We need to sit up and take some sober notice of all this. As I wrote a few days ago, executing Liz Cheney politically is a watershed moment in the GOP — should it actually occur — and the booing of Mitt Romney in Utah was a case of first impression, to say the very least. The forces of Trumpism are alive and well out there and buffoon though he be, Trump is the lowest common denominator and it’s becoming glaringly evident that the GOP intends to fundraise and stay in power through ginning up the rabble. Fear and grievance are the watchwords of the day. And who is better at doing that on stage than the Mango Monarch. He can make the cash registers ring.

We can’t make the same mistake we made in 2016, thinking a total fool like him couldn’t get elected. The fact that he was acquitted after being impeached a second time and the Senate chose not to bar him from public office, which was the only sane and rational course of action given the facts, tells you everything you need to know.

Here’s Wilson’s take.

2022 is the battleground. It may be the most consequential election in our history. Conventional political wisdom is that seats are lost by the party in power at the midterms. We cannot allow this, either in the House or Senate, where we’re holding the line just barely.

We can’t afford political naivete. Everybody suffered from it in 2016, not just the political class. I was lulled into a liberal stupor from eight years of Obama. I thought the world was a much better place than it in fact is. I thought America was a different country than it is. I turned into a different person on election night 2016. It was then that I realized that the America I had grown up in was not the same as the place I was currently living in. It was a devastating realization. It was also devastating to realize that but for the global pandemic, which Trump totally botched, he very likely would have won reelection and America would be finished on the world stage and on her way to third-world status.

Trumpism equals fascism and America can go down the tubes. It will go down the tubes if Trump is elected again. Our oft-vaunted constitution, the bedrock of our government, is not bulletproof. We’ve seen plenty of examples of that the last four years. America could fall to a fascist dictatorship.

I’m not being a fearmonger here. I think it’s entirely possible that Trump’s not planning to run, but he desperately needs the attention and the cash, so he’s going out on the campaign trail to get both. And certainly his legal woes may catch up to him, so the playing field is not the same as it was in 2016. He may not be able to run.

My message is this: don’t minimize Trump or Trumpism. On the other side of the cultural divide are the QAnon crazies . And the damage done by the disinformation and lies carried by right-wing media cannot be overstated. And right now it looks like the GOP  thoroughly embraces both and is ready to slough off the mantle of conservatism altogether and become the party of fascism. Let’s see it for what it is.


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  1. We should remember that Wilson has some serious ulterior motives for saying all the above, none of which have anything to do with patriotism. Above all else, the Lincoln Project is in need of a home now that a) Former Guy is out of the White House (thanks largely to the Dems Wilson deciding needs lecturing all of a sudden) and b) the GQP remains in the thrall of said Former Guy, contrary to expectations, including Wilson’s.

    So…let’s be the scold, the Jeremiah, the Cassandra. After all, it’s SO much easier than either building a new political party or admitting that you never had the muscle to keep your old one from being bulldozed by a hustler from Queens. Wake me when he’s got some ACTUAL ideas worth talking about.

    • I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said. Where I’m coming from is that I cannot view what is happening with Liz Cheney being purged, and possibly Romney as well, as not being extremely worrisome about the state of the GOP. I’m like Biden. I thought the GOP would have regrouped and found some new direction by now. They have not. They are pledging their troth, again, to Trump. That, and all these voter suppression bills, scare the hell out of me.

      • Ursula,
        You are not alone in being terrified of people so divorced from reality. As I and my friends have done in the past, educate yourself and others, use your voice, volunteer, drive dems to the polls, give money, work at the polls, etc. Take a lesson from Stacy Abrams and go door to door if you can.

        Because of gerrymandering in NC writing our CongressCritters won’t change any of their minds, but I keep writing them just to keep them busy and irritated like a yellow jacket crashing a picnic.

  2. “Orange shit stain “ works for me.


    You are right Ursula……the only way to end this BS is to give these entitled Group Of Pricks the ass kicking their daddies should have given them years ago in 2022.


    • And if we stay vigilant and get out the vote in the future like we did in 2020 and 2018, we will win! And he who shall not be named is still the biggest loser in the history of the world!

  3. Wilson misses the real reason: we won’t use his name. Damnatio memoriae: let his name be forgotten forever, but his crimes should be remembered. Start with the pandemic and the insurrection after he tried to win by cheating.

  4. I remember election night 2016. When folks were agog about the Orange Dotard winning, I told my wife, “It’s not so much “him” as it is the guys who will surround him.” He sure came up with a crop of doozies, but the hammerhead bad guys were and still are the ones behind the scenes, not just the foolish cabinet secretaries who just grifted.

    Keep your eyes on all those Red statehouses. Keep your eyes on the insane laws they are passing. Keep your eyes on the PRE-election frauds they are starting in Arizona and will do all over the place.

    Don’t underestimate the venality of the types of people who are doing this, locally, state-side and nationally.

    They are a cancer on our society.

    It might take some time for justice to catch up to those that identified themselves in the insurrection.

    But there’s a lot more behind the scenes coupled with the right in your face crap going on.

    They don’t plan to lose.

    Not only VOTE in 2022, but wouldn’t it make sense to stop wringing our hands and/or saying “MAGAidiots” and realize they are dead serious and PLAN AHEAD?

    I’m all ears for IDEAS.

  5. The damage done by Trump directly was handled by his incredible stupidity at his rants and whiplash statements at the pressers, also his signing numerous portfolios that he could not possibly read and his stupid big grin holding them up and a bunch of clappers and back slappers surrounding him, using him to get garbage done via a stupid illiterate non-reader signature person …

    This shit has to stop … the hammer needs to fall pronto, send Trump away from politics permanently, charge him with anything and everything, the prison stay would inevitably be a life sentence, well deserved …

  6. I mean…I respect Wilson (as much as any of the former Republicans), and a lot of what he says here is agreeable. But Biden and those around him aren’t calling Trump “the former guy” as a prank or out of naïveté. Biden is preventing the media from diving into silly campaign style horse race stories, and it’s robbing Trump of the opportunity to grab headlines. And it’s working, when Biden speaks we talk about UI benefits and jobs policy, not how he’s fighting with Trump over who’s fat or whatever nonsense Trump would dredge up.

    Trump is insanely dangerous, but he’s less so if we make him small and weak and starve him of media oxygen.


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