Mike Pence has heard of the confections that Hoomans enjoy and of a spot that is particularly good at making them. So, rather than contorting his face into a expression that has never been seen on a human head before by opening his pie hole into cavernous yawning void that looks as if it could dock the USS Enterprise, as did fellow Trump fodder Ron DeSantis in an attempt to appear as abnormal and weird as possible, he instead found the only Dunkin’ Doughnuts in the contiguous United States that has no staff and no customers.

Though how he managed this remains a closely guarded secret of campaign and the Secret Service:


“A recent poll shows that 61 percent of GOP primary voters want Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee in 2024. Only one other potential candidate — Florida’s Disney-feuding governor Ron DeSantis, who still hasn’t announced if he’s running — is above 10 percent, while four others are polling higher than two percent. Of that Connor Roy-like quartet, Mike Pence is doing the “best” with six percent. Someone is ready to reclaim the White House!

But first, the regular human former vice president took a trip to Dunkin.”

Needless to say Twitter had a field day making fun of the oblivious photo op, but for my money Matty Yglesias and his crew made the most of it:


“Can I bring Mother?”

Only for Mike. Trump made them do it.


But Olbermann got in a good shot as well:



But regular folks also joined in the fun:


Well, that didn’t go over so well, Mike.

Maybe you should get a new advance team or somethin’.

Not that it will make much difference.

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  1. The title pic made me think of an old off-color comment I’d forgotten decades ago – “Go take a flying f**k at a rolling doughnut.” If as the caption implies Pence worries “Mother” might chastise him for having thoughts of what he might do with the hole in the doughnut he migth as well have spectacular weird thoughts about “plugging” a doughnut hole!


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