We’re finally at endgame in this sad phase of the Steve Bannon saga. On Friday Bannon will be sentenced in federal court for his 2 convictions on contempt of Congress charges. And of course Bannon, being Bannon, is unrepentant to the end.

In a filing today before the DC Circuit Court, the DOJ recommended that Bannon be sentenced to the harshest terms available under the sentencing guidelines, a $200,000 fine ands 6 months in federal prison. To note, the judge has the authority to adjust the sentence upward in consideration of Bannon’s blatant obstruction and defiance.

Bannon is the ultimate hardass Trump flamethrower. But let’s just take a minute to look at exactly what Steve Bannon really is. A month after his sentencing, Steve Bannon is going to become a 69 year old man. He is a wealthy, well connected, pampered white man, who can indulge himself in being a bomb thrower because nothing he does will ever affect his privilege. Bannon remains defiant that nobody will shut him down and nobody will shut him up! He is totally willing to be a martyr for the cause. And he has no idea of what he’s talking about.

Look, I’m 65 years old, I’ll be 66 in February, God willing And I’m no cupcake. I spent 20 years playing hockey, and i know how to take care of myself. But at this point in my life? I wouldn’t want to spend one night in a c ounty or state lockup, much less 6 months in a federal correctional facility. That is fleeting time from my life that I can never get back again.

Bannon is basing his intransigence on two principles. One, he has a large podcast audience, and they’ll view him as a martyr to the cause. Which is pure unadulterated bullshit. Bannon has a large audience because he’s on his goddamn podcast every single day. But Bannon can’t podcast from federal prison. Does he really believe that all of his drooling mouth breathers are just going to sit around for 6 months awaiting his return, or will they find another false prophet to listen to?

Bannon’s second pipe dream is to use the 6 months to write another bomb throwing screed that will make him millions when he publishes it after his release. But if his podcast base deserts him while he’s in the pokey, who is going to buy the goddamn book once he gets out?

Maybe Bannon needs to have a conversation with former Trump fixer Michael Cohen. Just like Bannon, thanks to Trump, Cohen has Been there and done that. And having served a healthy portion of a 3 1/2 year federal sentence, Cohen know of what he speaks.

You go to bed when they tell you to go to bed. You get up when they tell you to get up. No more two shirts, you wear what they give you to wear. You eat what they put on your plate. You go into the yard when they tell you to go into the yard, and your sare time is spent in either the common area, or in your 7×9 cell. You can write all you like, ther federal prison system encourages inmates to write about their experiences.

When you go to bed at night, you think about where you are. When you get up in the morning, yu think about all the things on the outside world you’re missing with your friends and family. Your phone calls to the outside world are monitored, and strictly timed. Basically, dipshit, your life is no longer your own. It belongs to the United States penal system.

This is the maw of the beast that Steve Bannon is about to pledge headlong into on Friday, and personally, I can’t wait. I’m not so much interested in the sentence, he’s going to get jail time, the federal judiciary is too pissed off to let him get off scot free. What I want to see is the kind of bluff, blustering swagger he carries when he comes out the other side, and what happens to his loyal listeners. It’s a brave new world. shitbird.


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  1. I suspect the Feds might wash, shave and haircut him too, just to be sure he’s not bringing any nasty wee beasties. I’ll be anxious to check out his jailhouse tattoos when he gets out.

  2. “You can write all you like, ther federal prison system encourages inmates to write about their experiences.”

    Of course, unless you’re writing personal letters (to family or your attorney), that writing is pretty limited. I suppose an inmate can keep a journal or diary while serving but if you break a rule, it’s going to be confiscated. And that’s if your fellow inmates don’t steal it from you first thinking you’re writing about them.

  3. The temporary loss of adulation and infamy might be a problem. Being told what to, when to, how to, do things no problem as he spent (7?) years in the Navy command structure back in the day. The Navy teaches discipline and resilience. He might get home confinement as Justice is merciful with first timers. Claimed martyrhood at the hands of the evil administrative state (representative democracy) povides the true believers with a reason to continue worshipping him. The trumpkin cult is intractable in the face of reality. The breaks often come for world class criminals. Don’t get your hopes up.

    • I’ve said multiple times that Bannon has long carried a chip on his shoulder over not advancing in the Navy. He did seem to do okay, having been a staffer out on the E-Ring (the top deck E-Ring is where all the bigwigs both civilian and military are located) and got decent enough ratings on fitness reports. However, there comes that point when okay fitreps or even having worked for a high-up muckety-muck isn’t enough when selection boards for promotions meet. There is an art to writing and interpreting fitreps and it’s clear something about Bannon triggered a “He’s been a good officer but isn’t someone who should be given higher rank and command responsibilities.” Bannon I truly believe has never forgiven the Navy for not recognizing his “bigly awesomeness”, that he didn’t ultimately become the Chief of Naval Operations or even after that Chair of the Joint Chiefs and he by god vowed to make not just the Navy but the entire Unites States pay for it. Yes, his delusions of grandeur are that large which is why he and Trump probably got along. Bannon didn’t get what he wanted, and like so many petty people he wants everyone to suffer for it. Hence his fostering of anarchy both in the U.S. and around the world.

      That motherfucker belongs in prison. And for a LOT longer than six months. It is my fervent hope (which I’m sure will be dashed) that not only does Bannon get sentenced to the max allowed by the sentencing guidelines (although the judge can increase or reduce the jail time) but that right then and there his ass is remanded into custody! No “out while awaiting results of appeal” or any of that shit. If it were a pure contempt of court charge there would of course be no appeal process that could stop a judge from incarcerating him. But since this is contempt of Congress I’m not sure the judge can turn him over to the prison system.


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