Of course we all knew this was coming ever since the Jan. 6th Committee reported that Georgia GOP Rep. Barry louder had given a tour of one of the buildings of the closed-for-tours Capitol Complex on the day before the insurrection on Jan. 6, and Loudermilk claimed he did not. Cause these people lie like they breathe.

Loudermilk went from ‘I didn’t’ to…last night…’I did but we went to the gift shop…’

…the gift shop in the tunnel underneath the building.


AOC has receipts:

Two million??? That’s a larf.

Deflection alert:

O.k. I can buy this:

Man, it would be nice if there were finally consequences for one of these lying a-holes…

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  1. It was definitely not a “tour”, more like a recon mission. Everyone in the group taking pix of the same thing (exits and stairways). No one on the “tour” took one selfie near something significant in the building. Yeah, that’s not suspicious.

    • I saw one kid.
      I want to know who these people are. Real names. Loudermilk’s office should have gotten that information and passed it to security staff.
      (A friend and I got a tour of a nuclear power plant, including some areas not normally open, because he knew one of the operators. The company did a background check first.)

  2. The committee got this stuff at least two weeks ago, and asked for Loudermilk to talk with them. He refused, then said that about it being a tour for a constituent family “and some guests”. Then this was released, which says that he was absolutely lying.


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