Maybe Sidney Powell really is looking for some form of the insanity defense to save herself from litigation with Dominion Voting Systems. Her latest spiels are getting pretty wild. She’s been heard to accuse Democrats of murder and to ask Dominion to prove the non existence of election fraud. Give a listen to her latest.

Loeffler’s aide was killed in a multi car collision. He wasn’t “suddenly blown up.” Powell needs to resign from the practice of law and start writing James Bond spy thrillers. That is totally her mind set these days.

But it gets worse. Here she’s saying that Dominion has to prove her wrong about voter fraud. Did sixty-some lost lawsuits not achieve that result?

It makes you wonder if she is stupid or evil. How can she be stupid? She used to be a very capable prosecutor at one time.

Here’s another possibility. She’s not stupid but she thinks we are. So that makes her evil.

We’ve reached another milestone in this voter fraud madness. An internal memo has come to light showing that Powell, Wood, Giuliani, the lot of them knew that they had no case but they pursued it anyway. That will be discussed in the next piece up.


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  1. I am still wondering why UNC has not rescinded her law degree and the various state bar associations where she has rights to practice have not disbarred her. The law profession already has enough of a shady reputation because of ambulance chasers and other sordid practitioners without dragging their heels on these certifiably bonkers out of control people like Powell et al.

    • How DARE you!!!

      You compare Sidney Powell to ambulance chasers? You need to apologize to those ambulance chasers. They have far more integrity than Powell does.


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