There is vile, there is loathsome and then way out in front there is Ted Cruz. If you think I’m being harsh, take a look at this. This is so outrageous that I thought maybe Cruz’ Twitter feed had been hacked — and I still would like to believe that that is possible, but I checked it myself and this is there. For a sitting United States senator to make this kind of inference is beyond words.

That said, words are all we have to work with here, so you take a look and call this shot.

At first blush, we can only assume that Cruz is making inference to Bill Clinton having known Jeffrey Epstein and then inferring that Hillary Clinton might have murdered Jean Luc Brunel so as to shield Bill. As you read here earlier, Brunel was found hanged in his prison cell in Paris.

I guess Cruz has forgotten this.

The man has no shame. Absolutely none. We have seen him take insults from Donald Trump and then turn around and kiss his ass, we have seen him grovel pitifully on Tucker Carlson’s show, begging for redemption, we have seen him disparage Big Bird, for Christ’s sake, and now he stoops this low?


One thing we know is that Hillary was not in Cancun and she wouldn’t have fled there while her constituents were facing freezing to death because the grid was crashing yet again.

Ted Cruz is a disgrace.

Maybe Hillary should do this. Seriously.

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  1. She’s the proverbial red herring. Deflect attention from real crimes by smearing Clinton, yet again. These people, especially cowardly Cruz have no morals, no ethics, no shame.

      • Ted is such a dimwit, with the snarling face, over-talking witnesses and other Congress people, grilling them when they are just trying to say what really happened and what they saw or heard, even makes the meeting Chairs have to remind him to let the persons speak without his slime tinted brutal interference …
        Cancun, a beautiful place, without rat-faced Cruz there …

  2. Sorry teddy. I was preoccupied about how Jeff hung himself in a guarded cell run by Bill barr & Trump, when Trump hung with the sleazebag. Did u know Jeff Ted?

    • Do you honestly think anyone would willingly allow cancun to hang with them for any other reason than their wives are friends? In fact, I suspect very few of Heidi’s neighbors are too friendly with her just because it might mean having to go to a barbecue teddy might also be attending.

      Seriously tho’, when are the slander/libel suits going to filed against these P.O.S. jerks? They actually have gone way past the malice standard in their lies.

    • Well, technically, Ursula’s correct on this as well. Without Ted’s “inferring” Hillary’s connection, he couldn’t have then “implied” it to everyone else.
      “Imply” and “infer” are just flip sides of the same coin and one person can do both simultaneously.


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