Anything that bugs the hell out of Trump is cause for celebration in my book, and the recent news that the GoFundMe set up to help adult actress and producer Stormy Daniels has raised over 1 million dollars. Infuriatingly a huge amount of that will go to pay Trump legal fees from a lawsuit with Daniels but I digress. Trump is among other things vindictive as hell and of this you can be sure: One thing he has consoled himself with after being convicted in his NYC trial was that Daniels was ruined financially.  Just imagine his reaction to the news that she isn’t on easy street by a long shot, but has the chance to rebuild her life?

I knew Daniles was in a really bad financial position but it wasn’t until her interview a couple of weeks ago with Rachel Maddow I learned just how deep the hole she’s in is. I’d forgotten about the size of the judgement saying she’d have to pay Trump for legal fees was. And in general I knew she likely owed two or three hundred thousand in legal feels of her own – I gather the money that sleaze Michael Avenatti scammed from her is gone forever. I assumed she’s having to pay for security for herself and her home. Sure enough being doxxed by Team Trump means she’s “outed” in her community and there have been credible threats to her, her daughter and husband. She’s had horses she owns shot. Also, pressure has been brought to bear that might cause her to lose her home. On top of all THAT, she had to pay for her own travel back and forth to NYC for depositions and the trial as well as her other expenses. (Hotels there ain’t cheap!) I was startled to learn she didn’t get dime one in reimbursement. I’d assumed out of town witnesses get at least some assistance from prosecutors.

I got the sense in the interview that Daniels was hoping the GoFundMe would bring in a few hundred thousand. She needed far more of course but even that amount would be a life preserver for her right now. Well, as this article from The Independent reports the actual goal for her to ‘break even’ was $1.25 million and they are after two weeks close to reaching that goal!

The money raised will go toward paying off the $600,000 in Trump’s legal fees that she owes the former president after a court dismissed her 2018 defamation case against him.

“For over 6 years, I have been fighting to speak the truth…and paying the price for it,” Daniels said in a statement to the page. “I refused to back down or give a penny for telling the truth.

“Thank you will never be enough but…THANK YOU!

The article describes the death threats and that part of the money will go towards helping Daniels and her family relocate. Her attorney also points out Trump’s continued attempts to bleed Daniels dry financially with additional lawsuits.  But people out there are taking Daniels’s side and you just know Trump has to be surprised by the support she’s getting:

Crawford set a goal of raising $1,250,000 — which has almost been reached, as of July 9.

“Each dollar we raise will be a validation that we also care about Stormy and are willing to continue this fight,” Crawford added. “Trump may have a mega fundraising operation to keep him from facing consequences, but that shouldn’t mean that Stormy becomes the sacrificial lamb of a corrupt system.”

Let’s face it. Karen McDougal who was supposed to testify but didn’t got let off the hook. She was a Playmate (even Playmate of the Year) and that was quote unquote socially acceptable. Daniels? SHE was a porn star. Don’t think for one second that’s not the reason SHE had to take the stand, and once again get dragged through the mud and McDougal didn’t.

But Daniels is getting a well deserved break. She’ll get a chance at rebuilding her life. I say we should all be rooting for her. And take pleasure in the fact that Trump has to be major pissed off that that’s the case. Of course he dreams of putting her in jail someday. Probably he’s having vile, sick fantasies about what to do to her first. But that’s a dark and twisted road to go down. I want to focus on the good.

(Note to readers. My apologies for inadvertently hitting the “publish” button early. I was watching news while writing and I guess my hand shifted the mouse when I was meaning to add the link to the article from the Independent. So if you read a version that’s gone out that seems incomplete please come back and see the whole thing)

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  1. Saw the same interview you did and like you, I knew she had to be up against it financially, but when she talked so candidly about how much money she was out, and what the publicity was doing to her, her family, and even her animals, and how dangerous it was for her, never mind that she had to go it alone on the bills to fly back and forth to NYC, stay in hotels, and more I felt deeply the absolute unfairness of our system(s). Michael Cohen talks very openly about what has happened to him that was piled atop the imprisonment and how even today it is affecting his health and safety. There are thousands of reasons why that orange monster must never get back to the White House—-among them, all the folks he has harmed already will be like a few grains of sand compared to the ones he will be able to go after with the might and power of the American presidency. And the Supreme Court BS crazy rewriting of almost 250 years of democracy to return us to the time of King George III–power and immunity. Crikey. Feel like a damned broken record but here it is again, and as the inimitable Bob Marley put it: “Ya gots to know ya history.”

  2. I am so glad the Go Fund Me thing is helping her–that is a piece of good news.

    Ms. Daniels, you write to me on this site if you need someone to protect your horses. I have all kinds of firearms/ammo and will not only protect your horses but also take out the rotting meat left over from when I do protect your horses because that will be all that is left of whoever decides to bring harm to those poor creatures. Bears take care of these types of messes and I know where they live. Just sayin’ ma’am.

    • I’ll come and help. I’m not nearly as mobile as I once was but this old jarhead could shoot better than most. And being a grunt understand terrain and defense. A room on the property is all I’d need. My SS and VA disability would cover and food or other expenses. Oh, and having spent ten years tending to a friend’s farm and racehorses I have experience with them including giving meds!

  3. I like her. She’s honest, smart, and funny and was running a business successfully until Trump screwed her, both literally and figuratively. I hope she gets her life back, and Trump.ends up.with nothing.


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