It’s a busy day in Arizona election news, specifically because Kari Lake doesn’t know when to quit. She filed a lawsuit on Monday, alleging Maricopa County officials violated election laws —  for which she has to pay sanctions — and now she’s planning to file another suit asking that the election be overturned. This is happening despite the fact that Cochise County, which was Lake’s strongest hold out, decided to cave Thursday afternoon and certify the election.

As you are probably aware, Cochise County in Arizona was holding out because there are some die hard election deniers there. Republican county supervisor Peggy Judd told an emergency board meeting that she “couldn’t bring herself” to make a motion to certify election results, but she did, interesting enough, vote in favor of doing so when Chairwoman Ann English made the motion.

Interesting gesture. To me it says, “My heart isn’t in this but I’ll do it because it’s the right thing to do.” Arizona Mirror via Raw Story:

 She [supervisor Judd] told both the New York Times and the Daily Beast that the delay in certifying the election — past the statutory deadline — was a form of protest against Election Day problems that happened in Maricopa County.

Judd remained defiant Thursday afternoon, even as she voted to canvass the election.

“I can’t say enough about how important this effort is that we made and I am not ashamed of anything that I did,” Judd said.

Judd added that she felt she must vote to certify the election because of the court order, saying she believes in the rule of law, and because of the impact of some health issues she’s been experiencing.

“I know I’m going to disappoint a lot of people and I’m going to make a lot of people happy,” Judd said.

And the county supervisor, Ann English, chimed in with this.

I think it’s a circus that doesn’t need to have to happen. I’ve had enough. I think the public has had enough.

Indeed the public has, but we’re dealing with a lunatic here, who has created a political side show in Arizona and does not want to let it go. Sources tell TIME Magazine that Lake intends to file suit in Maricopa County next week, alleging that voters were disenfranchised by issues with a tabulator machine and the election should be overturned.

This is what her last suit was about  so maybe this suit won’t get filed. But the TIME article is dated today, so I have to believe this is the most recent information. And if anybody is crazy enough to file a series of lawsuits, it would be Lake. She’s like Trump, she’s not filing on the merits, she’s filing to grift, like he files to delay.

Lake, the former news anchor turned politician, intends to ask the Maricopa County Superior Court to nullify its election and hold it over again. Such a decision would be unprecedented in modern American elections. Some of Lake’s top advisers recognize that the chances of a judge ruling in their favor are slim. “Courts require proof,” a Lake insider tells TIME. “And it’s going to be hard to prove. You don’t know how many people actually drove to a polling location, looked at the long line, and left. You’ll never know who decided not to pull in. And that’s unfortunate for Kari. We can just argue common sense. But that’s not evidence in court. It’s going to be tough.”

On social media, Lake has said her lawsuit will include “at least one smoking gun” based on whistleblowers who have contacted her campaign. “I’m working with a team of patriotic, talented lawyers on a legal case to challenge the botched elections,” she said in one video. “We will file this case in accordance with Arizona state law, and you’ll want to stay tuned for this one. Trust me.”

Lake is being represented by the Phoenix-based conservative lawyer Tim La Sota, and sources say there are conversations ongoing with the Republican National Committee to potentially join in the lawsuit. Lake’s campaign had hired Harmeet Dhillon, an RNC committeewoman who helped with Trump’s efforts to contest the 2020 election, to run its election week operations.

All of Arizona’s counties convened on Monday. Cochise County said it wanted until Friday to certify and they certified today. The certification process must be finished by December 5 and apparently, that’s when Lake will file her frivolous, specious, makeweight (this is legalese for horseshit) lawsuit.

One longtime Arizona politico acknowledged that the problems were disruptive, but insisted that they did not ultimately disenfranchise Arizona voters. “Were there some inconveniences? Yeah, absolutely,” Barrett Marson, a veteran Arizona Republican operative, tells TIME. “Did Maricopa County make a mistake? Absolutely. But did they rectify it as soon as possible? Absolutely. Did people have to wait in long lines to vote? Yes, but they voted. That’s Kari Lake’s problem. People were still allowed to vote.”

During the public comment period on Monday at the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors meeting, Lake supporters one by one excoriated the county, in some cases citing unsubstantiated claims that the technological hiccups were part of an intentional plot to steal the election. “This is a war between good and evil,” one man told the board, “and you all represent evil.”

And that is how Lake is depicting the issue, precisely. It’s a war between good and evil and of course, she’s on a mission from God.

