The central theme of the DeSantis presidential campaign has been defined: woke. If your concerns are poverty, homelessness, mental health, guns, abortion, go bug somebody else, because Ron is worried about woke. That’s all he can think about. And if you don’t understand that, you’re stupid.

This is the racist dog whistle, that “woke” is going to put the POCs in charge and you don’t want that.

My take is that DeSantis is too thin skinned for the national stage. He ran for Congress in a red state, as a Republican, and then became governor, same premise. I don’t think he’s geared into the reality of 330 million people in 49 states beyond Florida.

I believe we’re going to see just that proven in the next year until the GOP convention.

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  1. He recently said that Florida was free of woke politicians. Then Jacksonville, Florida’s largest city, elected a democratic mayor. If I were Donna Deegan I would watch my back, there’s no telling what this fascistic bastard is capable of.

  2. Desatan is a racist MAGAt. Oops, thats redundant! The older I get, the less tolerance I have for stupidity, and I started with almost none. I am now at the point that I have no tolerance at all for the stupid MAGAts. Oops, redundant again!

  3. DeSaster was stupid enough to take on the Mouse for a mild criticism that only occurred after employees staged a walkout. Then the MAGA Moron bragged about bringing Disney to.its knees and tossing out the Reedy Creek deal. I have trad the filing from.Disney. the first 25 or so pages are just quotes of DeSaster’s boasts about retaliation. He doesn’t have a leg to stand on legally. Citizens United gave corporations the same rights to.freedom.of speech without retaliation as human beings. The governor proved their case for v them and he is furious for the completely legal fast one the old board pulled before his fascists took charge. It tied his and their hands on almost everything, and he has been pitching hissy fits that would do Scarlett of hats proud.
    He will.lose the case.

  4. If we don’t agree with him WE’RE the stupid ones? Okaaaay?!? Makes sense actually because it means he no longer has to defend his indefensible stands on just about everything. I assume of course that the issue of getting out of a burning building is what most people should agree upon and he would as well. Not positive of this of course because he does seem to have a real anti-life streak what with his lack of concern for women dying in his state…and in the country.


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