This makes a lot of sense. Donald Trump had reasons to walk out of the White House with boxes of classified documents and it assuredly was not to write his memoirs — although one of his GOP minions did allege that very thing on one of the Sunday news shows.

No, Trumpty Dumpty wanted revenge. He is a very revenge oriented kinda guy. So he had Kash Patel slated to retrieve documents concerning Russiagate, and other incendiary topics, from the National Archives with the plan of revealing them to the American people — the Espionage Act and the lives of intelligence personnel be damned. Trump’s ego is far more important than any of those real world considerations.

Keith Olbermann does a fifty-three minute analysis of this on his podcast. You can hit the link and listen to it. It makes total sense. You’ll find yourself slapping your forehead with the heel of your palm and saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Just Security:

Patel is no ordinary aide to Trump. During the Trump administration, he served as Deputy Assistant to the President, a job he reportedly “landed after Fox News host Sean Hannity took him to meet Trump in the Oval.” After the November 2020 elections, Patel was dispatched to the Defense Department as chief of staff to the acting defense secretary where, among other activities, he reportedly pursued the idea that Italian military satellites had been used to turn votes to Joe Biden in the presidential election, according to Jonathan Karl’s book and the House Select Committee hearings.

Since leaving office, Patel has joined the board of directors for the former president’s media company, Trump Media & Technology Group. On June 19, 2022, Trump sent a letter to the National Archives designating Patel as one of the former president’s “representatives for access to Presidential records of my administration.” Patel claims to have been in the room when then-President Trump verbally declassified documents. He has often made other statements in right-wing interviews that anticipate and put forward Trump’s specific claims of innocence about the Mar-a-Lago documents. […]

“It’s information  [the material in the boxes] that Trump felt spoke to matters regarding everything from Russiagate to the Ukraine impeachment fiasco to major national security matters of great public importance — anything the president felt the American people had a right to know is in there and more,” Patel told Breitbart on May 5. He also said, “Trump declassified whole sets of materials in anticipation of leaving government that he thought the American public should have the right to read themselves.”

That same day, Patel spoke with a right-wing video show and discussed Trump’s goal of “transparency” in releasing such information. He said:

“Part of that transparency comes in the form of, you know, providing the American public with information that should never have been classified or kept from them in the first place. And what he did was on his way out of the White House, he declassified — made available to every American citizen in the world — large volumes of information relating, not just to Russiagate, but to national security matters, to the Ukraine impeachment, to his impeachment one, impeachment two.”

All things that deep-staters, as you know, Buck, in government go in there and get their hands on and classify ’cause they don’t want the truth to get out ’cause it’s gonna make Trump look good ’cause he always supported the truth and the facts. And that’s what we have here is a whole slew of documents and information that President Trump wanted to put out.”

“We’re hoping to get this information out soon,” he added.

That is probably one of the most worrisome statements I’ve ever read in my life. This is what you get when rank amateurs without the slightest idea of how government works, let alone how the intelligence community works and why, get their hands on sensitive documents.

We still don’t know who might have seen what. Mar-a-Lago is not a secure facility. First of all, it’s not even Trump’s private home. It’s a club and members come and go at will. Who knows how our national security might have already been compromised? Just today, Stephanie Grisham said that almost anybody can come into Mar-a-Lago from the beach. The Secret Service is concerned about checking for weapons, but not checking ID.

Whoever the whistle blower is who caused the Mar-a-Lago raid, thank God it happened when it did and the classified material wasn’t sitting there any longer. The more we find out about events leading up to the raid, the more nerve wracking it all becomes.


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  1. Cigarettes & blindfolds all around. If they are fine with destroying children, then they should understand what happens to traitors.

  2. Well, this answers one question I’ve had since this news broke. Who helped him? You know TFG didn’t do this all by himself. Kash Patel didn’t do it alone either. There have to be more co-conspirators.

  3. This whole argument is insane. It presumes Trump never did a single thing wrong or illegal and normal government employees are in a conspiracy against him. Nuts and evil.

  4. Traitor Tot saying that the documents were declassified does not make it so.He doesn’t understand that him saying the documents are now declassified is not how it works. he never went through the proper procedure, so the documents still retain their original classification. Also, the documents belong to NARA, so Traitor Tot never had any right to remove them.
    Also, Traitor Tot wouldn’t know the truth if it swallowed him whole! Put him in a room with the truth, and you would get a matter/antimatter explosion!!

  5. When this news broke, my first question was “Why did he steal top secret documents”?

    When the FBI seized those documents that he denied he still had, my question became “Why did he keep and lie about those particular documents”?

    And now my question is “How do we know he didn’t have the really juicy stuff hidden elsewhere, or maybe he’s already distributed it to foreign powers and our enemies?”

    So here we are.. A Traitor in the White House for 4 years and a party that happily protected him all along! Now how MAGA is that?

