The next time a MAGA in your life asks, “Why didn’t Putin invade Ukraine when Trump was in office,” tell them, “Why would he bother? Trump was already undermining Ukraine and NATO and preparing to give them both to Putin on a platter.” Not that they’ll know what you just said, but at least it’s the truth.

Donald Trump was at an RNC donor meeting Saturday night. Reports from that are trickling in.

Parse that for a moment. NATO is a “paper tiger” in Trump’s view, meaning a thing that is thought to be formidable but is in fact useless (very much like himself) yet in the next sentence he pretends to be outraged against the “massive crime against humanity” taking place, oblivious that NATO was created to safeguard against that very thing.

Not that Trump would know. He never had the slightest clue how NATO worked, then nor now.

But what is important, is the fact that even before tonight Trump was revealed as the paper tiger that was going to hand NATO to Vladimir Putin.

They may say they’re “appalled” now but look at what else they were saying.

And screw Mike Pence with his sanctimonious “there’s no room in the GOP for Putin apologists.” Remember this?

Now that you have reviewed the hypocrisy of this crowd, yet once again, let us move on to the other jewels that Trump bestowed upon the GOP donors. This one is classic. Are you sitting down?

Does anybody want to lay odds that Vladimir is not going to find that amusing?

And of course you knew this was coming.

Rake in the cash and enjoy the remnants of your relevancy while it lasts. Your star may be on the wane. It’s a cinch that you and Vladdy boy are through.

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    • Doesn’t that look fine?! Daithi, you are the first person here to use our new feature and embed media. I’m so thrilled we can do that now. :))

      • Well I am five hours ahead of the majority if the other site aficionados in a cold and wet Ireland (but then that’s normal weather for us)

    • Exactly my thought! Himself can’t tell the difference, that’s for sure, but ANYONE in ANY of the armed forces–of any country–can spot the difference immediately.

      • Looking at him acting like 1st grader displaying a “Me in big truck! Vroom, Vroom Vroom” is it any wonder that in his dumbass mind that just like various types of “those people (such as black people or asians) when it comes to military jets “they all look alike”? (Keep in mind that in this NBC News photo he acted like this in front of an audience that included the media!)

        trump truck

      • It isn’t like the Russians can’t shoot down planes and look at the pieces…which aren’t going to read “made in China” in Chinese.

  1. It’s beyond scary that Muammar Covfefe actually thinks about war like a 9-yr old boy playing GI Joe and might get his tiny paws on the oval office again. Merrick, are you listening? 14th Amendment anyone?

    • The man is missing a few parts. Somehow, when he was being put together, the boxes marked “empathy” and “compassion” and “decency” and many others were not in the room.

        • Kyle Merriam
          I wouldn’t call anyone stupid if I voted for a,man who
          1) tried to talk the GA Secretary of State into “finding” 11,800 ballots (translation from Trump.Speak: creating fraudulent ballots) after all the legit ones had,already been counted 2 times
          2) lied 30,000+times
          3) mocked a disabled reporter
          4) calls,NATOna,paper tiger
          ,4) couldn’t blame money running casinos because he refused to listen to experts who told him he was building in the wrong part of time and without sufficient parking
          5) is accused of sexual.harassment , groping, and rape by 20+ competent and believable women
          6) will.likely lose the civil.suit the NY AG is about to bring against him
          7) made off illegally with at least 15 boxes of materials,much of it classified, which belong to as nd in the National.Archives
          8) destroyed documents by shredding them and flushing them down the toilet
          9) been dumped by his accountants because they clearly believe he falsified info on tax returns
          10) is an out and out racist bigot and misogynist which is why men like you adore him
          11) had to be bailed out many times by Fred
          12) has been a bully since elementary school.and was about to be expelled from.his fancy so.Daddy had to ship.him off to military school
          13) was called the “dumbest student I ever had” by a UPenn professor and only got this degree because Fred bought it for him

          I could go on, but I will.stop.with lucky 13.
          Biden is not brilliant but unlike the “,stable genius ” (he is neithet)_ he has decades of experience in foreign policy and is liked and respected worldwide ( the only ones c trump are Putin and Kim.Hong Un). He is,also.humble, knows what he doesn’t know and listens to experts, and possesses empathy, compassion and basic decency, none of which Fat Don the Con has.
          My expertise? First jobs were in D.C. lobbying office. Offered full fellowships to two Ivies (one of them was UPenn), accepted a third. Years as a librarian in business,,public and school.libraries, which means I know a good source from.a bad one, unlike you. ,15 years as a,navy wife, including 7 overseas. Bluntly you are sadly outclassed by anyone who.posts here,,as your stupid comment made very, very clesr. Shoo, little Trumpie. Go.aeay. No one is interested in your opinion,because like assholes, everyone has one, and yours BB gives off the stench of ignorance.

        • Demonstrating that you believe what you’re told by Fox and the RWmedia – and making yourself look like a low-power nightlight.

        • All evidence to the contrary. After four years of totally asinine behavior and a complete lack of leadership, intelligence, etc. we actually do know the difference if we didn’t before and we are now being led by a leader more than capable of getting out of the shit-hole status we attained while the orange shit-gibbon occupied the W.H.

          If you do not care for these articles, go back to being spoon-fed the fecal matter fux nuz gives you.


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