Well, it’s official.  George Santos surrendered to authorities this morning and is under arrest with arraignment later on Wed.

In ISLIP New York.

Santos is the Congressional version of the infamous “Garbage Barge” that, back in the late 1980s gained fame after heading out from Islip and sailing the world’s oceans looking for somewhere, anywhere that would accept a gigantic barge packed with New Yorker’s (well, Long Island but it’s all NYC to most of us) trash.  Up and down the Atlantic Seaboard state and port after state and port said “Nope.  No way NY.  You are NOT dumping your trash here!”  It became a national (one thinks international even) joke.

Santos is Garbage Barge 2.0.  If that vessel still exists it should be renamed for Santos. (Fun fact – sailors believe it’s back luck to rename a ship.  So it would make sense to really curse that ill-fated garbage scow!)  Like I said, with all his ethical violations and outright crimes Santos could fill a barge with his transgressions.  Maybe if it still exists they should spruce it up and hold his trial on it!  Seems fitting to me.

I’m happy for Irony today.  Poor ole Irony was killed by the GOP long ago.  Beaten, stabbed, shot, burned up, flatenned with a steamroller and fed through a woodchipper.  And the GOP keeps digging up Irony to do more awful things to it.  But THIS time Irony can stand tall!  Congressional Garbage Barge George Santos will be tried in none other that Islip, NY on a baker’s dozen (count em – 13) charges.  We should all raise a glass to Irony sometime today.  And for that matter given Trump/MAGA/Republicans will continue to do awful things to Irony every time Santos news breaks from that federal courthouse in Islip.

My graphics skills are limited but if my little missive gets noticed some I hope there’s folks out there that do possess mad skills that will combine that Garbage Barge and Santos into some killer memes.  Think of the possibilities, starting with House Speaker KKKeving McCarthy as Captain!  Please readers, even if you don’t have meme making skills let your imaginations run free with this theme of George Santos as Islip Garbage Barge II.

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  1. ?flatenned? You seem to have misspelled this. However, since your graphics are no better than mine, I will forgive you for this transgression.


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