      • You Trump Traitor Trash should all be in jail. The Manhattan Mussolini built new facilities at Getmo so they would only have to put four or five of you filth in one cell. Putin’s pick for POTUS killed far more Americans with his plague than he ever could with his shitty military so you scum bags can all go to hell.

  6. One of my heros Hunter S Thompson, in a remark about our other traitor president, Nixon, stated, “if there were any true justice in the world, Nixon would be in the belly of a hammerhead shark, headed south of Easter Island”. Damn Hunter. You nailed it.

  7. I’m assuming that Patel’s, and a lot of other people’s security clearances have been revoked. And people get formally notified when that happens up to an including signing a statement that they’ve been informed both that their clearance has been pulled, and the penalties for revealing any classified information they’ve seen. So Patel better be awful fucking careful about who he tells what because he HAS formal knowledge he’s to keep his fucking mouth shut. That means the “intent” thing that talking heads blather on about, which infuriatingly ONLY seems to apply to rich and/or connected people is already established.

    Instead of being trying to impress Trump via the magic tee vee box this asshat should be listening to his lawyer and keeping his mouth shut AND keeping a very low profile. Instead he’s painting a target on his back, chest and forehead with the words “Hey prosecutors – LOOK AT ME!” and you can bet they are (and have been) doing exactly that.

  8. Well, now that these top secret docs are back where they belong, he can say whatever he likes about them absolving him and no one can prove him wrong. Funny that! No, I suspect he was planning to sell top secrets to our adversaries. And he can’t and won’t prove me wrong either.

    • The Saudis were willing to pay one billion to Tiger Woods to play on their tour to help whitewash their brutality. They just sentenced a US citizen visiting her family to 34 years in prison for tweets she made here. Just an example other than bone sawing a US journalist trying to get a marriage license. Wonder what they would pay for 11 boxes of classified documents, some top secret? Trump could cover all his debt & start bleating about his perfect billions, maybe hundreds of billions. Oh, & get some of his adversaries killed in the process. A perfect ending. Everyday he’s loose, we move closer to fascism.

      • Well it’s reported that Jared was paid nearly 3 billion dollars by the Saudis…you might want to start there …I’ll bet some of that money went into donny’s bank account

  9. FWIW, Kash Patel is the author of a children’s book, The Plot Against the King, in which “handsome King Donald” fights back against those who accuse him of colluding with “Russionians.” You can’t make this stuff up!

  10. Didn’t Trump initially claim that the FBI had “planted” the documents? And is it merely coincidence that, minutes after I read that the DOJ was ordered to release a 2019 memo — pressuring Barr to publicly announce that Mueller’s investigation had found “insufficient evidence” to charge Trump with obstruction of justice, I then read that Trump’s new claim is that the confiscated documents would have exonerated him? And if that were so, how come he never showed them to us before? It’s only been three years! One last question: do Trump’s loyalists know the sum of 2 + 2?

    • Of course they do and they will tell you every time, 2 + 2 = 5….or 3…. or 0 because math is evil and…..their idiocy knows no bounds.


  12. So, did Patel ever explain exactly WHEN Trump was going to release all these documents so “American citizens ALL OVER THE WORLD” would actually have the chance to, you know, read them?

    I’m also incredibly surprised at the “all over the world” part because, quite frankly, if “American citizens all over the world” can read stuff, so can FOREIGN spies and intelligence services.

  13. I’m a cynical sort of person. Ever since the finding of all those documents at MAL, I’ve been considering the Patel leaks about how Trump had declassified documents. Was the writing on the wall that someone was coming for the documents? Had somebody leaked that there was a possibility the place could be searched? And was Trump laying the groundwork for a possible defence through those third-party statements? If the Patel statements were true, why did it take so long for anybody to hear about what he took from the White House?
    I smell dirty deeds at the crossroads.

    • Key part being “if the Patel statements were true”-Patel’s statements since the legally obtained warrant was executed on trump came a bit too conveniently. One would think he was paid or offered some sort of valuable object/job/etc. Did anyone perchance take a gander at Patel’s bank account?

      I also noticed his statements were pretty vague as if there actually were a magic document wand. Nothing really damning for anyone and kind of easy to walk back.

      I would make book that Patel lied. To protect trump? To protect himself? I don’t know. I also do not know why, after seeing how little trump values anyone, how little loyalty he exhibits, Patel would do one thing for trump. It would seem Patel is incapable of taking lessons from other’s mistakes.

  14. trump is full of it and he needs to be stopped. I said from day one when it was first announced that he would be president of the U.S of America and I’m saying it now “I can’t believe America let that ignorant M.F be leader of the Free World.”

    • It’s an indictment of our shallow, gullible, fame & money worshipping culture. Books that make you think or challenge opinions not based on facts? Ban them. The nazis had book burnings in the street. Ignorance & arrogance & laziness breeds totalitarian simple minded citizens. And here we are.

  15. I don’t believe there are any documents, secret or not, that would exonerate him. He’s just blowing smoke as usual. He wanted the documents for revenge, leverage, and blackmail, as the man said.


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