Just what we needed, another new front in the culture war. Roger Marshall is a moron, as Dr. Fauci correctly called him, and now he’s out for bear. Marshall sat at his peg board table with his little hammer, late into the night, and he cobbled together this farce. The FAUCI Act stands for Financial Accountability For Uniquely Compensated Individuals and Dr. Fauci is of course the center of this maelstrom, what else is new? Daily Mail:

Senator Roger Marshall said today he plans to introduce a ‘Fauci Act’ which would force the publication of financial interests after Chief Medical Advisor Dr Anthony Fauci called him a ‘moron’ during a Senate panel clash.

The Republican senator said he would propose a bill which would require the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) to provide the financial records for government officials whose information is not already public.

The legislation, titled the Financial Accountability for Uniquely Compensated Individuals (FAUCI) Act, came after Marshall and Fauci had a heated back-and-forth during which the doctor called the senator a ‘moron’.

Fauci called Marshall a moron because he didn’t know that financial disclosures were public but Marshall claims that Fauci hasn’t filed any financial disclosures since the beginning of the pandemic, which would be convenient if you wanted to put together a conspiracy theory about Fauci being in the employ of who knows what foreign powers, right?

What makes it comical is the fact that Marshall himself was 17 months behind in filing his own financial disclosures according to the Center For Public Integrity.

This is the newest pissing contest in Washington. Roger Marshall can’t find any useful work to justify his salary, apparently, so he’s joined the witch hunt against the epidemiologist. Great. Should be good for a few bookings on Fox News. The people of Kansas would be better off if Toto was in the Senate representing them. Or better yet, Caligula wanted to send his horse to the Roman Senate, and that, too, would be an improvement on Roger Marshall. Right now he brings the horse’s hindquarters to the Senate chambers, but I think Kansans deserve the whole horse, don’t you?


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  1. Calling someone names is childish and immature. Dr. Fauci didn’t “call” Marshall a moron, he “stated” a fact that Marshall IS a moron.

  2. If Jesus walked the earth today, he would spend most of his time dressing down these hypocrites, just like he had to do with his own people, the jews. I’m sure the response would be the same, especially if he really threatened their power & wealth, i.e., KILL HIM IN THE NAME OF OUR GOD. When will we ever learn?

  3. This is the most assinine thing I’ve heard lately. Dr. Fauci’s financial disclosures are online and available. Someone ought to propose the Moron Act, that prevents senators too stupid or lazy to do simple research from filing this shit.

  4. I think this is great! Now we will be able to find out how many retirements that the police are collecting.
    Why in warren michigan, the police chief makes way more than the governor with his 4 or 5 taxpayer funded retirements for being the head of the grifters…
    Why didnt he propose this while under fat assolini’s desk?


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