Reps. Beavis Jordan and Butthead Gaetz held an impromptu presser in their dump of a living room today to announce that they and other assorted seditionists in the House Dumbass Caucus had sent a letter to the DOJ and Attorney General Merrick Garland demanding, among other things, the identity of the Mar-A-Lardo informant so they can put crosshairs a bullseye on his or her back.

The letter insinuated that Garland and the DOJ may try altering or “wiping” any electronic records, you know, accuse the other side of what you are guilty of stuff.

Ron’s followers did not like their tone:

They’re like to wet themselves, EZ.



They are counting on the press to do their dirty work, patti…





Exactly, Christo…

Woke up dis morning…



That’s what Merrick should do Nancy.

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  1. Ok so let’s activate the Hypocrisy Meter once again.

    Gym, etc? Would you be demanding this information if President Obama had left the W.H. with any records let alone 15 boxes of classified documents? Judging by your past behavior if that is any guide, and it is, you all would not give two hoots in hell who turned him in and in fact the informant would likely be up for a medal.

    And once again the Hypocrisy Meter registers…11. What a surprise right?

    Fucking moronic pieces of shit.

    • I’m so glad the hypocrisy meter still works.

      But all this regular use checking republicans must help enormously in keeping it lubricated and calibrated.

  2. And Cornyn, who was Texas AG, wants the affidavit released…so they can go after the information sources. (He knows why they aren’t released.)

  3. 18 temporary employees that cannot get real jobs and are probably already under investigation for attempting to overthrow the government?
    Think about it.


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