Errant weather balloons are not really a national security risk, as almost anyone without a political axe to grind can tell you, but, that being said, it is perhaps a good thing that the Biden administration brought this one safely down if for no reason other than to study its array’s capabilities for information gathering and determine if its flight path was indeed accidental, as the Chinese have stated, or intentional – which brain dead Republicans have stated as fact.

But reasonable assessments of Biden’s actions cannot be expected from the GOP, who are determined to distort any Biden success into an abject national security failure.

Cue Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton who went on the Faux News Sunday Morning Show with Shannon Bream to dispute the Fox News chyron scrolling beneath his vapid visage stating that the “Spy Balloon” had been taken out by the President he is there to slander.

The Video:

Cotton’s accusation that Biden had somehow failed his Cuban Missile moment by merely disabling the balloon’s data collection and transmission capabilities and taking it out when the three school-bus equivalent load of debris would fall harmlessly into an evacuated seas, as the chyron clearly states, is some sort of metaphor for contemporary GOP rhetoric but I will just leave that to my readers to contemplate at their leisure.

Because Cotton was just warming up to his rehearsed lies, pivoting next to reports that “spy” balloons traversed the U.S. three times unmolested during the catastrophic tenure of the Orangeutan – and his opinion that those incursions were somehow Obama’s fault:

Aaron Rupar’s followers were not convinced:

I think Cotton’s face froze into that expression when, despite his mother’s warnings he would not change it.


Beats me.

Yeah, except Anthony Perkins was better looking and had a normal range of facial expressions.





Senator Tom Cotton (R) Arkansas can, in this reporter’s opinion, go fuck himself at his earliest convenience.

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  1. Let me make sure I’ve got this – three overflights of these Chinese balloons happened while Trump was in office and it’s OBAMA’s fault they didn’t get shot down? It seems that’s what Cotton and other GOPers are saying. So the big, bad, super tough guy badass ultimate alpha male Trump didn’t shoot down those Chinese balloons because Obama didn’t want him to? No wonder Trump is denying there were balloon overflights when he was Prez. Even HE realizes the implication of the bullshit Cotton and others are slinging. Trump sure as hell isn’t smart but he’s still got some PR savvy and while he trips over his too long necktie frequently sometimes he does in fact recognize the potential for blowback and in this case realizes how this can blow back on him – mocking questions, memes etc about Obama not letting him shoot those balloons down. Or maybe, since Cotton has his own Presidential ambitions that’s what he’s trying to set up – getting Democrats to make Trump look weak to the MAGAs.

  2. Sounds like Tom Cotton may have gotten paid off by SOMEBODY since he claims to know about the 3 balloons and Obama and said NOTHING up until now!


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