In the matter of drumpf’s hauling out a secret document to share with the author of Mark Meadow’s’ biography, and others, which is now being breathlessly described as “the smoking gun” that will finally get Merrick Garland off his behind and charge him, it turns out that as well as magically declassifying documents by some secret machination of his diseased brain, Trump apparently also believes that he can also change by the same farcical method the authorship of said documents, in this case from Joseph Dunford, his first Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, to General Mark Milley, his last.

It was essential to the fantastical narrative of stupid playing out in drumpf’s head that Milley had written the memo, even though he hadn’t, because Trump, who had neglected to apply his declassification super-power to the 4 page note even though he had purposely retained procession of it, planned to use it to blunt Miley’s accusation that in the final days of drumpf’s maladministration Milley had to prevent the frenetic Orangeutan from attacking Iran-

The Guardian

“In his book titled A Chief’s Chief, Meadows recounts how Trump once recalled a four-page report produced by the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff Mark Milley that contained his plan to attack Iran, though it is unclear if that was the same meeting attended by his writers.

But the July 2021 meeting that was recorded came shortly after Trump was incensed about news reports that Milley had urged him not to attack Iran in the final weeks of his presidency.

Trump believed that the document outlining the report to attack Iran would undercut Milley’s reported assertions, though the report was actually written earlier in the Trump administration when Joseph Dunford was chairman of the joint chiefs, a person familiar with the document said.”

So, in addition to hauling out a contingency 4 page outline of how the Pentagon would go about confronting Iran – the sort of document routinely churned out by planners there – drumpf misrepresented to his gathering of folks not authorized access to it that Milley, who he was beefing with, had written it when , in fact, he had not.

Just another day in the life of the miscreant who embodies most serious threat our Republic since Fort Sumpter… but will it be enough to finally get the Justice Department to haul his butt into court?

Forgive me if I have some doubts.

I fear this “smoking gun” will be simply tossed upon the arsenal of such smoky implements, each, in turn, vaunted as presaging the Orange Menace’s impending doom.

But it would be nice if I am wrong.

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  1. Come on y’all. I still have complete faith in Garland. He has to do EVERYTHING exactly right. And he, with his methodical temperament, is the one to do this.
    In the world of the courts and the judicial system in general these things take a lot of time.

    Patience grasshoppers, patience.

    • You’re wasting your breath, Elizabeth. Way too many people on this site hate the idea of right-wing fascism and authoritarianism but they’re all too eager to have *our* side engage in the same behavior. They’ll scream about right-wing investigations that have been preordained and motivated solely by ideology and ignore any kind of real evidence but, when it comes to the other side (especially Trump), they have absolutely NO patience or tolerance with the idea of “gathering evidence” and “operating within the bounds of the law,” preferring to see an immediate arrest and conviction (apparently without any actual trial).

      I understand how frustrating the justice system can be but, if you’re going to harangue for “equal justice under the law,” then you cannot deny that for your opponents just because you “know” the other side is “guilty.” (It’s like I’ve tried explaining to some on this site when they’ve vented about how “slow” Garland or Smith have moved that if you’re complaining and you *know* for a fact about someone’s absolute undeniable guilt, then why aren’t you sending in your evidence to the AG or Special Counsel Smith so they can use it? Obviously, it’s because these loudmouths do NOT have any real evidence–it’s just what they “know.”)

      • anyone else would have been in jail…aka Reality Winner with NO attorney for days. she took ONE document. Captain Crazypants took 100’s…..and he’s still free. tell me again about how Lady Justice is blindfolded?

  2. But.. Trump is the first to tell us he has a very fine brain. The best. Better than anyone else’s! In fact, it’s the very finest brain in history! Supposed geniuses like that Einstein guy or that Hawking guy would absolutely FAIL that cognitive test that HE aced! The doctor told him, honest that NO ONE had EVER done so well on that test. He remembered all five words! He could even identify a picture of a square and rectangle, and an animal like an elephant. YOU try something like that!

    Seriously though, don’t get lost in minutia of non-relevant details like authorship of the document in question like who authored it or why he was trying to (mis) use it. What actually matters is that he shared the contents of a classified document with a person(s) not authorized to see it. That he knew it was classified and that he shouldn’t be showing it. And there literally are witnesses in addition to, assuming the news about a recorded phone call his voice on the phone. That’s what matters.

    • Right. The fact that Trump was wrong about the authorship of the document, and that it was this wrong attribution that made it super-specially important in his eyes, has no legal significance whatsoever. It’s still a highly classified document that Trump had no right to possess, to talk about, to show, to anyone; and one of many that he refused to return and that he lied about. The point is of interest only because it shows Trump once again to be a total doofus. Which is funny in a way, but also pretty damn scary when you consider the gravity of the matters concerned.

    • FYI:

      Is it minutiae or minutia?
      Minutia is a singular noun meaning a small detail. Minutiae is the Latin plural of minutia, and we usually use it in English.

      How to Use Minutia, minutiae Correctly – Grammarist


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