Two Trump stories today, related. First is Trump as Grifting Santa. He cares not if you’ve been sleeping, he cares not if you’re awake, he only knows if you’ve a dollar to your name, give it to him now for MAGA’s sake. I honestly don’t know if the wrapping paper image is photoshopped, but we know that the mugshot appears on wine bottles which Devin Nunes is selling, so there’s that.

Then we get on to the other story breaking today, which is that Trump now hates Robert DeNiro. Say what you will about DeNiro, Trumpty, he never got out of his lane. He knows he’s an actor, he concentrates on his craft. You, on the other hand, Donald, don’t know you’re not a politician or a billionaire. You played a big shot on TV and so you think you are that.

This Variety article is what he’s talking about.

Who censored Robert De Niro?

The “Killers of the Flower Moon” actor was gearing up to slam Donald Trump at Monday’s Gotham Awards, but when he took the stage he discovered that the speech he planned to give had been altered at the behest of Apple, the film’s producer. The company was responding to feedback from the filmmaking team that wanted the actor’s remarks to be centered on the movie, according to a source.

The actor said he had not been informed of the changes, which took out any mention of the former president. De Niro, who was on hand to present “Killers of the Flower Moon” with the Gotham Historical Icon and Creator Tribute, criticized the awards show and Apple. “I don’t feel like thanking them at all for what they did,” he said. “How dare they do that, actually.”

Maybe it was Tim Apple. Oh, right, there is no Tim Apple, that was a Trump gaffe. In any event, DeNiro was not to be outdone.

De Niro did get a chance to level his criticism, reading his remarks from his phone. “Lying has become just another tool in the charlatan’s arsenal,” De Niro said. “The former president lied to us more than 30,000 times during his four years in office. And he’s keeping up the pace in his current campaign of retribution. But with all his lies, he can’t hide his soul. He attacks the weak, destroys the gifts of nature and shows disrespect, for example, by using ‘Pocahontas’ as a slur.”

Whoever did this at the Gotham awards, it’s an exercise in futility. DeNiro is on a crusade and he’s going to use every chance at a podium to further that crusade, which is to save democracy and get rid of Trump. I applaud the man. We’re on the same crusade here. DeNiro has taken a lot of heat for his politics, but he doesn’t let that dissuade him. The man has guts. He’s played gutsy characters and now I know why he plays them so well, it’s because he’s got guts himself.

Cheer up, Donald. You’ve still got Kevin Sorbo and Jon Voight to tell you how wonderful you are.

Here’s a comment DeNiro made publicly about Trump a while back. It’s so appropriate here.

The perfect decoration for any mantlepiece.

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  1. The comment that DeNiro made about Trump a while back didn’t make it into this piece, but that’s OK. There are plenty on YouTube to choose from.

  2. I do not see any “disgusting” language in Robert DeNiro’s speech. Unless of course facts are now in that category: I’m sure trump thinks they are.

    DeNiro is still an A-list actor and I suspect he will be as long as he’s alive.

  3. Trump’s the guy standing next to DeNiro at the bar in Casino, when DeNiro tries to ask him about a pen on the bar. The guy, acting tough in front ot his ladies, is overheard by Joe Pesci, who then stabs him repeatedly in the neck with the pen. He ends up whimpering on the floor, exactly the same position cheeseburgerboy would be in if he ever crossed paths with DeNiro.

  4. Since senior is likely to be nominated for an Oscar for Killers of the Flower Moon,I don’t think.his career is over. And the guy on his third wife shouldn’t be attacking anyone on their

    Where are Melanoma and Barron,anyway? She makes it pretty obvious she doesn’t want you touching her and does not want to support your desire president again. Hope her renegotiated prenup.allows her to divorce you if you are respected band get a nice fat payoff because you are burning money, and if she plans to inherit, there likely won’t be much left.

    Hey, Donnie, were you ever nominated for an Emmy?


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