Donald Trump is a farce in all the roles he’s attempted to play, and as King Solomon, he is no different. Michael Cohen was asked today about Ivanka’s role in the overvaluation of properties and the other Trump family actions which have led to the attorney general’s investigation in New York. Cohen makes two things crystal clear: 1) Ivanka is like Daddy, out for number one and nobody else; 2) Trump told Cohen to his face, “If anybody has to go to prison, make sure it’s Don. He’ll handle it better.” I suppose it’s better than deciding which kid to cut in half, but not much.

Starts at 6:19, although the entire eight minute long piece is worth the listen.

Now you have not heard anything from Ivanka, right? Right. She’s in silent running mode right now, she’s not making a sound. And that’s noteworthy because she is a “key witness to a litany of crimes.” Daily Beast:

And it’s all coming to a head this week.

On Tuesday, the New York attorney general filed court documents that claim Ivanka Trump played a much more insidious role in the company’s web of financial deceit than previously known. Investigators are asking a judge to enforce a subpoena that would make her testify under oath.

And on Thursday, the congressional committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection formally asked Ivanka to sit down and answer questions about her interactions with her then-president father during the hours the Capitol building was under attack. The request for a “voluntary interview” is widely perceived to be a first pass that, should it be rejected, could be followed by a congressional subpoena—and the implicit threat of a Justice Department criminal prosecution if it’s ignored.

The DOJ is already pursuing a case against political strategist Steve Bannon and may soon do the same with another two of the president’s men.

On both fronts, Ivanka will be pressured to explain her father’s crooked tactics—tactics that Ivanka appears desperate to distance herself from now.

Distancing has been the name of the game for some time. Ivanka and Jared have tried to distance themselves from Trump and his catastrophic term in office. They had a desire to get into the good graces of high society and climb the social ladder once more. After all is said and done with the attorney general’s investigation, not to mention the Manhattan D.A.’s and the January 6 Committee’s, that will be but a bygone pipedream.

You did it to yourself, folks, you did it to yourself.

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  1. Michael Cohen warned everybody, in his original testimony, that if they stuck with Trump, they’d be discarded and sacrificed just as he was. That warning’s finally coming true. And all those GOPers in Congress and beyond should be heeding it right now, but they won’t. They all believe it can’t happen to them. But it can and will; there’s no honour amongst scumbags.

  2. If Don Jr was smart, and he’s not, he would be forming a coalition w/Eric and Ivanka to throw daddums under the bus. The only way they get out of this w/anything is pin it all on the Orange one.

  3. Give me a break even if some of that holds truth at least his business dealings had nothing to do with this country or his politics. And not admitting what he clearly did for this country during his four years which was pretty damn amazing. Instead of reporting the real news are you guys can ever do is attack Donald Trump cuz clearly none of your true journalist anymore and the cold hard truth is Joe Biden and his son clearly take payouts from the Chinese sell them secrets and keeps evading the law now unless you’re going to go after them then back off Trump because I guarantee you he becomes the next president 2024. He will just pardon them and go after Biden and Hunter himself and it will be ten times worse for them so back off you need a new storyline get a grip get a clue go after who’s destroying this country which is the Biden Administration and everybody around him cuz let’s face it we know bidon is not running the country

    • Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. So funny! Burp, snort, fart ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

    • Let me ask you something, and you would be doing us a real service on this site if you would respond. Do you live on a normal street with normal people? Do you interact with other humans and hold a job? Did you ever read a book or attend school?

      I ask because people like you scare me. You’re so out of touch with reality. And if there are enough of you, democracy could fall. That’s what your tin plated orange god is depending on, that there are enough idiots like you. And you won’t believe what America is like under fascist rule. But you’re helping to pave the way for it and you don’t even know it.

    • You’ve got that right!!! No one is giving President Trump kudos for the amazing work he did for our country in the short amount of time he was in office!! Our country was in the best condition it’s been in since President Regan was in office!! He deserves credit where credit is due!!

  4. HOW, does former guy get out of anything concerned with his businesses if he never relinquished the reins? Yes, the kids should also face criminal and civil punishment/penalties but the fact is former guy’s “empire” is just that-his “empire”, not Eric’s , Ivanka’s, or Donny’s. He can no more stop the shit from piling on his head because of his illegal activities than he can stop the planet from rotating on its axis.


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