For those of you not familiar with southern colloquialisms “Grinning like a ‘possom eating a briar” refers to the expression that ugly marsupial wears on his face when he is trying to enjoy the sweet fruit of a briar branch whilst simultaneously enduring the prick of its super sharp thorns…used most commonly to convey the sheepish look of an inveterate liar caught peddling his own lies.

Now, I’m not saying Bannon is an ugly marsupial, which would be an insult to the ugliest of their kin, but if I were to do so I could say it without grinning like a ‘possom eating a briar.

In the below vid Bannon is questioned by Showtime’s The Circus guest host Tim Miller, who prods Bannon with a stick like one might approach a angry rattlesnake, and, when he can’t get him to admit his lying, stops the interview with an abrupt “you don’t believe this shit, I’m not doing this anymore.”

Bravo, Tim!

The top photo doesn’t really capture Bannon grinning at the smell of his own bullshit as he prevaricates about Kari Lake and then drumpf’s innocence regarding the Capitol riots (!) … you’ll need to watch the vid to appreciate it fully.

Here’s the YouTube version for those who don’t do Twitter:

And here’s the show’s co-creator Mark McKinnon’s tweet featuring Miller administering the beat down, with wry comments:

Yup. That’s the only way Bannon should be questioned.


Seems like money and power would gain you a better jacket.



Unfortunately not.


Me three. Tim was masterful.


The grin in the middle is even more telling.




A lot of folks are also commenting that The Circus should not have interviewed Bannon at all, but I disagree.

As long as the judge in Bannons case allows him to walk around free and make a mockery of Congress and it’s subpoena power, he’s gonna draw interviews, most with jornos just lobbing him softballs.

Nice to see Tim Miller let fly with fastballs high and tight.

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  1. That Bannon is even walking free and given platforms for his BS says a lot about our justice system. When are these mo-fos going to pay for their crimes against the rest of us?
    Regarding why Bannon wants to burn it all down, I recall reading a few years back that he felt his daddy got a raw deal from the govt. and Stevie is all in for payback.
    Tim Miller is awesome.

    • Thinking about it the wrong way. Bannon is a proven habitual criminal. As such, the federales see this as a chance to nail him for new crimes he’ll commit while waiting or to strengthen cases already in motion. I can put up with his pickled ass walking around a little longer if it means he gets nailed in the end. Why can’t you?

    • I still believe (and always will) what really burns his ass is his career in the Navy flamed out. That’s right. Bannon was once an officer in the United States Navy and seemed to be an okay one. Objectively his career was solid and he was generally well-regarded. And he even got “connected”, being on the staff of the CNO (that Chief of Naval Operations – the top squid) which also brought connections to SecNav and some important civilians in DC. He had what seemed good fitness reports during that time. So it would sure as hell seem like his career was on a fast track to flag (admiral) level and perhaps even CNO and I’m sure in his dreams, or rather delusions of grandeur Chair of the Joint Chiefs.

      Yet he left the Navy. It’s speculation of course, but I’m convinced his career stalled because his character, or more accurately lack thereof caused some comments to be made behind the scenes by the powers-that-be that ensured he’d never be promoted. At least beyond just enough to make it to twenty years and topped out at Lt. Commander (O-5) or if you prefer more familiar ranks Lt. Col. And knowing this Bannon said screw this and transferred to “The First Civ. Div.” where he could get rich instead. BUT, his anger and resentment festered and grew into a giant boil filled with toxic puss.

      That boil eventually exploded all over the body politic. And remember where Bannon served – he learned more than a little about NATO and other allies. He decided he wasn’t going to limit his retribution to the U.S. Nope. He decided to go full anarchist and fuck the entire free world and he’s been hard at it for a long time now. Sadly, he’s had way more success in fucking things up both here and abroad.

      His fee fees are major “bigly” butt-hurt and his goal is to ruin the world because it didn’t recognize his “greatness.”

      • Well, Denis, I have to say that background gives a whole new meaning to the term “petty officer”. I’d also add that however much damage Bannon helped do to us, he did far more to his supposed allies.

      • Maybe. If he was shooting for an admiralty or more, if his naval career stalled, that could have made him re-think his military career. Could be he could make more money in the world of finance/stocks/investments–and he did make some nice money doing that. The fucking up part I’m not so sure about. If he was shooting for an admiral position, he had to know better than to act like the pimple he is. If he started drinking, etc. and fucked up that could result in a general or dishonorable discharge and there isn’t any evidence of that (unless I’ve been very unaware)

        IMO I think it was the money factor: he knew he would never come close to making what he did as a civilian. Short of him writing a memoir (please don’t) or someone reading his mind (not something I’d want to do), we likely won’t know.

  2. Well down where I’m from we say something like a skunk eating shit. I call them the way I see them and bannon is a deadbeat clown. He and the rest of the denial crowd all need to be locked up including the orangutan 🦧. I think we should put his ass in one of those dunk booths with three throws for a dollar. They would line up to the parking lot. Oh well, just a thought.


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