Why? Why does Kevin McCarthy get to give Tucker Carlson the entirety of the surveillance video from January 6th? This video has been held back because it contains various secret areas of the Capitol and would allow a future attacker a better ability to plan a successful attack. Maybe that’s the point. But McCarthy is giving the video to Tucker and Tucker only. Doesn’t this video belong to the United States? Why doesn’t Rachel Maddow’s staff get access? People should be going insane, indeed – it’s starting to happen in newsrooms across the country.

Regardless, from Axios:

“Carlson TV producers were on Capitol Hill last week to begin digging through the trove, which includes multiple camera angles from all over Capitol grounds. Excerpts will begin airing in the coming weeks,”

Now his shows — ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ on Fox News, and ‘Tucker Carlson Today’ and ‘Tucker Carlson Originals’ on the streaming service Fox Nation — have a massive trove of raw material.

Carlson told Axios:

“[T]here was never any legitimate reason for this footage to remain secret. If there was ever a question that’s in the public’s interest to know, it’s what actually happened on January 6. By definition, this video will reveal it. It’s impossible for me to understand why any honest person would be bothered by that.”

OK. But YOU, Tucker, are not the entirety of the “public,” and so the “public” isn’t getting access; YOU are.

Does McCarthy get a cut? Did Tucker pay McCarthy personally? Why does the Speaker of the House, alone, get to decide who gets the video to splice and dice to tell a story that Tucker wants to tell? I am especially incensed over it being Tucker, specifically, that gets the video for two reasons:

First, as I wrote yesterday, Tucker is willing to publish lies to further the “purpose,” whatever that is. We saw his texts in which he and the rest of the Fox stars were mocking “demonic Trump” and then going on air and pushing his cause, so we’re going to let this guy have this videotape? He will bury the truth and push propaganda.

Second, I cannot prove a thing, but Tucker is the MAGA media star who at least acts most like he’s paid off by Russia. He is the one cheering for Russia in the war versus Ukraine. His show is the one played on Russian State Television. I almost wonder if this is perhaps why the tapes are going to Tucker.

It seems to me that a group like PBS or NBC News should immediately sue and say that if McCarthy wants to release the surveillance footage, he can do so, but it’s got to be released to everyone. This feels incredibly fascist. Kevin McCarthy “personally” gives Tucker the surveillance tapes? It is so “un-American” that it hurts the ears.

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  1. I heard it’s actually 14K hours, and most of those aren’t during the insurrection, so they aren’t useful.
    Did DOJ get access to all of this footage?

    • Thanks. 14K hours makes more sense than 41K. But even 14K hours – how many cameras for that one day? I’m livid that McCarthy kissed Tuckerfucker’s ass this way. Tucker must have helped McCarthy become SoS to get all this. If not, then why?

    • The Nazis are conspiracy theorists who are convinced that the insurrection was all caused by Democrats. It’s red meat for the cult in light of them being exposed for the liars they are.
      Fucker Carlson is desperate to be the one to feed the cult, so he becomes their new leader.
      Us real Americans have to remain strong as they continue their lies against us, and we have to be cling=fident that these Nazis WILL NOT WIN!!!!!!!!!!!

      • You right. The prior Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, hired Manafort to write campaign speeches and manage his election to a win— before he worked for Trump.

        When Russia learned that Ukraine was going to enter into a trade agreement with the EU and Western Nations, Russia was angry because Ukraine would ultimately be less dependent on Russia. In response, Russia placed pressure on the Previous Ukrainian President to control protests, which had been occurring for over a year.

        Viktor Yanukovych used force to kill protesters. Over 100 Ukrainians died of sniper fire, on Kiev’s Maidan Square in clashes between protesters and police.

        Viktor Yanukovych‘s crimes to the events of 2014 were tested in Ukrainian Courts. Viktor was found guilty of treason and sentenced to jail but went into hiding- just like Snowden and fled to Russia.

        Most of this occurred before Trump’s first election, where Manafort also ran Trump’s election.

        Pretty crazy stuff. But if your being paid for ignoring the events that originally occurred, it’s not a protest against “fake news” or “mainstream media”. It’s actually the act of creating your own narrative to fit selected evidence you plan to present.

        Expect the same thing to occur with video Tucker Carlson presents on his entertainment show. I expect many will fall victim and believe the selected video and narrative is “news”.

