I guess the fifteen minutes of fame hasn’t lasted long enough or maybe the donations to sue media outlets are not pouring in fast enough. In any case, the troll known as Kyle Rittenhouse thinks that this is funny, or at least that it will get attention and attention = cash in his world.

Where it backfires is that here he is, telling all the world in essence, that he faked his high emotion on the witness stand. That works to his disadvantage, because it sets up the narrative, “I got off because I was a good enough actor, not because my cause was just.” That in turn makes it a little hard for him to claim that he was unjustly treated by the reporters that he wants your money to go sue.

But apparently he hasn’t put that together yet. Let’s not tell him, shall we? Let’s let it dawn slowly.

The account doesn’t have a blue check mark, but it is listed as his “Official Twitter Account.” George Conway’s account didn’t have a blue checkmark for the longest time, either.

Or, better yet, Kyle didn’t do this himself, and this is a vicious meme that somebody else put together and then he can take the funds he’s soliciting and sue the person who did it. So there’s a win there.

Here’s what he posted a few days ago — or this account did — and it tells you everything you need to know.

He can’t be tried twice for the same crime no matter what he does. Maybe he’ll go over to Ukraine and help O.J. Simpson fact check, next.

The Trump years have birthed some strange characters but I think this one’s star is going to set fairly soon. Literally, all he has done in his life is to get acquitted for murder in a highly controversial trial. I don’t think that that is going to take him through the rest of his natural life in fame and fortune. There’s no way this is going to hold up for another 60-70 years so either he’s got to ditch this or figure out a way to become relevant again. I suppose he could go out and shoot some more people but I’m afraid to even suggest that, because as dumb and as desperate as this guy is he just might do it.


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  1. As I said before, he’s a c*nt faced little punk. Not only will he not stay famous or solvent, he’s bought the erroneous idea he’s a ‘tough guy’. Given he’s as tough as a marshmallow, he’s due to be found beaten to a pulp cuz he mouthed off to a real bad hombre. Oh, & he forgot his gun this time. Uh oh.

    • He lives with his mother-I don’t think he was ever solvent. You’re right tho’-he is a little punk. I’d say he needs to get into the military to toughen him up a little but I”m positive he’d wash out before the first week was out…if they’d even let him in at all.

      • Honestly, stfu. For those of y’all saying Kyle is “reenacting” his crying on the stand from his trial, you are stupid. He literally used a meme someone made about him and changed the context. He never “reenacted” anything, it was the same footage from the courtroom. And no, Kyle isn’t a “punk.” If you can call a kid who drops out of high school to get 3 part-time jobs just to help out his mom take care of his siblings and be able to pay rent, you are irrational and have problems. Kyle also went out the night of the shooting to help protect local businesses. He almost got killed. He wasn’t the aggressor in the situations he was in, but he did use his rifle to protect himself. He brought a gun to protect himself, not to harm anyone; though that ended up happening only because he was attacked. Look at the footage from the riots that night. I am not just making up facts and having a biased opinion because someone tells me to. No, I am getting my opinion on the situation from the FACTS. The footage. Maybe y’all should do the same instead of being little sheep. I mean we’ve all seen the videos from the BLM RIOTS not PROTESTS. They are nothing but violence. So he sacrificed himself in order to help his neighbors and community. Such a punk he is. I guarantee that if he wouldn’t have gotten attacked that night, no one would’ve gotten shot.

  2. I got turned down but at least my fat old broken ass submitted my info to a veteran’s site seeking volunteers to go to Ukraine. My M.O.S. back in the day was after all anti-tank. So here’s my question for right wing media darling “hero” and “tough guy” Kyle Rattfucker – since you were soooooo concerned about using your medical “training” that awful night you instead murdered two people and maimed another why the fuck aren’t YOU in Ukraine embedded with Ukrainian troops as a medic? Unless I missed it Rittenhouse hasn’t made any announcement about wanting to go help the people of Ukraine! He’s a punk. A poser. And another word that starts with that same letter I won’t say here.

  3. He clearly defended himself from violent rioters. Memes are going to meme, he obviously suffers and has suffered a great deal from the PTSD and trauma from scumbags giving him death threats daily because lebron and whoopi said he was faking and a murderer. Only GUTLESS COWARDS attack kids that were OBVIOUSLY defending themselves.

    • You wanna talk gutless cowards? Look in the mirror you festering “Santorum” leaking ASSHOLE who hides behind a screen name of the current President! I’m guessing you pull such shit so you can turn around and post it on RWNJ sites and chuckle about it with your butt-hurt asshole friends. Or say “See? SEE? Even Biden supports KKKyle!” This fucking little Rambo wannabe PUNK went out looking for trouble. When it wasn’t there he LEFT HIS GROUP and the location he was “protecting” even though the owner didn’t know Ratfuckerhouse and his pals would be there “protecting” it. But he had his GUN that made him feel like big shot so he went and and sought trouble. Sadly he found it. And when a 5’4″ (several inches shorter than little KKKyle) yelled at him and threw a clear plastic bag containng a few basic toiletries like a toothbrush, toothpaste and a disposable razor at him (real dangerous stuff eh?) KKKyle panicked. And ran. Instead of just running away he decided to turn and shoot and things got worse from there. Riddle me this asshole – suppose a black person was at some right wing event where clashes between groups were expected and LE was standing by in case things got out of hand. Do you (be honest now) think for one second that black teenager would have been allowed to walk through police lines with an assault weapon? And even chat back and forth with them as he made his way into the zone where trouble was expected? Fat fucking chance! And if that same black teenager shot someone and tried to run away but there were white people in the crowd brave enough to try and stop & detain him, and one got shot and killed and another maimed do you honestly expect us to believe that kid would ever have even lived to stand trial? Or if he did manage to slip away but was caught that YOU wouldn’t have SCREAMED about “fake tears” etc.? Look, if you want to come here and offer bullshit opinions at least create a new screen name. Better yet just STFU and go away.

      • Ok, bitch. Ur crazy, and if anyone needs to stfu, it’s you. Practice what u preach. Oh, and maybe u should go watch the live footage from the night Kyle was in Kenosha. Might be an eye-opener for you. Or, maybe you’ll just stick with your biased opinion because your a sheep, and all the other libtards out there like you are telling you to think what you do about this situation. You have no right to call Kyle the names you have either.

  4. Look at this, friends. The guy in the brick suit is criticizing this piece on Twitter.


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