Earlier this month when the J6 Committee extended it’s cordial invitation to testify about his complicity in attempting to destroy our democracy to the disgraced and discredited former GOP Speaker of the House and serial adulterer, Newt Leroy Gingrich, who was famously forced from his Speakership after the debacle of the 1998 mid-term election in which his party became the first House Majority in 64 years to lose seats impelling Republicans to replace the serial adulterer with a serial child-rapist at their head – to their ever lasting shame if they had any – former GOP ad-man and current never-Trumper Rick Wilson appeared with Katie Phang on MSNBC to give the Newtster some unsolicited advice regarding his upcoming testimony before that committee this week, advice that Gingrich, who will with little doubt appear in his ever affected cloak of smarminess and pomposity, will likely not heed.

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“Katie, there’s a rule in Washington that if you say Newt Gingrich’s name three times, he appears like the Candyman,” said Wilson. “He pops up like a bad penny over and over again. In one way, I’m not shocked at all. Because Gingrich is an opportunist. He saw Trump as a great way to enhance his fading profile, so of course, he’s going to give Trump the terrible advice he’s given generations of Republican politicians. And I’m delighted, actually, that one more person who can be an element in unraveling this entire maze that the Trump effort to overturn the election put together has been called to account.”

An aside:

Despite the Candyman being portrayed as an African-American in the series of films based on Clive Barker’s novels, I believe the ever erudite Wilson, in comparing Gingrich to Barkers equally disturbing protagonist, Rick more likely relied on his
his written depiction of the ghoul –

“He was bright to the point of gaudiness: His flesh was a waxy yellow. His thin lips are pale blue. His wild eyes are glittering as if their irises are set with rubies. His jacket was patchwork and his trousers are the same. He looked, [Helen] thought, almost ridiculous with his bloodstained motley and the hint of rouge on his jaundiced cheeks.”

Yeah, that’s our Newt.

Excepting for a slight upgrade in wardrobe.

Wilson continues:

“The committee, I think, will get a lot out of Newt,” said Wilson. “He is a guy who communicates with a lot of people. He talks on the phone with a lot of people. You’ll get his text messages, his calls, the metadata of who he was talking to. And this is a guy who loves to put himself in the middle of anything. So I think this is going to be a valuable lead for the committee to run down. And it’s a reminder that, for all the other trouble that Donald Trump and his team of skells and goons and weirdos right now are facing. They still face the 1/6 Committee until January of next year. And hell hath no fury like Liz Cheney and the people of that committee if Newt Gingrich wants to play games with them. I think it’s going to turn very ugly, very fast.”


I agree with Wilson that the committee will likely elicit a lot of info from Newt, as the guy likes running his head almost as much as he likes cashing in on the rubes with his bad histories, and, given his track record of being cashiered from positions of some influence, whether it be the History Department of the prestigious West Georgia College denying him tenure for his insistence on unsuccessfully running for Congress on their dime instead of, you know… teaching history… or House Republicans kicking him to the curb for pursuing a more charming, charismatic and imminently more successful serial adulterer to their ultimate disadvantage, Newt will likely survey the moment, and, again, miscalculate.

I think Rick is also correct that things could get ugly and fast if Gingrich plays games with Liz and the committee.

He hasn’t fooled anyone with half a brain yet.

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    • Liz Cheney is going to make your orange idol and everyone else around him pay, little troll. She retains her connections and her family name, which are enough to leverage a terrible vengeance on those stupid enough to cast her out. You might want to find that new bridge before she gets there.

        • Oh, I’m plenty old enough, little troll. Why, I remember the world before Internet, your kind’s Golden Age, which you’ve been vainly attempting to recreate ever since the century started. More to the point, unlike the “billionaire” whose overpriced shoes you lick, Cheney is young enough, smart enough and mean enough to go the distance. And the first people she’s going for is YOUR kind…because you’re the closest to reach and no one will care when you fall.

          • “Why, I remember the world before Internet.” At least you can remember something.
            “people she’s going for is YOUR kind.” Looks like you’re one prejudice worthless of shit. You democrats are pro’s at that. All mouth. All losers in life.

    • One day, when drumpf is rightfully disgraced and imprisoned, the GOP will have to look to it’s neo- con core for leadership, and Liz will take her place as it’s warrior queen.

      • “Liz will take her place as it’s warrior queen.” Dino. Wow, just wow. you’re one of the writers here. Is everybody over 18 years old here? I don’t want police accusing me of being a Pedro like Biden. You sound like a high school kid.

        • There are a good number of us over 70 who have, over decades, watched the GOP systematically rob the middle class, ignore climate change, pass laws that infringe on our freedoms (who we marry, how large our families are, what religion or lack of) while claiming to protect freedom (the right to own and use weapons of war on school children, forced birth, only straight people can marry, if you’re a person of color you are born a suspect). Then you all put an orange megalomaniac who lies with every breath, who grifted the entire country and is still grifting, who sides with dictators and would run this country like he ran his multiple bankrupt companies. The guy is a phony. Take your smug ageism and shove it up your ass where you’ll find your hero.

          • Well Rainyj, that was yesterday and now it’s the democrats today. Try to keep up and read the other side but you don’t. You read what makes you feel good. You shouldn’t be posting. It makes you look uninformed.

        • She’s nothing but a career politician. Worthless to the world. Never had a real job she had to work for just ask her daddy. President Trump is a business man, that is why the united states ran so good when he was President. Like it or not that’s what happened. Deal with it.

    • Wilson is a punk to Newt Gingrich. An inexperienced punk. Newt can bury that ignorant punk anytime. Newt wouldn’t waste his time even responding to him. That’s how little most people think of Wilson.

      • Sorry Pedro, i’m pretty sure most of us at this site respect him for wising up, leaving the R party and speaking out against the phony grifter who’s in constant whine mode.

        • Unlike you, Rainyj, I never forgot why Wilson is doing this: he wants a job. If the Lincoln Project has proven anything, it’s that the only thing they’re good at is getting under Trump’s skin and little else. They’ve been looking for a leader to rally behind because none of them are. They now have now found her. Do not surprised when, not if, they start working towards the same goals as the more brutish MAGA, just more quietly (with the sole exception of being puppets for Russian influence, of course).

        • Yes, Wilson only cares about money and is willing to lie to get it. Just like Ursula and look at where we’re at now because of demorcate policies. We’re turning into a third world country. You must be young and dumb and you’ll learn, unfortunately you will drag us down with you.

  1. Maybe she is and maybe she isn’t but Don the Con IS (and well-burnt toast a that).

    As for lies – you do lend your support to the REAL expert in lying (extortion, theft, insurrection and general nastiness)

  2. Yet look at all the lies you’ve read and believe. And you can’t prove that Trump lies because you got that from the news. Anti Trump news. News that makes you feel good, not the truth.


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