        • Speaking of Manafort, years before that he was key in another appalling incident – one that involved organizing a DIRECT attack on U.S. Sailors and Marines on Ukrainian soil. Manafort was being paid millions to guide and promote the pro-Russia “Party of Regions” in Ukraine. Now, at the time Ukraine was nowhere near being able to attain membership in NATO (and yes, the kind of corruption Russia and people like Manafort fomented being a big impediment) but it’s something they aspired to one day. Or if not that due to the treaty in which they gave up their nukes at least a working relationship with NATO. That of course was something Putin simply wouldn’t tolerate so he ordered his Ukrainian puppets into action. Where Manafort comes in and in a huge was when Ukraine and NATO had agreed to engage in some joint Naval exercises. Such things take lots of planning, and people from both sides get together to work out a ton of details on various scenarios and one was scheduled. A couple of busloads of Sailors and Marines set out from the Naval base to where a planning session was to be held but Manafort had organized a VIOLENT protest along the route. Member of the Party of Regions didn’t just pelt the buses, they attacked them and tried to turn them over. LE response was delayed a bit but not enough – they at least got there just in time as the mob was pushing over the buses – and prevented those inside from being dragged out (to who knows what fate?) by the mob. Authorities managed to get our troops back to the Naval Base and the planning and exercise were never rescheduled. Luckily, none of our troops were killed but there were injuries and some of them serious. This got little attention back here at the time, or since. But when that piece of shit federal judge (just how much money did it take to BRIBE him so he could enjoy the comfy retirement he was so close to?) set aside the sentencing recommendations and drastically reduced Manafort’s sentence saying he’d “otherwise lived a good life” I freaked the hell out. And yes, I cursed the prosecutors for not having presented THIS incident and others during the sentencing process. Or at least raising it at the actual sentencing! If I were ever to come fact to face with Manafort I doubt this ole jarhead would be able to avoid winding up in jail. NOT smashing a fist into his goddamned face would take a level of discipline I fear I no longer possess. Maybe when all this is done something in the Ukraine legal system will allow for Manafort’s prosecution over there. And we’ll extradite him. That piece of shit should DIE in prison, in a little cell on some lumpy mattress under a scratchy wool blanket.

  2. Why McCarthy did this is simple. Jan 6 failed. For all the scouting and advance work there was only so much that briefings from traitorous legislators (and a handful of Capitol Police) and cell phone video from unauthorized “tours” could do to help the rioters understand the layout. Thousands of hours of steady video footage of every nook and cranny a given future attacker’s route (and alternates) will involve not to mention the security emplacements and procedures will make them MUCH better prepared. Then there’s Carlson’s true employer and/or master Putin. Lord knows what HIS people will be able to do with that footage from helping a future group of MAGAs in an attack to planting all manner of their own surveillance stuff!

    Oh, since “every American has the ‘right’ to all the video surveillance” I’ve already called McCarthy’s office (yes, I gave him my actual name and where I live) and demanded to know why, since “everyone” has a right to it all it’s not online for each and every one of us to start scouring. I asked why Tucker gets special treatment. I also pointed out that once upon I time I was on active duty in the Marines, and qualified for and held something neither Tucker Carlson or he (if he had to apply like a regular person instead of it being conferred via his election to Congress) has never had and could NEVER get – an actual Security Clearance! (And no, it wasn’t that really basic “Public Trust” one so many federal employees get, but an actual one for stuff that’s in those folders with the big red letters stamped on them – and every page of whatever’s inside!)

    • Typical dopey liberal. You had no issue with pelosi saying no were not releasing but now it coming out LOL. You forgot to call it racist!
      No One cares or gives a second thought about a dems opinion on anything involving America.
      We don’t care what you think or how you feel.
      The dems will be caught again and hopefully there’s firing squads waiting to punish all involved with another piece of shit FBI operation and the involvement in messing with elections.Pelosis head belongs on outside gate of capital.

      • Psychological projection: a defense mechanism in which the human ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others.
        You Nazis think you’re all big and bad, when reality is you’re all weak minded, weak bodied bullies and narcissists. We had no objection to the footage being released because it will only backfire right in your Nazi faces. You’re outnumbered. You will never win in your weak attempts to portray us in a bad light, and history will tell the truth of your lies, and expose you as the traitors you are. We do not fear you. We have strength in numbers.


      • You will note that your trolling attempts are not “canceled” on this site. Try a reasoned argument, see if you can persuade. This is a liberal analytical website, but your views are welcome (so long as you don’t attack others). You are not cancelled here. But your views will be held up to scrutiny.

        Can you come back and – without name calling and childlike name-calling, address the point?

    • I THINK THE BIG STINK BOMB should be dropped on the GOP AND Tucker … there is NO WAY this evidence should go only to McCarthy’s designate, it contains many special views and like stated above why does McCarthy think he can even make this move?

      Obviously, there is NO mention of any redaction of secret or secure areas being shown, nor if this is an all inclusive non-edited data block with who knows how many copies being made …

      Biden is out saving the Ukraine people, the most stupid people in the world are messing with our own democracy and security … these idiots need to be charged with miss-handling evidence in the biggest attack ever on our Country since the British burned the White House, it is at once the most stupid move by the Republicans, RIGHT!, they take the blame in this, and the old stooges need to hear that, McCarthy made the physical hand off, let’s see what McConnel says about it and, the ancient Grassley, and if the House Republicans support this crap they need to be booted out … simple as that …

  3. We are basically opening the door for all terrorists to have unfettered access to the Capitol by allowing McCarthy and his ilk to have access to power. There are no longer metal detectors to protect the House from having guns brought in. Now Tucker’s pals in the Kremlin get uncensored video to help them find their way around, to help them find the potential victims they seek. This because stupid voters elected treacherous, treasonous asshats like McCarthy, Madge, Hawley, Cruz, RonJon, Gosar, Bimbert et al, those who supported the overthrow of the government by direct action. They will continue to undermine our country overtly and covertly. This is Putin’s plan. tRump was just how he got his foot in the door.



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