Spreading Ignorance, Ted Cruz Retweets James Woods’ Misinterpretation Of COVID Headline On Story Neither One Read


Welcome to the New Twitter, or ET as some people call it, “Elon Twitter” and it is out of this world. As you may know, when Elon Musk first took over management on October 27 (yes, I know it feels like it’s been five years but it’s less than four weeks) he said that there would be a Content Moderation Council appointed.

That tweet has vanished, along with the thought. Musk has been taking a group conscience about restoring Twitter privileges and so far “Vox Populi, Vox Dei” the voice of the people, voice of God, have decreed unto Elon that he let Donald Trump back on and basically everybody else who has gotten banned.

Two notable holdouts are Alex Jones and Mike Lindell. Maybe Musk doesn’t like the number of adverse legal judgments taken against Jones and as for Lindell? Who knows what the delay is there? Now would be the perfect time to restore him to Twitter and let him pursue his dream of chairing the Republican National Committee. I, for one, would love to see nothing more.

So, into this general laissez-faire, vox populi, let it all hang out stream of consciousness, of course this makes sense: Ted Cruz, doubling down on COVID denying, and citing James Woods as the source — and Woods citing a Washington Post headline that he read and misunderstood and didn’t bother to read the attached article. Sigh.

Yes, they do. That’s because there has been a ratio shift in the number of people in the country who are vaccinated or at least partially vaccinated. Here’s the gist of it. Washington Post:

Cox, like many experts, says she’s not surprised by the ratio shift. There are a few reasons:

  • At this point in the pandemic, a large majority of Americans have received at least their primary series of coronavirus vaccines, so it makes sense that vaccinated people are making up a greater share of fatalities.

  • Individuals at greatest risk of dying from a coronavirus infection, such as the elderly, are also more likely to have received the shots.

  • Vaccines lose potency against the virus over time and variants arise that are better able to resist the vaccines, so continued boosters are needed to continue to prevent illness and death.

The BA.5 omicron subvariant became dominant in July and consistently accounted for the majority of new coronavirus infections across the United States until earlier this month. The highly transmissible strain fueled a surge of new infections, reinfections and hospitalizations throughout the summer.

That is as simple as it is. Simple arithmetic and the passage of time. But the genius of James Woods decided to read the headline as an admission of COVID being a hoax — I speculate. I have no idea how that man “thinks.” But that idea goes along with COVID denial talking points. And of course Ted Cruz picked up the ball and ran with it, because anything that he can talk about to not have to address mass shootings and gun control, is an opportunity that he can’t afford to miss.

Indifference and lack of judgement begetting ignorance. The dumbing down of the country in real time.

Social media is a wonderful thing and Twitter is a great invention. I’m very much of a Twitter-phile. Where we go from here, I know not, but I know things will get a lot worse before they get better.

Meanwhile, maybe something amazing will happen. Maybe Musk will sell out to Warren Buffett and he’ll hire a crack team to get things back into shape. Or maybe the whole system will crash. I can tell you that one day last week I lost the ability to get on Twitter for 45 minutes. Whether that was a regional thing, a one off, never to be repeated, or the shape of things to come, who knows? We shall see.

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  1. I’m surprised that Seth MacFarlane has authorized the continued play of “Family Guy” episodes that feature James Woods as a character (granted, almost none of them end well for Woods but some of the stories are pretty troubling to watch for the 20 or so minutes until then). I know MacFarlane probably doesn’t have much say in the show’s syndicated runs (or how much actual say he has over the show in general–I’ve heard he’s getting tired but the suits at Fox won’t let go of the show); I am glad they renamed Meg and Chris’s school after the late Adam West (especially ironic since Brian, in an effort to get with an African-American teacher, started an effort to rename the school after Martin Luther King years ago; the renaming appears to happen when Woods appears and, in his humble acceptance of the effort, the school board keeps the “James Woods” name instead).

  2. Yeah I used to like James Wood. But ever since he got on this right wing crap. I just can’t do it. There’s another moron I can’t place right now but he’s the same way. I’ve talked to people and a lot of them aren’t that smart but they are good people. But when you come across a intelligent person and they are Gaga over trump it just makes me sad.


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