As the old McDonalds jingle goes, I’m loving it! Right now the GOP House are jumping around like a bunch of howler monkeys, screeching and throwing shit all over the place. It’s so bad that even GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell washed his hands of the nonsense. Right now there is no bill that the Senate can pass that will pass the House. The House wants to introduce entitlement spending cuts in the negotiations, and I wish them well. Man!, talk about a mic-drop.

And what are the Democrats doing? Smiling at each other and high fiving in the cloakroom. They’re doing it perfectly by letting Joe Biden run point. Especially effective since Biden is embarking on a multi week national tour to tout his accomplishments, and highlight the accomplishments from last year that will only start to show up this year.

And right now, President Biden has his shit packed tight. The GOP House is hanging from the balcony railings screeching about nonsense like slashing social security and Medicare, slashing food stamps, and a dismantlement of the IRS and a 30% sales tax on every sales purchase in the United States. 

And what is Biden doing? Throwing shine. He’s making speeches about how the US economy has improved, how wages are up and inflation is down, and asking what the hell the GOP MAGA House is doing in trying to strip away all of the gains of the last two years, and throw us into chaos. Look, we all know that Biden is running again next year, and since he doesn’t have an opponent, he’s using the GOP MAGA House as his personal foil.

But here’s where Biden and the Democrats are in perfect harmony, and in total control. The GOP House is throwing around all of these dire threats about spending cuts. And the Biden/Democratic response? It’s pure Cuba Gooding Jr. from Jerry McGuire, Show me the money, motherf*cker! The GOP House is throwing around hysterical, doomsday threats without a single program or dollar cut to support their position.

Biden’s response? He touts the fact that he has brought the federal deficit down by more than $1.3 trillion in his first two years in office, and his proposed budget will chop off almost a trillion more. He goes on to say that he is more than willing to negotiate spending cuts with the GOP House, as long as they bring him a detailed plan of what they want to cut, and from where. But. The United States pays its bills! Any negotiations on deficit reduction will be conducted separate from raising the debt ceiling.

And that’s bright sunlight to the GOP House’s vampire. The GOP House doesn’t have a plan. And they can’t come up with a legislative plan. That’s because starting on January 20 2009, the GOP stopped being a legislative party, and became a totally obstructionist party. Todays House GOP couldn’t craft an actual legislative plan if their mothers lives depended on it. All they know how to do is to obstruct whatever the Democrats try to accomplish.

Which is why McConnell is running from the House GOP like a scalded cat. Biden has a fat list of accomplishments to tout to the public. Is it too much to ask the opposition party to provide a comprehensive plan for deficit reduction that doesn’t have the US doing a Thelma and Louise off the fiscal cliff? Apparently so, since the House GOP can’t even settle on a House cafeteria menu. But the optics of the situation are terrible for McCarthy and the House GOP, especially since they want to strip their largest voting bloc of their retirement benefits.

My guess? The Democrats will keep doing exactly the same thing. Because the closer we get to the debt ceiling limit, the worse it gets for the GOP House. And the Democratic led Senate can always go ahead and pass a clean debt ceiling extension, and let the House use the discharge petition to get it passed, dealing a death blow to McCarthy’s speakership. Good riddance to bad garbage.

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  1. I nominate Ms MTG for new Speaker, just to encase the feet of the Repugnican party even deeper into concrete before shoving it overboard.

  2. Their caucus is now packed with people who were elected on outrage issues (for them) and who don’t know jack about how government works. A bunch of angry idiots, floundering. It’s just sad that we have to put up with this BS for the next 2 years.

  3. I am not entirely certain that some of the newer GOPers*** in the House could pass a high school civics test, let alone the test required for citizenship.

    ***Autocorrect tried to correct “GOPers” to “gophers” which may actually be more accurate,, since the only thing they are good at is digging holes and destroying stuff.



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