Just a silly Tweet diary, but this thread was too funny not to share…

All credit to Noah Kulwin who kicked it off.

Kevin McCarthy’s gonna steal that.

And Rand Paul, and Gym Jordan, and…


Hey, he’s worried about Mar-A-Lardo…


Yup, expect it all over Faux Spews tomorrow….









Thanks to Noah and his crew, that shit was funny!

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  1. Do they really think the former guy could even spell physics? (None of the docs would have required knowledge of physics. That’s not the president’s job.)

  2. Trump likes his steaks done to the point of being burnt. Maybe he figured since telling the chef to “nuke it” wasn’t getting it burnt enough he decided it was time to use a literal nuke to prepare dinner!

    But right now, someone I’d dearly love to hear drop a little humor into this is a former President who DOES have bona fide credentials as a nuclear engineer. While in the Navy, Annapolis graduate Jimmy Carter wound up on Rickover’s staff and helped with the design of miniature sized (small enough to fit into a ship, even a submarine which was an incredible feat of engineering!) nuclear plants. So we DO have a still living former President who could truly understand the details of virtually everything Trump stole. That’s why it would be funny as hell if we were to see a tweet from Carter poking fun at Trump.


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