OK Mr President. Enough is enough. I have been unwaveringly supportive of your conduct in supporting Ukraine against Russia’s unprovoked war crime. And I will continue to do so. But now it’s finally long past time to take the next step.

I saw something today that made me literally laugh out loud. The Kremlin announced that in the last 24 hours, Russian artillery and missiles had killed more than 699 Ukrainian freedom fighters in their positions and strongholds. I’ll believe that when my dear departed mother spoon feeds it to me with hugs and kisses. These are the same slime that, a month into the conflict, when reputable military estimates were already 10,000 Russian dead, clung to a claim of less than 500.

I bring this up for a reason. The Russian military is bragging about more than 600 dead Ukrainian soldiers in 24 hours, in a field of active battle. What heroes! Yeah, the same heroes that authorities state killed more than 400 innocent civilians in the Ukrainian town of Bucha. But hold that thought, they’re still searching and digging. And the Mayor of Mariupol conservatively estimates more than 10,000 civilian casualties in a months long bombardment that turned his once beautiful city into a post apocalyptic landscape.

But forget past history. Every day, Ukrainians trying to flee the violence and carnage are killed in their cars with automatic rifle and tank fire. Today a Russian missile hit a freakin’ amusement park dozens of miles from the front, injuring 1 and starting a fire. Another Russian missile hit an apartment building even farther away, injuring at least 22. And a third Russian missile actually hit a bridge full of civilian cars and a train further away yet, no casualty list yet reported. And let’s not forget the Ukrainian theater hall, being used as a civilian shelter, with the word children clearly painted on the roof, and visible from the air that was bombed by Russian fighters.

There has been a growing push for President Biden to declare Russia a state sponsor of terrorism. And I’m throwing my full weight, around 340 lbs, behind it. Here is the dictionary definition of terrorism;

the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims:

It’s not like this is Russia’s first bull at this rodeo. In fact, state sponsored terrorism is the sole modus operandi of the entire Russian military. They have second rate troops, second rate training, second rate equipment, and third rate leadership. Terrorism is the only way they can win.

They did it in Afghanistan, where shey shelled civilian towns and villages while getting their asses kicked by Afghan freedom fighters. They did it in Chechnya. God knows they did it in Syria, where they dropped banned barrel bombs and chlorine gas on civilian populations. And they did it in Georgia.

Pop Quiz! What countries currently reside on the United States State sponsor of terrorism list? North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Cuba. North Korea? Sure, why not. They are an outlaw nation that has developed nukes, and sent agents into foreign countries to eliminate opposition, sometimes taking innocents with them. Iran? In spades. Not only do they want nukes, but they spread money and manpower all over the Middle East to make trouble. Syria? Check, Butcher Assad Yep. He terrorizes his own population, and uses his Russian connections to foster insurgencies across the Middle East. Cuba? Say wha’? In the last 20 years, other than crappy salsa music pumped out full volume through car speakers with open windows, what has Cuba done to terrorize anybody but themselves?

Look, personally I don’t care if Cuba stays on the list or not. If the US wants to hold grudges from 40 years ago, no skin off of my nose. But if Cuba is on the list, how can you excuse a regime that has more blood on its hands than a Chicago slaughterhouse meat packer?

The US has imposed a lot of sanctions, but putting Putin and Russia on the state sponsored terrorism list would be the Mother of all sanctions. It would basically turn Russia into a pariah state, and make it more difficult for other countries to deal with them.

And sadly, that may be the whole point. Sizeable chunks of Europe are more or less reliant on Russian oil and natural gas. And if the US puts Russia on the list, it might risk shutting them off from that source of energy to remain in compliance. I sure hope not.

But even if so, that does little to change the equation. On the one hand, you have tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of dead Afghans, Syrians, and Ukrainians. Remember one simple thing, President Biden. The buck stops here.Do the right thing.


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  1. Ten Four. And all that do business with them like the Koch’s. Lock the board of directors and principle officers up on the other end of that island Castro loved.

    • You must remember, the KOCH fortune ORIGINATED in Russia. Their old dad sold (stole) drilling, extraction, and refining technology to the Russians pre-WWII. He then returned to the US and began expanding his fortune. Now the Kochs have intermarried with the Bushs and the elitism cycle is closing the dynastic circle once again.

  2. Cuba is more than 60 years ago. Everyone associated with that is all dead. Cubans don’t even get preferential treatment any more when immigrating to the US. TBH We had a vacation in Cuba back when Obama was the last real president and we did not see any terrorists anywhere. We did get some coconut water on the beach. TBH one of my brother’s in law is cuban, he is a pretty big ass hole. floated over from cuba to miami beach on an innertube sucking limes. cuba should have stayed on the list only to keep my asshole brother in law out of the country.

    • Excuse me, but Obama was not the last real president, that tool was only a wanna be president, he was a douche!! That man supported terrorism and he gave them $150 billion, not to mention $1.8 billion in cash. Seriously, who gives an appeasement offering to a country that chants “DEATH TO AMERICA”?? Obama was and still is Satan’s Son. Trump was the best president we have ever have and hopefully Obiden is tossed out on his A$$!

    • The only Cuban we immediately need to fear is Ted Cruz. He even poudly sports a “Castro beard” as he channels the “Cuban image”. A Cuban claiming to be for years a “Canadian”, then a “Texan”. Sunning in Cancun while hundreds of Texans were freezing to death. He could have shown up and passed out generators, water and food…no, he went to Cancun where the power was on. And, Texans died NEEDLESSLY in the cold.

  3. Good luck on this president growing some Kahuna’s and declaring Russia a terrorist country!!! This Administration has been terrorizing this country ever since his first day in office!!!!!! He has been a puppet ever since he took the oath and the strings lead to the Golden Girl Who other than Nancy Pelosi and don’t forget Chuckie Schumer!!! It’s pretty bad when we have a president that his wife has to change his depends!!! Does fraudulent election ring any bells but he’s still in office!!! How high does gasoline have to get and how much more are we going to pay for our food, clothing,enjoyment and everything else that comes with the American Dream before we take a stand!!!!!!

    • Are you really as idiotic as you sound? Times are I do believe you are all facades erected to make us believe that there are really fools like you out there, leading normal lives, but trolling absurd remarks that no sane person would utter.

  4. Letting russia kill innocent chidren is totally wrong and they should be dealt with the right way send our special forces in to hunt down putin and bring him to justice.try him of his wars crimes.i served eight years in the army.my dad 26 years i vitanam and Korea he was protecttung our country for what was right.biden get the lead out your ass and do what must be done.

  5. The slaughter of innocent civilians? Let us not forget Vietnam and our other “nation-changing” wars. My belly is pretty well overflowing with U.S. wars. But at least the military arms manufacturers continue to assure plentiful U.S. jobs, don’t they?

  6. The EU is determined to rid itself of its absurd and self-defeating reliance on Russian fossil fuels, but it will take time, sadly. Also sad that Angela Merkel’s legacy will be her decision to make Germany dependant upon the goodwill of putrid Putin for its energy. So yeah, Pres Joe, by all means add Russia to the list of pariah Terrorist states. But allow some short-sighted EU countries time to make up for their initial stupidity.

  7. Maybe we should not have torn up the geneva convention and illegally invaded irag along with making water boarding legal.
    Maybe putin laughs at us because we protect two war criminals, bush and cheney, from prosecution.
    Lets debate abortion for another 50 years while the climate burns and our politicians look like a bunch of grifting, failed clowns….

    No party line!
    No “he stole the election”
    NO cry baby feelings!

    The gop does not represent sanity unless you want the introduction of Americas first DICK-TATOR-TOT!



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