Rachel Hamm is still having visions. And her children have visions as well, which proves, I guess, that insanity is hereditary. This is the woman who informed us in October 2021 that she has the power to kill with her dreams. If you don’t recall that, let me refresh your recollection. You can’t enjoy today’s story without knowing what level of nut case you’re listening to.

This is from my piece last October.

Imagine a world where people who sound like psychiatric patients off their meds run for political office and frequently get elected. This is the new subnormal of politics, brought to you by the Grand Old Party. The latest example we have to illustrate this principal is evangelical wingnut and professed prophetic dreamer Rachel Hamm, who wants to be California’s next secretary of state. Hamm wants you to know that she is so powerful with her dreaming skills that she is in awe of herself. We are in awe too, but for very different reasons.

That must be some neighborhood she lives in, with both evangelical wingnuts and self-proclaimed witches living a few doors away, and the witches get burned at the stake, house, household goods and all. Interesting to know in 2021.

Now you’ve got the flavor of it. So here is Hamm’s latest.

Now in all fairness, this is as good a piece of evidence of widespread voter fraud as any that we have seen so far.

How did a fruit fly like this decide to run for secretary of the country’s largest state? We are so glad you asked.

It’s very handy having Jesus in the closet, I would imagine. I worked with a woman who claimed that she had an interdimensional portal in her hall closet. I was not quite sure what the efficacy of that was, but she told me it was there and she was religious and played organ at the church.  This was in California as well.

This woman also used to claim to see 36-foot-tall space aliens standing in the parking lot at Ralph’s Market. I finally told her that she should keep a lid on this for two reasons: 1) Other people at work were beginning to talk and 2) her 4-year-old daughter was going to think this was real and who knows where that would go? The child was already exhibiting emotional problems, becoming a disciplinary problem in pre-school, I was told.

I don’t know where the GOP finds them. I know about the modeling agency where Lauren Boebert and Candace Owens were discovered but the evangelical sect of the GOP is yielding some real doozies.

From my own life experience with many of these people, I think the fact is that they’re living lives of quiet desperation and the religious nuttiness distinguishes them somehow, and living in a world of fantasy is easier than putting together something of substance. Just my take.

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  1. I wonder if that murder Hamm spoke of was ever solved. If not, and I was a detective out there I’d start taking a serious look at this neighbor who believed the victim (the real one – not the GOP self made-up kind) was a witch who “got what she deserved.”

    • yep. I’d be taking this hamm person in for some serious questioning and getting all kinds of DNA samples. This one stinks to high heaven and let’s face it, if there is a crime involved my FIRST thought always goes to the x-tians., bunch of criminal fucks.

  2. Soooo…..she’s saying Jesus hasn’t come out of the closet…….got it!!!

    I had always suspected as much. Why else would he wander the desert for years with only 12 other guys???




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