As you can tell by his radiant smile in the top photo, Ron DeSantis was positively giddy to receive the possibly least sought endorsement in the history of Presidential politics, when Jeb Bush went on Fox News to deliver the kiss of death to his 2024 campaign against the Dotard.

By way of pledging DeSantis his complete support.

Sitting down with Fox anchor Brian Kilmeade, Jeb effusively praised the fascist Governor of Florida, noting that the book-burner had governed effectively, made the trains run on time, and represented “generational change”.

In other words he drove a stake through his every hope of winning the GOP nomination.

Ron Filipkowski has the video:

🤣🤣🤣 Not gonna happen.


I bet DeSantis wishes he would.

Maybe less.







It’s amazing that Jeb thinks endorsing this turd somehow makes him relevant.

Maybe he is really trying to kill DeSantis off so he has a clear path to the nomination for himself.


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  1. I remember a history show that covered how the Bush family did business with the nazis. The family legacy of rich, evil, nazi lovers continues.

  2. You know the old saying with friends like these who needs enemies? Actually, I find it amusing that Jeb! has emerged from Witness Protection to offer his Kiss of Death. Kinda like a mobster in the program popping back up to take out a rival crime boss he couldn’t “get” in the old days!

  3. Jeb! isn’t just bad as endorsements go. He’s also weak, like the rest of what’s left of his brother’s part of the party. He probably sees DeathSantis as a prybar to get the GQP out of Mango Mussolini’s clutches. He is of course mistaken.


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