Seditionist Shocked He’s Locked Up with Inner-City Criminals

Webster on wanted poster
FBI Wanted Poster with Thomas Webster pictured top left

Tommy Webster, 54, is a retired NYPD officer and former Marine. His attorney described him as having a “sparkling record” which included working perimeter security at City Hall and the New York mayoral residence, according to News 4.

But right now Webster is being held without bail and he’s very unhappy with the conditions of his detention. His attorney argued to the US District Court for D.C. that his client should not be detained in his current situation which he described as a “dormitory setting.”

From Raw Story:

The attorney went on to say that his client was not used to living in conditions that are usually reserved for people who commit “inner-city crimes.”

“For a middle-aged guy whose never been arrested before this has been a shock for him.”

Apparently the former NYPD officer has found jail is not at all what he was expecting and he’s in a state of shock.

Exactly where he is at present was not revealed. A reporter for the Washington Post, Rachel Weiner, explained on Twitter that Webster isn’t yet in D.C. “…like others arrested elsewhere he’s been moved around the country on the way to D.C.”

And Webster hasn’t liked any of the stops along the way. His attorney added that if he’s not released, Webster would like to be moved to a facility in upstate New York.

So why was this “committed family man” with the “sparkling” career record being detained without bail and transitioned from New York City to D.C.?

Webster eye-gouging police officer
DoJ evidence photo of Webster assaulting a police officer

Because Thomas Webster is a committed MAGA zealot and, at the Capitol on Jan 6 he became a brutal seditionist. He viciously beat a police officer with a metal flagpole before attempting to gouge out the officer’s eyes with his thumbs. Among the listed wounded was one officer who lost an eye. The report doesn’t name Thomas Webster as the eye-gouging thug who caused that injury but from the photographic evidence, it may well have been him — there’s no doubt that he was aiming to inflict severe eye damage to the police officer he savagely assaulted.

U.S. Magistrate Andrew Krause of the  Southern District of New York determined Webster was a “danger to the community” and he promptly denied bail. His attorney insisted he was simply answering a call from then-President Donald Trump. The prosecution countered with videos that showed Webster “clear as day” with gritted teeth and a “look of pure rage” as he was “attacking a police officer … like a “junkyard dog.”

The picture his attorney tried to paint of Thomas Webster was the polar opposite of reality. He is a brute, vile and violent. Twitter had no sympathy for him.

Webster reaction 6

Webster reaction 7
Yes you do, Patricia, you have that exactly right.

Webster reaction 8

Webster reaction 1 Webster reaction 2 Webster reaction 3 Webster reaction 4

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  1. Oh, to see the expression on their faces upon finding out that jail is a place of misery, and yes, filled with other people who are not white.

    • I can’t see any jury sympathizing with this thug, especially when they see the eye-gouging photos. Makes my eyes ache just looking at it.
      He’s going to have to get used to the company of “inner-city” inmates too because he’s likely to be sharing with them for a great many years to come, hopefully for the rest of his life.

  2. oh poor baby. In truth, it’s all the other prisoners who should be complaining about being locked up with Benedict Arnold Webster. By what right should simple con-men, bank robbers, rapists and murderers be locked up with someone TRULY evil who wants to destr4oy the whole country. THEY are the ones who SHOULD be mortified. Not Sweet Polly Purebread Websiter!

  3. I would bet cash money that the “inner city” types he is so shocked by are without exception far better human beings than he is.

  4. Think of the level of white privilege involved here to believe one deserves a special prison for serious, violent felonies just because one is a MAGAt slime ball. Now he gets to truly associate with his own violent criminal kind.
    Great stuff Mops. Keep it coming 🙂

  5. Can there not be a more ‘inner city crime’ than an armed insurrection at the nation’s capital, at the actual capitol ?
    It is something that CANNOT occur outside a city.


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