really adopted the Green New Deal in full (maybe a little bit here or a little bit there, but not the full program).

      • Oh, yeah. I remember that. That’s what I was pointing out with the “punch through the bull by asking Abbott” bit: The blaming on the “Green New Deal” would only have merit *IF* Texas had adopted even a fraction of the GND. But, Texas hasn’t (nor has any other state, at least more than just a little bit here or there) so Abbott’s just spewing bullcrap and not facing any blowback on it.

  2. Yes virginia, they DO deserve the gov they have put in power. Cruz? Give me a phucking break. My dog is not only smarter, she’s more a follower of Christ than that lying disciple of the Evil One.

    • In 2018, 42 1/2 % of Texas voters for Democratic candidate Lupe Valdez. Maybe the Republicans deserve this a- hole, but we sure don’t. P.S. I am writing this from TX. We’re lucky, at least we’re getting power on and off at intervals over the day (rolling blackouts). But there’s no mail, no school, no food in the stores. We’re in the third day of this. Folks just south of us have no tap water.

    • The TX GQP does, but the rest of Texas doesn’t.
      I wish the voters would wake up and see how much damage that party has done to their state in the last 30 years.

  3. I was talking to a vendor yesterday on the phone. He’s based in Dallas and from our conversation, he seemed to be solidly on the left. When the topic of rolling blackouts came up, he repeated the line about snow-covered solar panels and iced wind turbines. I explained that this was “fake news” and the problem was caused by Texas’ dysfunctional and isolated power grid. He was surprised to hear this and I think I changed his mind, but this proves that the right-wing propaganda is working and not just on Faux Noise viewers.

  4. Abbot is purely political, his statements always seem to ingratiate him with the base. And, of course, he seems to say what tRump would say or do in the situation. Maybe not as crude and nasty, but very similar.


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