File this under Totally Expected, Would Have Been Surprised If It Was Otherwise. Lauren Boebert is saying that she and Quinn Gallagher, her Beetlejuice date, mutually decided to call it a day and maybe that’s the case. One thing is certain, if he dumped her, she’s certainly not going to be honest about it. And you couldn’t blame the guy. He went from being a total unknown to having his name and picture blasted all around the internet in viral tweets and articles. The Daily Mail did a big photo spread. That is not to everybody’s taste.

TMZ caught up with Bobo in a parking garage. There’s a two-minute tape. I can’t embed it here but you can hit the blue link and watch it on the Raw Story platform.

Boebert had previously said that the incident was really a misunderstanding due to her “overtly animated personality.” That was before a video was released showing Boebert and her date groping each other in the theatre.

After reports revealed he owned an LGBTQ-friendly bar with drag performers and was a registered Democrat, Boebert told TMZ they were done.

Boebert arrived in Washington, D.C. Monday when she met the photographer at the airport asking about their relationship.

Among the things she said was that her fooling around in public was really just about “me time.”

TMZ said that they drew conclusions from Bobert’s comments that the third base date was actually their first date.

I recall reading somewhere, maybe it was the Daily Mail, that they had been “secretly” dating for months. Not sure what the need for secrecy would be, if he’s single and she’s in the middle of a divorce, whatever. But if this is true and it was their first date, wowee is all I can say. The rule amongst people with any class at all is that you don’t go much beyond a kiss on the first date, the idea being that the kiss signifies the direction you’re interested in going but you’re at least letting the first date be a respectful getting to know you time.

So if this was their first date (and it might have been — I mean the Daily Mail is not exactly known as an unimpeachable source) then that says a lot about who the both of them are.

And in truth Boebert may blame the guy, because he did start with the groping. So he’s as dumb as she is and doesn’t realize that they were being filmed by security cameras.

And one possibility is that they were both shitfaced and that’s why the level of inhibition was nonexistent. That would make the entire evening make “sense.”

Beware gentlemen of Colorado, dating Boebert is not for the faint of heart. But it is for the strong of stomach. Oh, and no Democrats need apply. As if any would want to.

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  1. Maybe she can get a date with a member of the MAGA cult, no one else would want to date her! I personally, I could not stand to be within 1000 feet of that!!

    • Bad behavior but likely not this type. People can get pretty caught up in performances and good pickpockets can take advantage of access to a purse or a coat draped over a seat.

    • Nowadays there are security cameras in all kinds of venues, live theater, movie theater, night clubs, all kinds of places. But I don’t think it’s to catch this kind of stuff.

  2. Maybe the secrecy in their months-long dating was not only because Boebert was still in the process of divorce proceedings but also the guy was concerned about what the knowledge would do to his business. How many people do you suppose working for him at the “drag bar” would be comfortable knowing their boss was dating Boebert? And how many of his (presumably LGBTQ+ and allies) customers would feel about supporting a business where the owner would date Boebert?

    Then again, maybe Boebert’s actions lend that one “South Park” episode a bit more truth than was supposed. The episode “Broadway Bro Down” largely revolves around the idea that women are prone to perform a certain sexual activity after (or even while) watching stage musicals. Randy Marsh doesn’t believe it until he and his wife Sharon attend a performance of “Wicked” and, on the way home, Sharon “suddenly” performs that action which leads Randy to take Sharon on a trip to New York where they do little else but attend musicals (leading to even more of the activity). I’m just sort of relieved that there’s no evidence of THAT happening at the theater and that she and her date were willing to merely “grope” each other.

  3. Already?
    Guess she was just a one night stand after all. I bet she tried to call him the next day, and realized he’d given her a fake number.


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