Holy Shit! If you didn’t catch Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s speech to a joint session of congress tonight, then go online and watch it on YouTube. The United States congress hasn’t seen this kind of a speech from a wartime commander since Prime Minister Winston Churchill dared his life sneaking from the UK to the United States to confer with Roosevelt, and give a joint session speech to congress while German bombs from the blitz were falling on London. And Zelensky went toe to toe with Winnie.

Zelenskyy gave a master class in diplomacy and foreign relations. He received a heroes welcome when he entered a full House chamber. I was pleased to see that. There was some talk that dipshit sore losers from the GOP Freedom caucus and the MAGA Morons would sit this one out, but the chamber was pretty damn full from my eyes. And by the time the speech was over, I’m betting that some of those GOPtards were wishing that they had skipped it. Zelensky’s progress to the podium was slow, since MOC on both sides of the aisle kept sticking their hands out to shake his, or pat his shoulder. And when he finally ascended the dais, the standing ovation just went on and on.

But when Zelensky finally opened his mouth and spoke, it was magic time. Zelensky was pitch perfect on every note. He began his remarks with deep and sincere thanks to President Biden, and the members of both parties in congress for their fulsome and wholehearted support of Ukraine in the wake of the Russian invasion. And he emotionally thanked the American people for their incredible charitable support of NGO’s devoted to providing support for his people to help to deal with the trauma. But then he made several critical points;

  • Zelensky praised and lauded the US government for their material support in weapons. And he made a promise. Ukraine will never ask American troops to set foot on Ukrainian soil to help to defend Ukraine’s freedom We ask only the military support to do so, and the Ukrainian soldiers will defend Ukraine. *standing ovation*
  • He drew the stark contrast of the kind of Christmas that the Ukrainian people were looking forward to with the kind of Christmas the American people were looking forward to. And then he said, We do not begrudge the American people for their Christmas. God knows they have fought the battles to ensure their democracy and freedom, and invested in their national security. And today we fight the same battles to ensure our own future joyous Christmases! *massive standing ovation*
  • Then Zelensky shot the moon. He made an incredibly prescient historical comparison to Ukraine’s current situation, We are at war in a cruel winter Christmas. But no more cruel than the heroic, surrounded American troops at Bastogne in the bitter winter of 1944,when they refused to let the Germans break through their lines. Our lines will not fail either *thunderous standing ovation*
  • He repeatedly called out Putin as a war criminal. The Russian military cannot beat us on the battlefield, and so they withdraw and try to use winter as a weapon against the Ukrainian civilian population. They bomb out natural gas and electric facilities, trying to freeze the Ukrainian people into submission. He highlighted the numerous Russian war atrocities, villages and towns raised to the ground, mass graves, whole square miles rendered uninhabitable.
  • In dealing with the U.S. military military and humanitarian aid, Zelensky put forth a powerful argument. He said Your aid to Ukraine is not charity, instead it is an investment for the security of Europe and the globe. *standing ovation*
  • Then Zelensky plucked the heartstrings. In a clearly emotional moment, he presented Vice President Harris and Speaker Pelosi with a Ukrainian battle standard flag, flown over the battlefield during combat in the Bombas region, and signed by Ukrainian soldiers. In a beautiful show of stagecraft, Speaker Pelosi presented President Zelensky with a flag flown over the Capitol that day, in honor of his visit, encased in a beautiful cherry wood casket drape vase. *Congress lost its collective shit*

But here’s what caught me the most. Zelensky is not a master politician, but he is a master media personality, much like Traitor Tot. Many media outlets have started referring to Zelensky as a rock star, but I call pure, unadulterated bullshit. Rock stars revel in the persona, and the glamour and recognition. Not once in a 30 minute speech did I ever hear Zelensky refer to himself! He never talked about what a brilliant battlefield leader he was, or a military genius. His every utterance was about the incredible courage, bravery, and dignity of the Ukrainian people, the Ukrainian military, and the soul and heartbeat of Ukraine. He never mentioned himself once.

And in his speech, he exposed the MAGA GOP for the shallow, corrupt, morally bankrupt fucks that they are. Volodymyr Zelenskyy sent his own wife and children into hiding when the attack started, while he himself remained in Kyiv, and made daily broadcasts aboveground to assure everybody he was personally leading the resistance from the Capitol. He dared Putin to come and get him. Now, compare that with seditionist GOP wussy Josh Hawley, running like a scalded cat across the Senate atrium to get away from the bloodthirsty mob. Or Kreepy Kevin McCarthy whining at Trump over the phone to save his useless ass from the ravenous mob. Anybody want to compare the size of balls? Dignity? Courage? Patriotism?

By now, President Zelensky is already airborne, and en route back to his war torn country to continue leading the resistance. But one thing is certain. Tonight he gave a speech that will be viewed 50 years from now as an example of wartime leadership, and international diplomacy. Godspeed, Mr. President, and God bless.

