I don’t know why this woman wants to run as a Democrat, she’s a virtual shoo-in as the next Michele Bachmann. She could go on Kenneth Copeland’s show, along with Bachmann, and other right-wingers and they can talk all about love, prayer and even weight loss, because Marianne Williamson has written books on these topics.

In any event, the Intelligencer is reporting that Williamson announced Thursday that her hat is in the ring to challenge Joe Biden in the Democratic primary. Should we yawn or laugh? Or sigh, and roll our eyes at the heavens?

Williamson’s [2020] campaign was undermined by her own outsider-ness — tweeting false info about Charles Manson and dabbling in the language of the anti-vaccine movement. (Williamson states she is not “anti-vaxx.”) After two debates, Williamson failed to gain enough support to make it to the tighter debate rounds and dropped out in January 2020. Still, she hung in the race longer than the current vice-president.

In all fairness to Kamala Harris, we don’t know exactly when Joe Biden made the decision to offer her the vice presidential spot. It was talked about for a very long time before the primary even began, the potential for a Biden/Harris ticket and she may have simply decided to go that way sooner than we in fact knew at the time.

This time around, Williamson appears to be taking a similar approach, stating in a recent interview that she wants to harness “the collective sensibility that I feel is our greatest hope at this time.” She also intends to challenge Biden’s message of a strong economy, which she recently said is disconnected from “the struggle of everyday Americans.” After her formal announcement on March 4, she will reportedly travel to the early-voting states of South Carolina, New Hampshire, Michigan, and Nevada to campaign as an alternative to Biden.

Will it work this time? With the party apparatus in lockstep with the president, almost certainly not. But that may not be the point: In 2020, Williamson called out the “sickness” of the American health-care system months before it collapsed under the weight of the pandemic. Could she identify a similar ailment in the nation? Who knows? But she does have a knack for catching a glimpse of political attention: You don’t see last cycle’s also-rans like Deval Patrick or Tim Ryan going for it in 2024.

I suppose this is like everything else in life, it’s relative. Williamson may have some donors. Who, I certainly would not know, but I can’t believe that they would be particularly savvy Democrats. Or, maybe publicity is publicity and we know there’s no such thing as bad publicity. So if she goes out and makes a fool of herself, it’s going to turn into book sales, clicks, ad revenues of some sort, right?

I can only speculate because this is all too GOP-circus-y for me to take seriously at all. And maybe that’s the point. Williamson would be lost in the crowd over in the Republican camp, but she sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the Democrats.

And what’s comical is that Uncle Joe has not formally announced he’s running. Ergo, for today, the only Democratic nominee for president in 2024 is Marianne Williamson, against the two declared GOPers, Donald Trump and Nikki Haley. Maybe that was the purpose of this exercise on Williamson’s part, to become a part of the media circus act until the 2024 election seriously gets underway.

A writer over at Puck said, “the next two years are going to be surreal and enchanting.” I’ll go along with the surreal part. I don’t know if enchanting is a descriptor I would use. Enchanting implies grace and charm and my prediction is that the next two years are going to be circuslike. I definitely see fanfare and spectacle, lots of excitement and mysterious people like in any circus, but charming, another synonym for enchantment? I don’t know about that at all. I think it’s very possible that 2024 will eclipse 2016 in terms of nuttiness because it will be Trump’s Last Stand. And Trump is the antithesis of charm, like he’s the antithesis of civility.


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  1. Length of time staying in the primaries isn’t the major qualification for a VP. Or if it is, it’s whether they have the sense to know when they can’t win.
    Williamson has demonstrated that she doesn’t know when it’s time to leave.

    • I can only conclude that any publicity is good publicity. Even though she’s probably going to be reamed on Colbert, Kimmel, John Oliver, all of them, she thinks there’s an upside. Or, maybe she’ll just be ignored. I guess we’ll find out.

  2. Marianne is a washed up “New Ager” that has discovered all her previous followers either got a shot of reality or are dead or in nursing homes. She has to come up with a new schtick or just continue to be irrelevant. It’s always been about the money.



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