Shades of a drunk Richard Nixon talking to the portraits of dead presidents and asking Henry Kissinger to pray with him on the floor of the Lincoln Bedroom in his last days in office. It’s been learned from testimony by Stephanie Grisham that Donald Trump went through a similar paranoid meltdown when he was losing his presidency, as had Nixon, with the substantial differentiating feature being that Trump was voted out fair and square. They both were the architects of their own adversity, Nixon insofar as he unnecessarily created the drama of the Watergate break in, and Trump because he simply would not accept reality and kept trying to make his defeat play out as something other than what it was, that he simply lost the election.

Better men than Donald Trump have been voted out of office after one term. Both Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush rose to the occasion in a genteel and patrician manner. They were statesmen and they showed it. They passed the torch of office on with dignity and grace. Trump, on the other hand, threw the torch in the swimming pool, then pissed in the pool, then threw in the lawn furniture and the fire pit before he tried to burn down the house. That’s the level of class he displayed on this occasion in history.

Before it got to the actual day of burning the house down, i.e., the insurrection, Trump began acting even stranger than usual. The Guardian:

Grisham gave House investigators an overview of the chaotic final weeks in the Trump White House in the days leading up to the Capitol attack, recalling how the former president held off-the-books meetings in the White House residence, the sources said.

The secret meetings were apparently known by only a small number of aides, the sources said. Grisham recounted that they were mostly scheduled by Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, and that the former chief usher, Timothy Harleth, would wave participants upstairs, the sources said. […]

Grisham told the select committee she was not sure who exactly Trump met with in the White House residence, but provided Harleth’s name and the identities of other Trump aides in the usher’s office who might know of the meetings, the sources said.

The Guardian previously reported that Trump made several phone calls from the Yellow Oval Room and elsewhere in the White House residence to lieutenants at the Willard hotel in Washington the night before the Capitol attack, telling them to stop Joe Biden’s certification.

Trump increasingly retreated to the White House residence to conduct work as his presidency progressed, according to another former Trump administration official, as he felt less watched by West Wing aides than in the Oval Office.

Towards the end of his presidency, the former Trump administration official said, an aide to former White House adviser Peter Navarro tried at least once to quietly usher into the residence Sidney Powell, a lawyer pushing lies about election fraud, to speak with Trump.

What a shame Trump didn’t have the White House wired like Nixon did so that we could listen to the conversations between himself, Powell, Giuliani, Lindell and the rest of that crew. That would be enlightening. However, since all of the aforenamed have been asked to cooperate with the Committee’s investigation, we should be able to get some semblance of the events that went on. It will be interesting to see whose testimony conflicts with whom’s.

Likewise, the January 6 Committee has also asked for Ivanka to provider insight into exactly what she said and when to her father on that day.

The rattling sound you hear is skeletons in the closet. They’re coming out soon.



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    • Exactly. Nixon was a guilty basket case. Trump knew he was blowing smoke and that’s why he had to hide, too. He knows he lost, he just can’t admit it.

  1. you pathetic globalists are so obvious – how stupid do you think the public are.
    do grow up, your making fools of yourselves.Trump had thousands lining the st at his rally’s- Brandon had 30 if that.
    but since trumps comes out in support of the x– wed say neither s worth 1 vote.

    • Trump and his supporters ignored the concerns of Covid infection and acted as though there wasn’t a pandemic. Biden was more careful with the concerns of Covid and generally so were his supporters. Therefore lower attendance in person. Your numbers game isn’t convincing.

    • After all this time you haven’t figured out why President Biden Won!!! The answer is that we did not need physical rallies. As most of us are educated beyond high school and have developed the capacity for critical thinking. We could see who was the finer person, who cared about all people, not just maga’s. And with the use of competent TV advertising and an extreme dislike of TRUMP, enrolling more voters, all 82+ of us passionately did not want TRUMP!!!!! Your childishness is glaring in not having any respect for the President.

    • You also seem to miss the point that ‘thousands’ of the people attending his rallies aren’t more people – they’re the same bunch of idiots who follow him wherever he goes. five thousand people attending 5 rallies is still five thousand – not 25,000

  2. oh– i see– waiting for moderation is it…. umm. now whys that.

    (Moderator’s Note: Even a couple of our regular longtime participants have comments that get routed into the moderation queue for reasons that haven’t been corrected. Such are the growing pains of a relatively new site that in the past year has had to change web hosts. But as long as comments don’t break rules common to this or most sites (direct threats, false and/or dangerous misinformation, attempts to dox – you know the kind of stuff sites don’t allow) one doesn’t have to agree with most participants to have their say. I do however personally apologize for the delay in your case. That is directly on me. I try to check every hour or two in order to clear any comments that have been help up in the moderation queue and deal with (as in delete and ban) spammers. I won’t bore you with the details but I was unable to tend to my duties for a longer than normal period. Again, my apologies. Your beef which is a legitimate one is on me. Unless you post something during what are nighttime/sleeping hours in my time zone it seldom takes more than an hour or two for comments to be cleared and appear on the site. More often than not if during the day there are delays it’s because I had to head out to my local VA for medical stuff. Or sit in the shop if my old car is being worked on. Anyway, my disagreement with your opinions notwithstanding if you want to offer a different opinion than most of us here you can do so. I do however have a question – since you appear to enjoy the whole “Brandon” thing why would you choose a word that we all know means Fuck as your handle? If that’s your actual name I guess it kind of sucks for you, just as “Karen’s” who don’t go around acting like the Karens we see in the news have it a bit unfair.)

  3. According to Mary Trump, the narcissistic injury of his election loss was so severe he had to hide from it. But to be so separated from reality to think staging a coup is preferable to quietly slipping away, is unfathomable to most rational folks.

    • He golfed 307 times at HIS facilities. Fact. Add in his TV watching & talking to conspirators, potty time etc., & he never worked.

  4. Trump’s biggest problem is trying to keep his biggest lie floating in a sea of putrid MAGA’s with their blind acceptance of every other lie, several thousand, and, with the GOP starting to say stuff about Biden’s actual Presidency in public … {hard to blame Biden for all the miss-steps of the Republicans if he was NOT the President} … !!

    The outcomes of the new push for Trump’s business criminality charges by State AG’s, the ongoing pursuit of family Trump’s calls to court, the cross-over federal charges, will make for a life sentence in Trump senior’s case as, in his current health and age bracket, a 10 year prison charge would lead him past any reasonable survival expectancy …

    So sad, but the damage he has wrought cuts very deep into our Democracy …
    Some pundits without common knowledge continue to strut their support for Trump who has been a has-been, ever since Biden was sworn in … wasted energy and annoying use of this site … it appears that gems like Mark Meadows will have to testify soon or get some time away from home …


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