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  1. Amen to everything you wrote. In my own take when I updated an article I’d mentioned fears that the chamber would be largely, or significantly empty proved unfounded. If not packed like it would be for a SOTU it was still pretty full. What I forgot to note in my update was another concern expressed in the original article regarding GOP behavior. True, I read a news piece in the last hour saying Greene and Gaetz entered the House together (did they make up?) and blew past Capitol Police directing them through the magnetometers! How much do you wanna bet they were planning on crowing about sitting there “packing” and maybe had enough funtioning brain cells to, after Zelensky’s tour-de-force decided discretion was the better part of valor and snuck away. (not that they won’t brag about it tomorrow but I bet they hold off or tone it down if U.S. and world reaction turns out like I think it will)

    Anyway, I’m thankful that no one in the GOP, despite maybe intending to do so went and showed their asses Joe Wilson style. During ovations it seems like if not everyone then damned near everyone was on their feet. If any GOP asshat petulantly sat there during one it was sure hard to see them in the crowd. That’s something.

    It remains to be seen how the speech will be looked at tomorrow and in the coming days but again while I might be wrong I think RWNJ media will be a lonely voice should they be critical beyond a snarky comment or two. They are after all not only ass-hats but ass-HOLES so they won’t be able to resist!. Same for individual members of the conservative caucus. I don’t think it will play well even in a lot of MAGA world for them to get too out their in mocking Zelinsky.

    I’ll note one last thing. Yes, the speech was meant for consumption by Americans, but not just us. You can bet Ukrainians were up in the middle of the night and if at all possible watching, or at least listening just like folks had to do with Churchill back during WWII. More importantly though were other countries around the world who are still needed to keep the pressure on Russia. That’s especially true of Europe which is facing a tough winter again because while they’ve taken steps to mitigate Russia fucking with their ability to heat their home and drive their cars, they are still too dependent. Zelensky’s speech was directed at them as much as anyone. They too will enjoy a much more comfortable Christmas and winter than the people of Ukraine. (or the Russian soldiers forced to endure service in the war) If any feel guilty for thinking it’s time for Ukraine to quickly settle things, perhaps ceding some land to Russia for an end to the war and giving Putin a chance to save face (and live) then they damn well should!

    • Some of the MAGAts in Congress didn’t show up, and they’re trying to make themselves sound like the good guys for that. Boebert and Gaetz showed up and got noticed for not going through security…and *that* should have gotten them tossed if not arrested.

  2. Nice writeup Joe. When you see the real deal and remember the spineless nazi loving bloodsucker, it’s hard to swallow what frump has done to this country. But, we have had leaders like Zelensky in the past, including the man responsible for taking on the most powerful military in the world at the time…George Washington. Valley Forge was misery in the northern winter and Washington suffered along with his troops. 1776 by David McCullough is an excellent read about that campaign. Let’s pray the traitors in the house take it on the chin if they try to throw support behind the Russian mass murderer. It is a fight of good versus evil. Fact.

  3. “Your money is not charity. It’s an investment in the global security and democracy that we handle in the most responsible way, Zelensky told the audience to another round of standing ovation.”

    What sort of democracy is it when US and EU citizens have no say in how their tax money is spent, when the current Kiev regime was installed by the US overthrowing a democratically elected president and when the current Kiev regime systematically bombs eastern Ukrainians since 2014?

    • They DO have a say pal…That’s what ELECTIONS are for. Their choices speak for them in the congress of the United States… Was that REALLY a serious question???

      • No, it’s not a serious question, it’s just another trivial attempt to pass off Kremlin talking points (ie propaganda) as the dissent of an American named Jeff. Jeffovich more likely. I guess every site needs a bot or two.

    • You seem to have forgotten that Ukraine is currently the UNPROVOKED aggressor in a needless war that was started in 2014 when Putin UNILATERALLY annexed Ukrainian territory (Crimea) and then forced a RIGGED ELECTION to ensure the people voted for the annexation.

      As for that “eastern Ukrainians” bit, bear in mind that Russia recently declared that Eastern Ukraine was a part of Russia’s territory (and, once again, used a series of rigged elections to pass the annexation as “legitimate”). The ONLY “eastern Ukrainians” being bombed are those the RUSSIANS are using as hostages against the Ukrainian military and the Ukrainian government. (Then again, Russia hasn’t really given two shits about bombing Ukrainian hospitals and schools with absolutely innocent civilians for the past year.)

      And, maybe you’d like to explain Putin’s decision to KIDNAP Ukrainian children in areas under Russian control and forcibly relocate them to Russia and placed with Russian families in order to turn them into new Russian citizens. For the record, that is a WAR CRIME.

      • Joe. There you go again, as the criminal behind the iran-contra affair used to say…using facts to enlighten a cult member. Good luck with that.


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