Take a look at this picture because it should inform you of Tucker Carlson’s willingness to sell his soul for money and power:

Former President Donald Trump, right, talks with Donald Trump Jr., center, and Tucker Carlson at the 16th tee during the final round of the Bedminster Invitational LIV Golf tournament in Bedminster, N.J., Sunday, July 31, 2022. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

So on July 31, 2022, Tucker was so tight with the Trumps that he’d sit in the luxury suites to watch the final holes of a Saudi Arabian Golf Tour, a tour designed to lose money by acting as a “commercial,” or “sportswashing,” Saudi’s image. Some of that “lost money” went straight into Trump’s pocket.

But it’s Tucker that is “washing” his image to the Fox audience because Tucker wasn’t nearly as happy with Trump throughout the election and especially its aftermath. Though, as I’ll show, it didn’t take Tucker long to come back around to defend the “demonic.”

From Mediaite, we see the texts culled from discovery in the Dominion lawsuit again shedding light behind the scenes at Fox. The quotes from Mediaite are too long to block quote and I’m just setting them out as bolded text. From Mediaite we see that Tucker knew that there was no fraud in the election days afterward:

Fox Hosts Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and Sean Hannity immediately understood the threat to them personally. Carlson wrote his producer Alex Pfeiffer on November 5: “We worked really hard to build what we have. Those fuckers are destroying our credibility. It enrages me.” He added that he had spoken with Laura and [S]ean a minute ago and they are highly upset.”

I am not sure what credibility Tucker’s referring to, but it might be the credibility that Fox’s election evaluation team – considered the best among all the networks – had called Arizona and other close states for Biden, all correctly.

Carlson noted: “At this point we’re getting hurt no matter what.” Pfeiffer responded: It’s a hard needle to thread, but I really think many on our side are being reckless demagogues right now. Tucker replied: Of course they are. We’re not going to follow them.” And he added: What [Trump]’s good at is destroying things. He’s the undisputed world champion of that. He could easily destroy us if we play it wrong.”

“Reckless demagogues”? Tuck says he’s not going to follow and then proceeded to follow along. Tucker at least recognized that Trump excelled at destroying things, belying that Tucker may have seen the Trump presidency for what it was.

After January 6, trying to thread the needle between the truth and pressure from his viewers and sponsors became even more difficult. Late on January 6, Carlson texted with Pfeiffer that Trump is “a demonic force, a destroyer. But he’s not going to destroy us.” On January 26, Carlson invited his leading sponsor Mike Lindell on his show, where Lindell spouted these same conspiracies on air after previewing them for Carlson’s staff during a pre-interview.

He is a demonic force and a destroyer. But, ironically, because Fox kept Trump alive to this day, Trump may still yet destroy Fox, with several multibillion-dollar lawsuits out there and Trump perhaps having indictments to face, or even a possible second term. The danger to Fox is nowhere near over.

As Mediaite notes, though, Tucker ever dutifully did his job, placating his viewers at the expense of the Capitol Police and the democracy that allows him to make so much money:

On his show, Carlson has downplayed the Capitol riot and even referred to it as an “election justice protest.”

Yes, that easily explains the picture above. It also justifies Tucker being called the “worst human being” on a summer trip to Montana:

Proven fact.


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