It’s anybody’s guess when she’ll stop. Expect her to show up later this month at Amfest in Phoenix to grift off the America First crowd and keep things going. But the fact that she had a judge order her to pay sanctions today is surely a speedbump of some significance, if not an actual wall. We’ll have to see what develops day by day. Lake is clearly in the wrong and doing this for show but this show might have a lot shorter run than she thinks.

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  1. Let me see if I’ve got this: Lake is mad because of Maricopa County because people had to wait in long lines to vote. Maricopa County. Which is solidly Democratic! This is something Democratic voters around the country have had to deal with for decades! But Lake is all of a sudden upset it happened in her state. In the state’s largest (by population) county where the vote is guaranteed to skew Democratic. And remember, a lot of people (again, mostly Democrats) who wanted to use drop boxes didn’t because of Lake supporters threatening them. Word got out, so I’m sure a lot of them waited until election day to turn in those ballots negating the traditional GOP advantage in same day voting. Of course, logic and common sense don’t factor in but keep in mind the judge sanctioning her hasn’t yet decided what, beyond the court’s and attorney’s fees Lake will have to pay (to Maricopa County) the punitive part. There was a mention that it needed to be an amount that would discourage this kind of bullshit in the future.

    I wonder how that judge will view things if Lake carries out her threat and files another frivolous lawsuit?

  2. I have done many hallucinogens in my time including pure LSD from Sandoz labs in Switzerland. Yet I was never as removed from reality as these folks are. Proof that sustained delusions fueled by greed for power & money are much more powerful than any substance that wears off after a few hours. Yet these are the sober serious religious folks? God please send George Carlin back to comment. I can only imagine what he would say about the present state of politics in America.

    • I am jealous, all of my LSD experiences in the US (60’s; early 70’s) were “street” drugs. I truly wish there was a legal way, readily available to do it all over.

      You are spot on with your assessment of these people’s motivations.

      • Why are you people PROUD of doing drugs – the stuff that kills people when it gets out of hand ? What makes those substances worth all the hassle ? You know you can get addicted if you try them, yet you have to be the smart cookie ? do you need to impress your ‘friends’ ? I get that once addicted, it’s hard to get off something, but talking about it as tho it’s ‘cute’ is the problem. Just try ‘normal human’ for a change, it can be beautiful as is ! The whole subject makes me angry – every time you talk about drugs like that you are possibly getting someone else in trouble too ! All those things are a TRAP !

        • I just find this comment to be really representative of the MAGA movement as a whole. Someone, who fancies themselves to be extremely well informed pulls shit out of his ass demonstrating how ignorant he is. Did you consider googling LSD to see if it’s addictive or to find out anything about it at all or did you just make this comment b/c you feel you are knowledgeable about ‘drugs’? LSD is not addictive for starters. 2nd, if you had read their comments you’d see that both comments clearly stated that LSD use was decades ago. Not something they are doing currently. Hallucinogens have been used by people for 10’s of thousands of years. And are still used by indigenous people for religious purposes. But I suppose your feelings are that if it’s not YOUR religion then it’s just not acceptable.

          This is not snark at all. I really want to know why it is that MAGAs celebrate & take pride in being ignorant. Studies have shown that people who watch no ‘News’ at all are more informed/less misinformed than Fox News watchers. I put quotes on ‘News’ b/c Fox has stopped calling themselves ‘News’. They call themselves ‘entertainment’ because their programming has no journalistic standards at all. It’s all opinion based ‘entertainment’.

          Why is it MAGAs get upset about ANYTHING critical of Trump? Every president is going to be faced with criticism. Why are MAGAS unable to tolerate it? Does acknowledging a critique make you less ‘patriotic’ or are you afraid that some lib will say ‘I told you so’?

          Why do MAGAs vote for profoundly stupid representatives who do literally nothing for their community other than own the libs? MTG has done NOTHING except ‘own the libs’. I mean who cares about the hospital the community needs or the bridge or doing something to bring in high paying jobs when your representative ‘owns the libs’? Where is this irrational rage coming from? Are you triggered by libs telling you that you are letting politicians trigger your racism/bigotry to manipulate you into voting for Rupert Murdochs best interests instead of your own?

  3. I live in Cochise County. I am ashamed by how the two GOPs on the board acted the way that they did. Kari Lake is an asshole who needs to crawl back under the slimy rock from which she came. Fortunately, the voters in Arizona knew how evil she is and also the fact that she only wanted the governorship for the power it would give her. Had she won, she would have totally destroyed the entire state.


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